Heidi left Spencer

May 28th, 2010 // 137 Comments

Just when I think I’m out…

Seen here during happier, gun-toting times in 2008, Heidi Montag’s rep just announced she’s separated from Spencer Pratt. TMZ reports:

Heidi’s rep tells TMZ, “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”
We’re told Heidi is looking for a new place in Malibu.

With The Hills coming to a close I can’t say I didn’t see this coming a gay mile away. Fortunately, with someone as emotionally unstable as Spencer, there’s not a lot of guns lying around around the house that will make all this go away with the warm, sweet, non-judgmental embrace of death. Where there’s also naked men holding crystals. That grant reality TV contracts just put the fucking gun in your mouth.


  1. Fuxyslot

    spencer looks like an adult chuckie doll. so fucking scary.

  2. wow

    Those are the stupidest photos I have ever seen.

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  6. One word i can use to described her-sexy, just she use the gun , long …woow…

  7. What’s with the scarf? :)

  8. yessir

    reeks of fakeness…

  9. Lucy

    Nice shot

  10. What’s with the scarf

  11. Sally

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  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    They look like two undereducated rednecks, again I see an attractive girl with a douchebag albino with white eyelashes and white eyebrows. EW! So Trailertrashy

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  16. Rhialto

    My brain box is telling me that this is just another publicity stunt.

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  18. Tommy gun

    Everyone saying she looks pretty. That pic was taken before the surgery. She looks like Frankenstein now.

  19. starmaker

    Since she’s posted here more than long enough.I can say with certainty that her low forehead is the cause of everything.

  20. Master Spook


  21. Rhialto

    Hm,she should shave her hairline to make her forehead looking bigger.

  22. Darth

    Did she grow her eyebrows and combed it backwards?! Damn! Talking about a straight Neanthertal bloodline!

  23. Parker

    Hopefully now she’s free to have anal sex like a woman rather than submitting to her gay husband’s demands to buttfuck him with a strap-on.

  24. Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships…”I think the American public would agree they’re better off apart. Heidi is off in her own crazy little world and Spencer is certifiably insane

  25. I like her beautiful skin and face.

  26. lenny

    Who is spencer

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  28. piglet

    these 2 are inbreds from the bumfuk trailerpark …
    i doubt ANYONE in their right mind would associate with them in any biz’ venture ..
    reality show no doubt means them filming themselves & trying to pimp it later on ….
    helloooooo ron jeremy!!ahahahaaa
    if ya’ll WANT TO LAUGH YA AZZEZ OFF ..
    check out the spanish gossip blogs .
    they make fun of heidi & they are calling spencer ‘chucky’ ..
    he does actually look very much like chucky …holly has stated that they are both lying ..
    they DID write a book on how to manipulate the media , right?

  29. mike

    Heidi is starting to look hot with a lot LESS douchery around her

  30. Nice post though…and you look gorgeous at the same time

  31. Dee

    Man, that pic of Spencer popping up behind her is just too creepy. I’m going to have nightmares about an manipulative albino troll tonight.

  32. mr. asshole

    idiots + loaded guns = someone call an ambulance

  33. I like them.
    They look cute and handsome.

  34. Brooke

    I used to like Heidi before all her plastic surgeries, she used to be pretty. She has an addiction to plastic surgery and looks awful now. She looks like a muppet or something, hideous. I used to feel sorry for her b/c of how Spencer acted, but now sadly I feel more sorry for Spencer. I’m surprised he didn’t leave her, I mean come on her face is ruined. I figured with the Hills ending that this would happen sooner or later especially if like everyone thinks it is scripted. Yet, if this is all fake news then why are they staying together now that the show is ending. I’ve always suspected their whole relationship was built by MTV and was fake. Meaning if this is scripted you’d expect them to get a divorce, but now everyone is saying it is not true, which makes me wonder why stay together if it’s all a sham? More publicity? IDK…

  35. Let’s kick came:)

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