Heidi Montag missed a spot

March 18th, 2010 // 155 Comments

I honestly don’t know if there’s anything specifically wrong with Heidi Montag’s ass cheeks in these photos, but I do know just posting them here will make her drop another small fortune on surgeries until she looks like a bleached Kim Kardashian or strokes out trying. On that note, I’ll be mentally preparing myself for Heidi looking like Robocop in five years and me still wanting to touch her boobs. (You can’t fight destiny.)


  1. CARLO

    LOve how girls actually think they can comment…Fishm make it mandatory for women to include a picture of themselves before entry.

    Heidi’s ass is delicious. Fake or not…I would pay for a pc of that…..before and now. hahahahah

  2. Sami

    #34 Are you a plastic surgeon or something? Actually, implants and last 20-30 years and saline ones, which most women get these days anyway, are made of water, so if they reputure, you have water going through your body. Women get these for a variety of reasons, some to correct abnormalities in their breasts, not look like a blow up doll like Heidi. It’s obvious she did not get hers to look natural or even just to improve how her breasts look, she got them to get attention, which she succeeded at..

  3. jose cancseco

    I would place heidi in the doggie style postion. she would be wearing ultra sheer to waist black pantyhose with no cotton patch at the crotch. and no panties. and wearing sexy strappy heels to show off her nylon feet. i would peform deep anal tongue thrusting into her asshole through her pantyhose. i would tongue fuck her anal cavity and eat her gushing cunt through her pantyhose while thumbing her clitoral hood.

  4. jose cancseco

    this is after she has an enema of course.

  5. jose cancseco

    this is after heidi had an enema.

  6. jose cancseco

    and to you idiots that think she has cankles….muuhhaaaaaa!!! how stooopid can u be?? her legs are so fucking hot i would lick them and suck her toes and lick the bottoms of her feet.

  7. boyingcruz

    looks good to me.. can’t wait for the porn..

  8. greggo

    Great legs! And they’re the natural part… I think.

  9. amy

    @108 – no, they got lipo’d too. Still, if you are into fucking biosculpture, it’s top of the line.

  10. Hmmmm

    Is that how girls should dress for a lunch date. Man, I’ve got it all wrong. Need to get me some pink pumps, a white t-shirt, false lashes and short shorts so my ass can hang out the bottom. So classy!

  11. anonymous

    #102 – “capsular contracture” very much does happen. No specific timeframe on it, but it’s quite common for scar tissue to form around the implant, which tightens – hence the whole hard round lumps associated with breast implants. People often opt to have their implants replaced periodically (say 10-20 years, depending on the person) because of this.

    Also, even saline implants carry risks such as bacteria forming inside them, which can be released into the body if they rupture. There is also a higher incidence of rippling along the side of the implant, and rupture than with silicone.

    Both implant types CAN interfere with mamography (scanning for breast cancer).

  12. Blech

    Sure, she looks relatively attractive on a sunny day. But on a rainy day, she’ll melt…

  13. nice boobs and ass i love to suck it

  14. Kay

    haha flat ass >:)
    go get more plastic surgery bitch

  15. Kelly

    My God she has the best legs!!!!!!!!! I’d do ANYTHING to have that body!!!! I think she’s fucking perfect!


  16. bob smith

    All I see is a skinney under developed bleach blond,

  17. lorne

    People from LA are all kinds of fucked up…there, looking like this is truly considered living up to one’s potential, whether you’re in showbiz or not.

  18. lol, jesus christ @ 9 …

    let’s see, half an inch of eyeliner, false eyelashes, brick-colored blush and orange eyeshadow up to her brow. And lip gloss. And most likely foundation and powder.

    That’s pretty much as much make-up as a girl can wear, but I don’t think every guy is aware of how much make-up it takes to get that ‘natural’ look. She sure as hell doesn’t roll out of bed with that face …. new chin or not!!

    Not hatin’ ..just thought I’d give some virgins a clue (lmao, jk)


  20. Mr. Nice Guy

    Who cares what it takes? All that matters is the end result. Heidi’s RESULTS LOOK GREAT!

  21. Jeff

    One of the hottest bodies in the fucking world!! Heidi looks even hotter now than before. I hope she does get even bigger breasts!! The bigger the better Heidi. I love you!!!! If you can afford the surgery, go for it! I wish all women had giant fake breasts!!

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  23. Mr.Cool


  24. chelsea

    she looks deformed now. ahaha she’s so tiny with those giant fake balloons on her chest.

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  28. Mike

    The Problem is my cock isent in her ass

  29. RtSS

    Face down, ass up… Assume the position Heidi. I will ride that ass of your so hard pounding my schlong into you, listening to your whimpers of joy coming out with your face buried into the pillow. Your nice bleached blonde hair spread out all around you. Do you also bleach your poopchute? You would be like riding one of those plastic blow-up dolls, but I still would do you good in the starfish, bleached or unbleached. Call me Heidi.

  30. cc

    Jessica @3…shockingly, I have to agree. She does look great…her face in pic 18 looks terrific. What is worse, I saw her on Leno and she looked good there too AND she came across as being very self-aware, pleasant, and somewhat humorous. The kind who, if you met her at a party, you’d want to get her number and ask her out.

    I think the world must be ending.

    BTW, is she still married to that Pratt douchebag?

  31. pots

    EWWWWW Her ass DROOPS out of the bottom of her shorts!!! How old is this thing? I’m convinced (s)he’s actually a 39 year old tranny.

    And for anyone who says…”ohh she looked better before” or “she was pretty before all this surgery”…UMM what? This bitch was HIDEOUS with her HUGE chin and nose….now shes hideous with a awkwardly smaller chin and nose. She looks better but that’s only because her giant tits take away from looking at that face. Her smile is crooked.


  32. Spencer Pratt

    Heidi Montag, here are some things you really need to fix STILL:

    1.) Those fake ass hair extensions look terrible. Do you know what purple shampoo is? Your hair is YELLOW. Is that even human hair? It looks like cheap synthetic.

    2.) Your lips are puffy but still aren’t big enough.

    3.) Your smile is crooked. I saw you on Jay Leno and I don’t know if they messed it up while they were reducing your monster of a chin, but your gumline is not straight.

    4.) Your cheeks are too puffy and constantly shiny. USE SOME POWDER. Take out your cat woman cheek implants.

    5.) Your tits still need to be bigger to distract for your ugly face.

    6.) You desperatley need ass impants and an ass LIFT, its sagging out of your shorts.

    7.) You have major saddle bags. Hit the gym.


  33. jen

    i think she looks great here
    but other shot of her she looks seedy
    she has lost a fair bit of her facial persona
    but you can still see glimpses of the old her
    those boobs tho serious
    she went a bit over board there

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  39. not even sexy

  40. this is nasty

  41. Her and lindsey Lohan dominate this blog.

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