Heidi Montag has breasts and a camcorder

February 4th, 2008 // 205 Comments

This is the music video for Heidi Montag’s single “Higher.” Obviously there was no budget for this thing and it was shot by her boyfriend Spencer Pratt. It’s basically, and brilliantly, Heidi running around on the beach with her fake monster breasts in a bikini. As for the song itself, imagine having a wombat screech in your ear for three straight minutes. It’s sort of like that but less rewarding. However, with the audio off, this is by far the greatest music video I’ve seen in the last 20 years. Suck it, November Rain. You just got owned.


  1. Sara, yeah.

    i love how she keeps touching her boobs!
    she can’t keep her hands off of her newly acquired chest, can she? here’s some advice:
    people notice big fake boobs enough.
    you dont have to play with them.

    you just doubled your rank on the whore-o-meter.

  2. Sara

    THIS IS TERRIBLE. enough said.

  3. Wade

    Heidi’s hot and she should come to my house tonight and perform jumping jacks.
    This video is a joke. Why in the hell would anybody tell that poor girl that she can sing? I could’nt make it past the first verse before the unbearable urge to vomit had me running for the bathroom. She sounds like she’s singing on a kids show on some second rate cable channel.
    Heidi, stick to what you do best: helping junior high boys learn about the wonders of masturbating. PLEASE don’t sing ever again.

  4. Bebe

    This is when my second hand embaressment starts kicking in…

  5. Natalie

    ugh. is this girls 15 minute up yet? Do we really need another totally talentless dumb a$$? I wish she would just die already.

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