Heidi Montag needs look-alikes for fashion show

Heidi Montag is launching her new fashion line. It’s called Heidiwood (Not even touching that.) and will debut next month. In the meantime, Heidi needs nine girls that look like her to help model the clothes. Although, judging by Heidi’s chin, dudes are probably welcome as well. Us Magazine has the details about the line which is like so better than Lauren’s and junk:

“Lauren’s line is not necessarily something I would wear,” she told Us Weekly. “She’s trying a high-fashion thing, but it’s a little overpriced. Mine is fun and flirty for the everyday woman. Most people can’t afford $200 for one dress.”

Note to self: Show up to Heidi’s fashion show. Act like douche. Score vapid blondes with fake tits. If douche-nozzling is not achieving success resort to fail-safe plan: Dollar bill hung out of fly. Shoot fish in barrel. End note.

For those of you interested in applying, here’s a link to the contest. And also here’s my phone number 1-800-LZR-DONG.

Thanks to Sara who apparently has a pointy tail.

Photos: Getty Images