Heidi Montag thinks she can sing

December 11th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Heidi Montag of MTV’s The Hills stepped out of Koi last night and decided to give the paparazzi an impromptu and obviously unsolicited performance from her upcoming album. Sadly afterwards, Santa Claus didn’t land his sled on top of her face signifying that, once again, I’m not getting a damn thing I want for Christmas.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. steve

    vapid ho. disappear.

  2. anon cool

    wow she is pretty but she cant sing!

  3. fdsda


  4. anon cool

    wow she is pretty but she cant sing!

  5. anon cool

    wow she is pretty but she cant sing!

  6. Joe Moma

    what a big mouth you have

  7. scrappy

    she looks better with less clothes. still wanna stuff her mouth with my fist. and weener.

  8. Stankbutt Magillicutty

    God DAMN that bitch likes to walk around with her mouth open (remember them bikini pictures)?

    If I ever cross her path, I’m gonna throw a rabbit turd in there.

  9. cookie monsta

    sing? fuck no I don’t wanna listen, she looks capable of deep throating a horse, I’m scared of her breath.

  10. There’s only one thing that mouth is good for and it ain’t singing!

  11. sharpeidude

    If she sings anywhere near me, I’ll be glad to drive a car over her.

  12. Shanipie

    I can’t believe no one is trying to help that poor girl, looks like she is having a seizure or a stroke…oh wait she’s just a dumb ass. FALSE ALARM PEOPLE.

  13. haroof

    worst singer ever but if you’ve seen the famous bikini pics, there’s not a heterosexual male on the planet that would not want to pound that into oblivion.

  14. Ript1&0

    I agree, Fish. This bitch is a waste and should be pummelled to death immediately.

  15. Ript1&0

    PS = I’LL give you what you want for Christmas.

  16. “thinks she can sing” and swallow Santa’s sleigh! WTF? She has a huge mouth (insert perverted comments here)! Isn’t she wearing fur too or is faux or is it fox fur? WTF? Why all the hatin’ fur-wearing celebs nowadays? I want Futureman’s number! What is it Fish?

  17. woodhorse

    Next time just throw up some Rorschach ink blots and make some commentary. I just like the stuff you say. I could care less about what you posted today.

  18. combustion8

    I didnt realize jay lenos daughter could sing.

  19. Dick Richards

    You see that? Yeah. You see Montag’s gigantic fucking mouth. You know what I’d like to do that flapper? No, not my penis – not this time. Close, silly. What I really wanna do is shit right in to Heidi’s goddamn throat. Not in to her mouth. Straight to throat. Imagine the guttural excitement as you loosen your muscles to feed little Heidi your own feces! It would be no different that a mother bird feeding her hatchlings. Eat, Heidi! You must grow strong. For the winter’s coming and you must not be ill-prepared. Splat.

  20. Malffy Hernande


  21. Ted from LA

    Congratulations!!! There have been a ton of sick posts on this website in 2007, but as of today, you are leading in the “Sickest Fucking Post of the Year” contest. Get some counseling so you are well enough to attend the end of the year banquet.

  22. Josh Simpson

    I really hate this woman.

  23. Isn’t this the same one who basically said that she’d rather be dead than have small breasts?

  24. Darth Hater

    Another fake boobied Hollywood clone. Yawn.

    Well at least apparently she is capable of getting in and out of a car while wearing a short dress without flashing her privates. Maybe she can teach Britney this trick to spare us all further pain.

  25. BunnyButt

    Seems to me she serves no purpose whatsoever unless in an almost complete state of undress. And even then, well ….

  26. kels

    she is so FUGLY and FAKE (boobs, hair and nose). She needs to shut up and go back to Colorado.I’m tired of fake whities.

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    Who the fuck is Heidi Montag?

  28. Lucy

    #22 made my day.

    The thing that pains me most is that girls all over the country rush to their TVs to watch this blond pile of waste do NOTHING. Teenage girls should be watching Ateam reruns. Good for the mind, body and soul.

  29. she’s some piece of shit from the hills who thought that a nose and boob job was magically going to give her a singing career. she has a douche bag fiance too.

  30. TS

    OK I hate this chick’s boyfriend so much that I actually want to punch her square in the chops. Not that I would ever hit a woman.

  31. I don’t know how someone a know so little about can annoy the hect of me. She will do anything for a spotlight.

  32. Lala

    She needs to pull a Jessica simpson and get that jay leno jaw shaved down. And she needs to stop making such goofy faces. She’s not pretty enough to pull off goofy and still keep her dignity.

  33. tieveasilona

    damn I hate this girl with a passion. she is super annoying, her and her little dog spencer. i hope she wanders into traffic and gets struck by a plumbing truck.

  34. Superevil

    16 If by “pound that into oblivion” you mean with a hammer then you’re correct

  35. Lori

    She looks quite stupid, really.

  36. gack69


  37. nagger please

    This uggo is so desperate for attention..

  38. Stephen

    I saw her profiles and nude photos on nudistmingle.com . Being naked is comfortable and healthy. Nudism is divine and natural, do not regards as porn.

  39. Ted from LA

    #41, Sure Stephen with a ph. But I think you took the nudist thing a bit too far tonight. I saw Stephen pushing a sheep over a fence with no clothes on and his dick stuck in said sheep. I yelled, “Hey Stephan, are you fornicating with that sheep?” To which he replied, “Yes, and it’s not baaaaaad.” Go to Stephenfucksasheepbutclaimshewashelpingitoverafence.com for the photos, but do not regard it as porn.

  40. PLEASE STOP THE CRAP!! I’m deaf annyway!! Throw of those clothes and start licking kim kardashian!!

  41. The Regulator

    Christ, it’s a screeching skeleton.

  42. Barbie

    I’m sooo on “Team Heidi”…but I reeeally don’t like her song!

  43. charle

    she looks so lovely and so happy.someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site RichLoving.com you know it is a site for rich men to seek sexy girls.. what a slur!

  44. D. Richards (Ooze.)

    #24? Gay-Teddy from West Hollywood? I wasn’t planning on showing up for the “banquet”. I’m too fucking cool for that queer shit. As a matter of fact, I’m just too goddamn cool for school; and that (…) is why I never graduated. Doritos!

  45. Ript1&0

    Damn D R,
    You are like, my new hero. Everything you say is a sweet little point wrapped in shock value paper. I’m serious, I might love you a little.

    Can I follow you around and tell you how you’re cool all day, everyday? If I kiss your ass too much though, I know you’ll turn on me.

    Hmm.. you also have the option of being my bitch then. So what will it be.

  46. sillypanda!

    wow. thats a uh, big, mouth shes got there.

  47. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    Being your bitch? I’ve never given the thought of being somebody’s bitch much thought.

    Dick, do ya’ think it would hurt? Being fucked-in the ass religiously? I don’t know, Dick. I just don’t know. Maybe if I learned to take it? Maybe.

    Ript. Don’t worry about me turning on you. I’m not planning on beheading you with insult. As long as you send me naked pictures of yourself. Satan!

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