Heidi Montag excretes another single

June 24th, 2008 // 110 Comments

In case there was any doubt that Heidi Montag has absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, she’s started her own label in an effort to get her album out there. In the meantime, Heid’s released another song called “Fashion” (audio after the jump). And let me tell you it’s every bit as amazing as you could imagine it to be. Did I say amazing? I meant ass sandwich. People reports:

“Heidi has started her own record label with Super Producer RedONE,” a source tells PEOPLE. “RedOne will write and produce with Heidi an entire album of 13 songs.”

And it’s official: Even if strippers and malt liquor shot out of Heidi’s uvula, I’d rather hear the sound of my own testicles deflating then listen to another thing come out of her Harpie piehole. Rolling Stone, feel free to quote me on that.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Audio: People


  1. Chupacabra

    I had a melodic fart this weekend after eating bean burritos the night before that will win a grammy.

    True story.

  2. Corlyss

    The sad part is that people will actually buy and listen to this garbage.

  3. gunther bunky


    settle down. no they won’t.

    spencer will buy a few thousand copies, but that’s about it.

  4. taxpayer

    The song is like some parody that Mad TV would do. However, I think irony is a word Ms. Montag is unfamiliar with. I think it has to do with her inability to get oxygen to her brain; as you can observe by her always wide open maw, the girl needs to suck in as much of it as possible. Someone please take Heidi by the hand and lead her off the “stage”. Where are those hook things they used to use to drag people off?

    P.S. As to her fuckability, whatever. She’s a pretty (vapid) face with a tight little (fake) bod that the majority of us would like to screw. But aren’t there a million other girls who are gorgeous (with real parts), and have talent, and don’t go around like a whale shark with their mouth wide open all the time?

  5. jcrazy

    WHY does every stupid celeb think they can SING?!?!?!

  6. jcrazy

    WHY does every stupid celeb think they can SING?!?!?!

  7. LP

    Haha @102.

    She sounds like a drunk bitch at a karaoke bar.

  8. Koyla Denisovitch Clharov

    its like aids…in my ears

  9. douchebag Mcgee

    I love how that guy has to wear gloves just to touch things she owns.
    Smart man, give him a medal.

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