Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt get married. Legitimately.

April 26th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Despite a failed attempt (Read: Obvious publicity stunt.) in December, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt walked down the aisle yesterday and were married at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena. Naturally, the whole thing was taped and is currently being edited into an episode of The Hills. As Jesus would want it. People reports:

The bride wore jewels from Neil Lane, including a pear-shaped diamond floral necklace with multiple diamond chains layered over it, diamond earrings and diamond hairpins, which she picked out the day before the nuptials. Pratt borrowed a pair of diamond cufflinks from the jeweler for the big day.
Early Saturday, the couple arrived at the church in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. Before the ceremony, an airplane flew overhead and wrote “Spencer loves Heidi” in the sky. Pratt, looking dapper in a black suit, smiled and signed autographs for fans outside the church.
Meanwhile, Montag posted multiple updates on Twitter throughout the day. “This is going to be the best day of my life,” she wrote at one point. “Thank you God for Spencer.” She also described her wedding dress as “amazing – like a swan princess.”

Whenever anyone says to you “Gay marriage erodes the holy bonds of matrimony,” I want you to show them these pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Asshat’s MTV-sponsored nuptials. If that doesn’t change his/her mind, congratulations. You’re high and talking to the cat again.

Photos: WENN

  1. isitin

    Who cares………………

  2. BobbyKnobby

    He’ll catch her banging the poolboy with her ankles behind her ears.

  3. Rasputins Liver


    …..who the hell are these two Ken and Barbies?

    Just what exactly are they known for? I’ve never seen them in anything I watch.

    I get the distinct impression they have no talent except in low-grade self-promotion. They can’t be anything more than maybe “Y” Listers at best as celebrities.

    Who are they? And why would anyone care about them?

    Well, back to pickin’ lint out of my navel. Now THAT…is something worthy.

  4. jj

    I wish you the happiest first few months before heidi realizes that spencer is pathetic and completely obsessed with her and then will get a divorce. but good luck with that.

    I really hate to say this but i think spencer might really hurt her someday. like not emotional hurt but physical hurt. when she realizes who he actually is and wants to leave, he will hurt her.

  5. mafme

    They’re famous for being in gossip magazines. It’s incredibly circular and… well… surreal. Their “fame” should be the stuff of social satire, not reality. Baby Jesus is weeping somewhere right now.

  6. lola

    Get married so young? I think that they are old enough. Women used to get married at 12- which IS too young. I think the problem is that nowadays women follow powerful careers and then wait until their mid-thirties to find a man and have a baby. Then the clock is ticking and the giving birth is much riskier for mother and baby. I found my man and had my girls after college and before getting a job.

    I personally think these two idiots deserve each other. I have never seen them in action or heard either of them talk, but they seem like nice people. I don’t know why everyone hates them so much. They are like walking egotistical cartoons and from the comments you would think they are baby rapists.

  7. yo

    #20 i think it is better to be married young. why wait until you have already slept with tons of people and you’re used up and middle aged to give yourself to someone forever? who would want it? what dude wants to marry a chick who’s pussy feels like a lukewarm bucket of water and may or may not be healthy enough for having kids? …anyway heidi and spencer are the biggest fame whores ive ever seen but i hope this is the real thing for them and not some lame publicity stunt.

  8. longboorder

    Like a swine princess?

  9. longboorder

    Like a swine princess?

  10. some people can be too white

    #56 Personally I think they got married because that’s the only way they can stay in the public eye. They really don’t DO anything except these posing open-mouth stunts for the paps and that’s past old now. They already came out for McCain, then Obama, then gay marriage, and did the fake wedding bit, so what’s left? Next will come the fake pregnancy, stunt miscarriage, fake affair, her mother kicks Spencer out stunt episode, fake breakup, stunt reconciliation…well you get the idea. Yawn. Wake me up when she shaves her head like Britney. Or better yet shaves his. That I might pay to see.

  11. Eddy

    Y’know what? I usually hate these jerks but I’m happy because they look so happy. What the heck. At least this is something real out of them.

  12. this is the: “NATIONAL DAY OF MISERY”, folks?

  13. strange country where two men or women cannot marry but 2 horses can

  14. annna

    She looks incredibly plastic. I thought she used to be soo pretty (ie. the hills series 2 or whatever), but then she got a face job, extensions, etc and looks so fake now. Obviously a poster girl for saying NO to “getting stuff done” lol

  15. Megan

    63 -

    Hahaha. It’s late and I’m tired and that tickled me.

  16. woowoo

    aww the two pratts – fitting

  17. Jeezy


    Spencer is obviously gay, Heidi can’t keep her damn mouth shut because she’s always waiting for a cock.

  18. norton

    Couldn’t this have read “Bea Arthur makes miraculous recovery from Cancer” then

    “Two douchebags – otherwise known as Spencer and Heidi, died suddenly in front of two cameramen they hired. Cause of death suspected to be severe onset of Swine Flu. Fitting, for two swine.”

  19. She has doomed her offspring to a lifetime of douchebaggery.

  20. Jen

    it wont last!

  21. whack

    god i hate these two… they are the worst kissers ever! they are terrible actors, ugh.

  22. Wonderlick

    The good thing about this marriage is that they are only going to screw up one family, as opposed to the two they would screw up if they married someone else.

    This is the best marriage in the rodent family since Mickey and Minnie.

  23. chupacabra

    little excessive on the jewelry, there hon. “dripping with diamonds” only works when you are really fucking worth all that, and you OWN them. The way you are wearing that borrowed shit looks cheap as hell.

    Oh yea, you don’t have taste, never will. You are poor white trash.

  24. Nick

    A couple of idiots. These two should never EVER reproduce. Good thing Spencer is gay.

  25. Student

    The reason they had to get married is so they could have sex. basically. didn’t they say that was why they were doing it? Or say that they wouldn’t until marriage.

    Anyway, those two drive me insane and I’ll happy the day they stop getting photographed.

  26. Right Fury

    Swine flu

  27. amanda

    *** YAWN***
    I will do ANYTHING to make them go away!
    Even if I have to click my heels 3 times…

  28. Marie

    She has horrible posture!

  29. Marie

    She has horrible posture!

  30. Marie

    She has horrible posture!

  31. yo

    i still feel like he’s a bit gay. i agree w/ the getting married young thing- it’s a better idea to date a long time then make a lifetime commitment. if you really love each other, all you will care about for the time being is being together, not being able to say “im married!”

  32. Speidie Die

    #60 Hahahahaha- I couldn’t have said it better myself- I totally agree with you- but they already did the fake pregnancy- it was on April Fool’s Day. Unless……..
    no, it’s too horrible to even imagine…

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these two would go to the opening of a can of tuna if there was a photographer there…

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