Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt get married. Legitimately.

April 26th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Despite a failed attempt (Read: Obvious publicity stunt.) in December, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt walked down the aisle yesterday and were married at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena. Naturally, the whole thing was taped and is currently being edited into an episode of The Hills. As Jesus would want it. People reports:

The bride wore jewels from Neil Lane, including a pear-shaped diamond floral necklace with multiple diamond chains layered over it, diamond earrings and diamond hairpins, which she picked out the day before the nuptials. Pratt borrowed a pair of diamond cufflinks from the jeweler for the big day.
Early Saturday, the couple arrived at the church in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. Before the ceremony, an airplane flew overhead and wrote “Spencer loves Heidi” in the sky. Pratt, looking dapper in a black suit, smiled and signed autographs for fans outside the church.
Meanwhile, Montag posted multiple updates on Twitter throughout the day. “This is going to be the best day of my life,” she wrote at one point. “Thank you God for Spencer.” She also described her wedding dress as “amazing – like a swan princess.”

Whenever anyone says to you “Gay marriage erodes the holy bonds of matrimony,” I want you to show them these pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Asshat’s MTV-sponsored nuptials. If that doesn’t change his/her mind, congratulations. You’re high and talking to the cat again.

Photos: WENN

  1. anonymous

    OMFG. WHEN will these dumbasses GO AWAY??!! They make me sick.

  2. first?

    lawl am i first?

  3. reality check

    please dont start again with the hate mail….its getting so old. Im not their biggest fans but seriously get over it . If you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all . And if they bug you that much dont bother reading or commenting….doesnt make sense why ye are commenting if they bug you …..dont waste your time then !!

  4. smarg

    I’d hit that. You know, especially in the ass. Gotta grease up the head of your dick real good, then get it to “pop” right in past the sphincter, then pump it till shit from her lower colon starts squirting out. on your stomach….YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. saphkilla

    her hair is almost the same color as her dress……QUIT GOING TO THE SALON!!!!!!

  6. bettyheartsvag

    Who the fuck are they?????????????

  7. why

    Why can’t this whore ever take a photo with her mouth closed! Ugh. What a pair of douches.

  8. anonymous

    “Reality Check” (how clever)
    I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think it’s getting old. I am entitled to my opinion and if people are going to continually post about these idiots, I’m going to continue expressing my opinion. As for “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” That’s precious. Clearly you are on the wrong website.

    Lastly, how am I supposed to “not read” about them when their photos are plastered all over the front page? If the press would stop following their every move, they’d be forced to go away. Until then, I will continue sharing my opinion. SO sorry if that bothers you. Here’s a suggestion: why don’t you take your own advice and skip over any posts that aren’t to your liking?

  9. Insertname

    ROFL @ anonymous, well said dude(ette).

  10. Geoff

    #3 must be Randall in disguise.

  11. superstar

    My god they’ll do anything for attention won’t they? INTERESTING celebrities keep their wedding private :P what do they do? Make it look staged and have cameras everywhere with complete strangers turning up.

  12. Deuce Bigalow

    Who gives a fuck?

  13. Sierra

    #3 you are on the wrong site

  14. KB

    lol@#3 getting their ass handed to them.

  15. sirrix

    OHHHH What do you know – Fish breaks his promise to us twice in a week! Have fun w/ those ad fees, my sell-out friend.

  16. dianne

    Aww they’re so cute. I’m happy for them…

  17. blp

    When they do public appearances Spencer should open with “My wife has two cunts and I’m one of ‘em.”

  18. agreed

    these two fucktards have no actual talent, nothing to contribute to society and are only self proclaimed famous. The only way they get further publicity and maintain their pathetic carrier is to pull stunts and hire paparazzi to take their pics in hopes of being mentioned on sites like this one.

    To them it doesnt matter, good or bad publicity, as long as they are mentioned it validates them and they can continue to collect checks.

    IMPORTANT NOTE – If you can actually resist the urge yourself to comment on these assclowns then maybe even people like fish will get the point that no one cares and stop posting about them.

  19. Fuck U

    Once again Fish, I now KNOW that you are Spencers’ dicklicker and assclown extraodinaire,why the fuck else would you continually post about him and the brain dead whore who never closes her fucking mouth?
    @#3 Shut the fuck up whore…we come here TO rant and rave and talk shit, if you don’t like it, take your fucking ass somewhere else.
    #8 and 18…I agree.
    I am sick to death of these assholes…I am seriously considering hiring a hitman to take them out…what a glorious day that would be!

  20. SOS

    Why do people get married so young?
    It’s TOTALLY to trap one another… seriously. Otherwise, if you’re meant to be together forever, what the hell is the rush?

  21. Rhialto

    Congrats to this couple. I hope they enjoyed their great wedding.

  22. AirMail56

    I wish them every happiness!

  23. Christina

    How could anyone marry a person that alienates their friends and family! what a match made in hell!

  24. Sheena

    In the last photo Mr. Asshat is watching for the aliens to come get that gape-mouthed cunt of a wife. But here’s a scoop TwatBoy: No one wants that thing but you. And MTV. And Fish, apparently…

  25. superstar

    #19 please do :) (the last bit of your post)

  26. jumpin_j

    Behold the first sign of the apocolypse. Either that or Darwin at his finest. I can’t tell the difference anymore.

  27. justifiable

    WTF, God took Bea Arthur and let BOTH of these twatwaffles live?

  28. mike wolf

    Why Why Why do you continue to give these tools the publicity they feed on to stay in the public eye? They will never go away unless you stop showing their stupid asses.

  29. Meh

    As long as they disappear from public view and never reproduce, they have my blessings.

  30. justifiable

    The writing’s on the wall, nobody wanted to pay them for an exclusive. They’re overexposed and no one cares anymore. Now if they’d only honeymoon in Mexico and contract swine flu and die in screaming agony…

  31. bife

    if hitler ever met these two, he would certainly give up the hole nazism thing

  32. bife

    if hitler ever met these two, he would certainly give up the hole nazism thing

  33. bife

    if hitler ever met these two, he would certainly give up the hole nazism thing

  34. bife

    if hitler ever met these two, he would certainly give up the hole nazism thing

  35. bife

    if hitler ever met these two, he would certainly give up the hole nazism thing

  36. Darth

    Great mouthshots! *Cough,cough*

  37. lisdfjug

    Ken and Barbie Horse Doll

  38. Jennifer Anuston

    Heidi Montag becomes Mrs.Heidi Montag Douchebag

  39. ThighHighs

    Well, it’s a good thing they have each other…no one else would want them.

  40. lazy troll

    anyone posting after this is likes Heidi’s teeth

  41. timmy the dying boy

    Somebody go wake Randal up, he has to see this. I’d even settle for Daisy.

  42. Michael Jackson

    She had the balls to wear white? I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Spencer is gay, but still…

  43. reality check

    ja know what ……im entitled to my own opinion too . its funny out that no one even knows them but are hell bent on throwing in their two cents.grand keep posting your opinion but what are you getitng out of being so mean ??ask yourself that ….i come on to the website to see the pictures then i see these comments and i always think why afe people being so cruel . Probably escapism or something ….its cruel . thats my opinion !!!! i woudnt like it if people were being mean like that to me …. they’re frickin pictures thats all …..two people in a picture not harming anyone !! it drives me nuts

  44. douchhunter

    Aptly named…. an utter Pratt.

  45. Miss California

    Isn’t opposite marriage a wonderful thing? I just know this is a couple who are really in love and will stay married to each other for the rest of their lives.

  46. justifiable

    #43 These are two annoying untalented fucktards who will whore themselves out anywhere anytime for anything and any and all photo ops. They do nothing, they help no one, they think they’re king shits and suck up for every possible bit of attention and they deserve what they get here. It’s not ‘escapism’ or ‘cruelty’, it’s reality. We’re allowed to hate them so why the hell are you whining? Did you bother to check out the name of this site and the name – ANTICLOWN media? These two are right in the crosshairs. There are lots of other topics here where people don’t slam, there are lots of celebs that are liked because they seem to be nice people. These two aren’t – you do the math.


    46.SUPERFICIAL SUPERFICIAL SUPERFICIAL …… i know the name of the site its for superficial people to comment look at it that way eh ….i 100% disagree people like me can comment too im afraid….if you despise them why do you even waste your time commenting??? seriously that fuels their media frenzy…. all media is good media eh !!!!!!


    jesus was that you that said you want them to contract swine flu….wtf??

    if its a joke and your trying to be funny …but if your serious im frickin shocked


    k im on the wrong site …..im outy

  50. g-money

    WHY do you keep paying them any attention!? They are useless, pieces-of-shit that crave media attention to become famous….they SUCK at LIFE.

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