Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt immortalized because God is a cruel bastard

September 22nd, 2008 // 113 Comments

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been immortalized in portraits that are now displayed in Wolfgang Puck’s Beverly Hills restaurant “Cut.” I guess rich people like to enjoy fine cuisine while being ominously stared at by the still images of soulless Republican wunderdouches. To each his own, I suppose. In the meantime, if Mr. Puck would like to immediately raise the value of his new “artwork,” might I suggest a meat cleaver? Just tell them it’s a new type of camera then let the blind rage seep in when the posing starts. The Superficial: Helping you with dollars and sense.


  1. everyone

    THIS is what’s wrong with this site these days. You can’t have it both ways – promoting non-celebs while pretending to make fun of them. Does anybody doubt that Douche and Douchette’s agent pays sites to post these “stories”?

  2. HolyHell

    What the hell?! That is horrible… Who would want to eat there?? (Besides Speidi of course)

  3. Willy

    I think there’s 5 Heidi Montag posts for every 1 post about anything else.

  4. wtf

    what the fuck.

    retards. i hope they both burn in hell….oh wait they will

  5. DonTheMine

    I can’t stop staring at her freakish jaw. How dare she go out in public?

  6. What the hell did these two idiots do to get famous?! Are they just from MTV or did one of them invent the Sham-Wow!

  7. no chance

    PRATT! the funniest surname ever and translates to British-English well. Love it .

  8. lulu

    OMG could her white bag be any bigger!!?? (no pun intended LOL)

  9. :)

    EEEEEK i love them!
    where can i mapquest this shit to go eat here????
    i’d stare. i’d stare!!

  10. Lola

    I’m guessing LC won’t be dining there EVER

  11. haroof

    lol those two fucking morons are good at stirring shit up, that’s for sure.

  12. V

    IMG I hate these fuckers…can’t they die already? Once again, why are they famous?

    Furthermore I found this video of the MTV music awards and a guy was trying to interview these douche bags and they were basically like no and the guy looks at the camera and says “and that is why we all hate Spencer and Heidi.”

  13. Max Planck

    When they come in, it makes you wonder who left.

  14. Flower

    She must have had lip injections on the day they took that photograph because her lips look fugishly weird…

  15. Flower

    She must have had lip injections on the day they took that photograph because her lips look fugishly weird…

  16. Flower

    She must have had lip injections on the day they took that photograph because her lips look fugishly weird…

  17. Montag that Ass

    Why does Pratt look soulless and vacant in his painting?

    It’s like he was kidnapped and his portrait was aged 30 years to show what he might look like should he be alive today. Oh, what a fantasy.

  18. Police have issued two photographs, one showing how Pratt looked upon his apprehension by authorities… the second… what authorities believe he looks like after the sex change.

  19. Now we know Wolfgang is not above getting cheap publicity….

  20. Mel


    That’s HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Heidi EATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. YOU have GOT to be MOTHERFUCKING kidding me with this. Really? REALLY?????? Ok fine. I never liked Wolfgang Puck, his canned soups SUCK!!

    And, the gay one looks really fucking ugly in that painting. I’d sue (well if I weren’t Spencer Patt and retarded)..

  22. eurotrash

    are these by martin schoeller?
    his ‘big head’ portraits are awesome.

  23. Melissa

    Either this site is getting weak as shit, or all the decent celebs that people actually want to hear about are at home picking their asses. I think it’s a mix of both.

  24. are they wearing the same color lipstick in these photos on the wall? i agree with #18, total before/after pics of sexual reassignment surgery.

  25. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

    I swear to doG, everytime I see that douchebag’s face I wanna go on a killing spree, with him as my first victim.

  26. ugh, why don’t these two idiots just go away?


  27. I just want everyone to know i had the chance to destroy those and didnt because i didnt want to loose the job- i printed and trimmed those to ugly mug shots u see there up behind the to real live deusche bags.. sorry peeps– i would have if i could have!


  28. havoc

    I don’t get it.

    I just do not get it.


  29. JS


    Let the rage flow and don’t hold back. If a jury somehow convicts you (doubtful), I will send you cigarettes for the duration of your incarceration. Gladly.

  30. toolboy

    Wolfgang Puck’s website noted that he just changed the restaurant’s name from “Cut” to ‘Cunt”. Now I see where he was going with the portraits….

  31. eurotrash

    yea they’re portrait PHOTOS (not paintings) by martin schoeller. they might be the most useless shitheads in hollywood, but these are still def beautiful portrait photos.

  32. To everyone… it’s ignorant people like you that make this site successful so give yourself a nice pat on the back. *claps hands*.

    To Superficial Writer…I’m in love with you. Seriously! lol

    I love to hate this couple. Spencer is an ass that doesn’t deserve heidi and Heidi is a famewhore that let’s her “talent” go to waste by having Spencer as her manager. Seriously! Ugh I hate this couple so much but just can’t stop reading about them. I guess I have to thank them for my entertainment while at work!

  33. Tammy

    #32 – was that some type of reverse psychology? That may be the dumbest, most “blind follower” comment I’ve read here, yet you start by calling somebody else “ignorant.” At least we all can read your comment and understand, painfully, that a small group of tards exists that continues to support the “celebrity” status of these soulless douchebags. It’s much clearer who, exactly, needs to be killed.

  34. JJ Daddy-O

    Someone remind me: what’s the point of looking at Heidi when she’s not displaying her Wondercleavage?

  35. Wheezer

    what happens when they break up? Will their faces be separated?

  36. all-knowing

    As Binky would say, #32 is an inside job. You’re not fooling anybody. There’s no excuse to continue publicizing these idiots.

  37. Bigsquamy


    Next time, cut your nose off to spite your face. Give us the small satifiaction that there is some sort of social justice available in this plastic world of ours.

  38. Ozzie

    How much are they paying you to keep these two idiots in the limelight?

  39. Margo

    I agree with #10. These two are the biggest douche bags to walk the planet. i can’t believe heidi puts up with spencer’s shit.

  40. Randal

    That’s the price these two pay for being part of the celebrity crowd — everyone wants to be seen with them. Although the pictures do not do either of them justice, it’s their hard work, dedication and exposure that has made them both rising stars.


  41. what the fuck

    WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKK??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. e

    Nobody’s handbag should be that gigantic, WTF?! Then again, it’s the perfect size to fit both Heidi and Spencer’s body parts in……..and daydream over. Boo.

  43. Randal, you freaking ROCK!

    At least Heidi has her damn mouth closed in the over sized, Orwellian photo.

  44. Huh?

    Well. Theyre in fornt of theyre respectful painting. Heidi has man jaw, and Spencer is a bitch.

  45. aidiiii

    my god she is waaaaaay too skinny!…she is so fuuuucking ugly!

  46. Awesome, more Spencer Pratt. My favorite!

  47. Italian Stallion

    That’s a plane I’d like to see crash with no survivors………

  48. Randal's Rectum

    Ode to a Tapeworm:

    Hard work and putting up with people’s shit are virtues few maintain. All the best to a hardworking creature who goes to extreme lengths to achieve the goals it sets for itself. A true display of awesome intestinal fortitude rare in our lackadaisical modern world.

    Randal’s Rectum

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