Heidi Montag still raping/murdering music

April 10th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Here’s Heidi Montag filming her new video last night for “Your Love Found Me.” And by filming I mean she stood outside a restaurant while Spencer held a video camera, so you know it’s gonna be awesome. That said, I came up with my own video concept that I think will really “raise the roof”:

Zoom in on Heidi seductively taking a bath. CD player perched just above the water. In comes Spencer who decides to join his true love. As he enters the tub he accidentally knocks in the stereo frying them both instantly. No special effects, 100% reality. Pretty much only one take.

BOOM! Instant classic. If I had children, I’d gather them all on my lap and watch this video every morning on Christmas, that’s how classic it would be. So, should I start the water?


  1. wet newspaper

    That sawng makes me want to spew fairy floss.

  2. Jillian

    she looks like dory from finding nemo when she tries talking to the whale lol

  3. zooey


  4. NatTurner

    Mack, they know you are right. They are still obsessed with the cave hos that have Holocost figures…i.e Amy Winehouse, Anne Hathaway, Paris Kilton, Lindsey Lohan, Kate Bosworth, etc. And I bet they want some black cock too!

  5. ctti

    I regret clicking “play”. Seriously – can that even be considered music? I don’t understand how talentless, unattractive shits like her can find any work outside of crap like The Hills.

  6. YOU

    This girl is seriously so deluded, does she realize the shit her and spencer do is just embarrassing. To have your boyfriend hold a moving camera to film scenes for your video clip is just distasteful, didn’t they realize how embarrassing it was like the first one, Higher was it ? Whatever they need to stop and just let MTV pay them to disappear quietly.

  7. the “SUCKING PENIS”-practise is HOT in hollywood these days!!
    (MEN & WOMAN though)

  8. samsonite

    FISH! You promised no more Heidi unless it was a bikini shot!!!!
    Last think we need to do is give her any attention.

  9. Person

    The guy in the suit looks like he just had an aneurysm… or a stroke… or is seriously wishing for one…

  10. ishi-san

    *haha* the face of the bodyguard guy in the last pic!!!!

  11. whiskeydrink

    the black guy’s face in the last picture says it all.

  12. Skiddles

    The dollar store has dolls with better fake hair than this!

  13. The Bisexual

    Just because you like to sing doesn’t mean that you should…..Heidi….

  14. Seriously, why is anyone letting her near any type of recording device!

  15. Erica.

    I listened to 10 seconds of that song. FUCK that.

  16. marme

    #28 hahaha & yeah #61 I saw that sh*t too lol

  17. b

    No matter how stupid she is, at least she has the self respect not to sleep with a baboon. I would do bad things to her.

  18. sophie

    DIE Hedi…..seriously DIE now.

  19. Allen's Woody

    Why can’t these two assbags breakdown on some desolate stretch of highway somewhere and cross paths with a serial killer or some inbred group of mountain men who grind their victims up and shove them into sausage casings, huh?

  20. PostmortemG

    Wow, that Black guy doesn’t look very happy.

    I listened to about 1 minute of that song, which was 1 minute too much. The world of Pop is filled with talentless, so-called ‘singers’, and Heidi could definitely fit in there somewhere – but *NOT* with her current songwriter(s). Yuck!!!

    Too bad she’s married and pregnant; the ‘mindless’ part i don’t mind. =P

  21. Lionel Mandrake

    Fish asks: “So, should I start the water?”

    Start the water.

  22. Blondie

    Epic Fail. I want to put a hot poker through my ears.

  23. Katherine

    There is no way this girl is serious with that song. It sounds like one of the rejected tracks from the Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack. Good lode!

  24. mafme

    She’s a virgin.

  25. mafme

    @61 — Hahaha.

    “How the fuck did I end up here, guarding this stupid, blonde skank?”

  26. Ein

    I feel ashamed to even think that such creature is walking in the same earth and breathing the same air.



  28. Sauron

    Maybe that size mouth would be just allright for me.I always stretch the muscles after the work out.

  29. Gando

    Did she eat something very hot or is she sick or something?

  30. Darth

    Does she need any background singer? Whoof,whoof!

  31. Look up No Doubt – Bathwater. Straight ripoff.

  32. Heidi’s a coke whore. I did coke with her one night in the VIP room at a club in Hollywood. She out-snorted me by a mile.

  33. I guess there’s a limit to what studio overproduction can fix.

    These are some of the worst pics I’ve seen of her. Take that dress off and be finished with it.

  34. amoi_b

    And what about the song in question? A forgettable piece of mechanized fluff.

  35. Riley


  36. jeremiah johnson

    Hahaha @ the black guys face

  37. var cross

    The black dude looks like he is going to take a huge dump looking at her mouth.

  38. Rich Port's Ghost

    She’s really not all that bad of a singer. I’m going to get this off napster.

  39. #45 eats diapers

    #45, please shut up.

  40. jj

    When is this girl going to realize that she is a horrible singer with an overly obsessive boyfriend should die now!

  41. Lauren

    That shit’s awful. What the fuck was she thinking?

  42. Julez

    that might have made it on the radio at least once if it were the 90s again……

  43. AM

    That bitch sucks dick

  44. It is possible this girl is serious with this song. It seems that one of the tracks are removed from the soundtrack of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Good reef!

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