Heidi Montag on Regis & Kelly = streaming idiocy

April 16th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Heidi Montag brought her funbags o’ stupid onto Regis & Kelly this morning. If you love seeing interviews where Heidi is considered a legitimate human being and The Hills is touted as real, holy shit are you in luck. Topics also include Heidi’s John McCain endorsement and her struggles of being a recently-named feminist icon by the New York Times. Can somebody check on Gloria Steinem and make sure her head hasn’t exploded. She’s okay? Digging out her sniper rifle? Bitchin’.

EDIT: Added pics of Heidi and Spencer outside ABC studios and moved the video after the jump. If it doesn’t play, just refresh. I’ll assume Heidi Montag pushes RedLasso’s bandwidth past it’s moron threshold.

Photos: Splash News, Video: ABC, RedLasso.com

  1. Ted from LA

    FIRST to say Heidi rules, you fucking stinkhole cunts

  2. I’m not gonna criticize anybody who publicly supports McCain over Dyke and Nig from the Treason Party.

  3. mellie

    “Seriouly!” ?????? oh sweet god go to hell spammers…are these like real ppl who work in sweat shops or something and post these on sites??? can somebody actually tell me if these are computers or ppl doing it…..?

  4. anon

    Someone please tell me how Heidi is a feminist icon? As if the whole “I’d rather die than be flat-chested” thing doesn’t show she caters to men, right?

  5. mamadough

    it’s like skipper barbie learned to talk. now i think i’ll try to melt her head off in the oven.

  6. Grunion

    Who watches this shit? Regis is like hemroid with lips.

  7. The only retard I see is the idiot that failed miserably trying to embed this video on thesuperficial.com

  8. Anna

    I can’t watch the video, and I’m going crazy, can someone help me!!!


    US has 2 choices:

    Vote Democrat and End the War.

    Vote Republican and keep the war going that can never be won just like Vietnam.

    US fought the communist in Vietman and pulled out after 50,000 Americans were killed. And guess what; US never was attacked by the communist.

    The Iraq war has seriously weakened the U.S. economy, whose woes now go far beyond loose mortgage lending. You can’t spend $3 trillion — yes, $3 trillion — on a failed war abroad and not feel the pain at home.

    Why doesn’t the public understand the staggering scale of our expenditures? In part because the administration talks only about the upfront costs, which are mostly handled by emergency appropriations. (Iraq funding is apparently still an emergency five years after the war began.) These costs are now running at $12 billion a month.

    President Bush tried to sell the American people on the idea that we could have a war with little or no economic sacrifice. Even after the United States went to war, Bush and Congress cut taxes, especially on the rich — even though the United States already had a massive deficit. So the war had to be funded by more borrowing. By the end of the Bush administration, the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the cumulative interest on the increased borrowing used to fund them, will have added about $1 trillion to the national debt.

    The United States is a rich and strong country, but even rich and strong countries squander trillions of dollars at their peril. Think what a difference $3 trillion could make for so many of the United States’ — or the world’s — problems. We could have had a Marshall Plan to help desperately poor countries, winning the hearts and maybe the minds of Muslim nations now gripped by anti-Americanism. In a world with millions of illiterate children, we could have achieved literacy for all — for less than the price of a month’s combat in Iraq. We worry about China’s growing influence in Africa, but the upfront cost of a month of fighting in Iraq would pay for more than doubling our annual current aid spending on Africa.

  10. Anonymous

    Mellie #4: This is the asshole who’s spamming with those dating sites:

    Du Qiang ecomfun@aol.com 800 West El Camino Real, #180 Mountain View, California 94040 United States (650)906-0405

    Report his ass to whomever you can.

  11. Moo

    it is barbie… you cant see the strings holding her up… but trust me they’re there.

  12. 21st century digital boy

    Yeah, America. This year, why not vote for McInsane, the choice of idiot blonde bimbos and the Ku Klux Klan’s very own poster #2, FRIST!!!

  13. Sam

    I hate it when the French (#10) post their views of the best way to fight (surrender).

  14. Liz

    I like how she mentions that she tacitly suppported her douche bag boyfriend when he was spreading vicious rumors about her ex-best friend..

    but you know, who cares about the details. Or the truth.

    p.s. her clothing line is nasty

  15. I actually think that the fact that Spencer came with her to support her and stuffs is really cute and i wish her the best even if I’m team Lauren.

  16. combustion8

    why didnt regis ask her the question everyones dying to hear.. “So heidi, why the long face?”

  17. steve

    Support your country! Support the troops who are fighting and dying for you every single day! Vote for ANYBODY except the gutless Democrats.

  18. masterless

    why the long face?

  19. Matt!

    Vote Republican if you want to give AlQaeda another base of operations in Iran just like the one we have given them in Iraq!

  20. meme

    Oh good lord. I got a minute and a half in and it hurt my brain.

  21. veggi

    11- How is it you know this?

  22. Jamie

    I think it’s funny how she says Lauren just woke up one morning and said I don’t like your boyfriend and that was the whole problem, when in this weeks episode she is pissed b/c Spencer is taking shots with other girls! She just doesn’t want to admit her “boyfriend” is scum!!! And Spencer is not there to Support her he is there hoping they will show is ugly face on camera which they did and now all is well in Heidi/spencer land!

  23. Splatt!


    another? are you serious?

  24. nipolian

    If Regis wanted to boost ratings he should have brought Gloria Steinem onto the same show and let Heidi kick her in the nuts. Hell even I’d sit the that bullshit show to see that.

  25. Give Peace a Chance

    It is sad how the comfortable Americans want the war in Iraq to continue. I support the troops and this is why I do not want anymore troops to die in a war that cannot be won. 4,000 + Americans have already died fighting in Iraq. The only people benefiting from this war are the companies making money off the war. The disfigured Iraq Vets that come back home are not benefiting from this war. And all the children that lost parents from the Iraq war are not benefiting from it. The US economy is in huge debt because of this war.



  26. Splatt!

    All we are saaaaaaaying… is give war a chaaaaaance.

  27. luna

    i love stupid talking about politics, like as if they know what they are talking about

    they get an idea in their head and suddenly they know how to run a country
    and they have all the answers

    Australia no longer supports the war and are bringing their troops home
    hmm i wonder why this little country did this ?
    oh wait i am just another stupid person on here who acts like i know how to run the country

    or am i ..

  28. Superevil

    I love how every post about horseface Montag ends up being about politics. Is she the only celeb (and I use that term loosely) that’s endorsed a candidate?

  29. John Lennon


    US has given the Iraqi war a chance for over 5 years!

    Stop the killing of the US military.

    Vote Democrat!

    End the War that can never be won!

  30. The Laughing G-D

    Ron Paul…
    Ron Paul…
    Ron Paul…
    Ron Paul…

  31. Grunion

    “Australia no longer supports the war and are bringing their troops home
    hmm i wonder why this little country did this ? ”

    because you elected a left wing wiener for Prime minister? That’s my guess.

  32. Chance

    Yes, that’s my name. My slogan is “Give Chance A Piece”.

    Anyway, if you think “Dyke or Nig” (lmao@2: excellent!) will do anything substantially different in Iraq, dream on. The Democrats already have a majority now, and they could have cut off funding and forced a major drawdown of troops in Iraq. They failed, because they lack guts, pure and simple. The truth is, a respected military veteran has much better standing to call the shots, including a move to withdraw troops despite the chaos and civil war that will ensue (and be shown every day on TV). This country will permit McCain to bring home the troops despite an appearance of utter failure, but not Dyke or Nig – not if they want a second term, which of course they would. This is no time to elect a person who has been nothing more than a 100% politician his or her entire life.

  33. DjRiGhThOoKs!

    o my god i cant believe i watched that whole thing

  34. mellie

    @11 Anonymous i effin adore u for knowing this…but how? did u actually go to the site or something…? im afraid that if i do my computer is going to get so infested with internet herpes my boss will kill me lol…

    but thanks for the info


  35. nipolian

    I’m voting for Dennis Miller, but only if one of his campain promises is to return to Monday Night Football.

  36. Claudia

    When the US leaves Iraq, the civil war between the Sunnis and Shites will contiune. They will eventually get tired of killing each other and try to make peace. This has happened in other countries when US pulls out after fighting and history does repeat itself. So rather than waiting until 50,000 Americans get killed in a war that cannot be won like Vietnam, it is best to pull out now and save the lives of thousands of Americans. I work in defense and I have no problem finding another job because US pulled out of Iraq.

  37. Spazz

    Most of us come here to avoid the wannabee political asshats who think they know up from down. Keep your liberal spooge to yourself and go hug a fucking tree. I wanna make fun of this fake-tittied bitch and throw up my lunch from hearing her speak but you have ruined that for me. sniff sniff.

  38. Matthew

    I agree with #33. If the election goes to the Democrat, four years later you’ll be hearing Nig or Dyke say “We must find a way to relieve the strain on our troops while maintaining our security and our commitment to stabilizing Iraq” blah blah blah and we’ll still be in Iraq. Maybe – a big maybe – Nig or Dyke would have the guts to bring the troops home NO MATTER WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES by the end of his/her/its second term as President, when there’s much less concern about damaging one’s political future. That’s the way Nig and Dyke have operated their entire lives, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe they’d change once elected. If anybody will have the guts to stand up and change course in Iraq, during a first term, and be respected rather than driven down by backlash, it’s McCain.

  39. Bigheadmike

    She is a complete waste of space.

  40. Yo Momma

    Yuck! She’s got that Jewish long face a.k.a. horse face.

  41. FCS

    #36 you meant NOT return to MNF right? Because he was fucking horrible.

  42. Political Science

    Please tell me of a good site where I can talk politics because the famous people here bore me.


  43. Ghandi


    This is what the Bush administration has brain washed the ignorant people to believe. People who do not understand war or history feel the way you do. When the US pulled out of Beruit; a civil war started and eventually the two factions fighting got tired of killing each other and made peace. History does repeat itself and this will happen in Iraq as well.


  44. Sid

    #39 agreed. Nig and Dyke don’t have the backbone to end the war.

  45. John McCain

    It was nice to see the balloon handler Spencer was off to the side waiting to put her back in her cage after the interview.

    If this isn’t an example of a failed education system, I don’t know what is.

  46. nipolian

    #42 -Nah… I mean return – I thought he was fucking hilarious – he was just a little misunderstood is all.

  47. BunnyButt

    Holy crap, feminism’s been pushed back 300 years.

  48. Splatt!

    @44 you’re pretty dumb arent you… middle east? eventual peace? yeah you must be.

  49. Ted Mosby

    I wanted more funbags. Less gasbags.

  50. Sandy

    #44 (Mr. Namechanger) – you always miss the point. Yeah, if you wait long enough, any war will end, even “brain washed ignorant people” know that (clearly you’re an Obama supporter). #39 was saying that it’s a mistaken assumption that electing a Democrat will install a President with the guts to end the war, despite how bad it will look during the INITIAL troop withdrawal (like the U.S. military was defeated by minimally armed insurgents, as can be found all around the Arab world). That has nothing to do with what will happen in the long run, and everything to do with whether or not a President would be willing to commit political suicide by standing firm even when Arab extremists are celebrating our “surrender” and “defeat” every day on Al Jazeera. There’s no f’king way that Obama or Clinton would do that.

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