Heidi left Spencer

May 28th, 2010 // 137 Comments

Just when I think I’m out…

Seen here during happier, gun-toting times in 2008, Heidi Montag’s rep just announced she’s separated from Spencer Pratt. TMZ reports:

Heidi’s rep tells TMZ, “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”
We’re told Heidi is looking for a new place in Malibu.

With The Hills coming to a close I can’t say I didn’t see this coming a gay mile away. Fortunately, with someone as emotionally unstable as Spencer, there’s not a lot of guns lying around around the house that will make all this go away with the warm, sweet, non-judgmental embrace of death. Where there’s also naked men holding crystals. That grant reality TV contracts just put the fucking gun in your mouth.


  1. YES

    YES! first mb?

  2. No GayTards

    fake press for fake breasts

  3. Scumbag

    I’ve never heard of a marriage ruined by “bad press”. But I’ve never seen a couple of scumbags like those two either, so I guess it’s OK.

  4. Badger Bob

    i’m normally prone to slam dumb celebs, but I really feel heidi deserves a credit for this move. spencer is a douche and an anchor for her career. leaving him makes her look a whole lot better.

  5. Kurgen99

    This is just, just so SAD :(
    I call dibs to be the first to fuck Heidi!

  6. Jack Mehoff

    She can handle my gun anytime.

    The pics would have been better if she was butt naked and she was actually shooting live rounds at Spencer.

  7. NuShaun

    dat becuz spencer ain’t fuckin her right. She in need of my 9 inch memba, make da bitch squeel

  8. Randal

    Spencer has been a rock during these ups and downs in Heidi’ career and such news is surprising. He has supported by her time and again during her rise to fame as an actress, singer and model. Don’t ever forget the shoulders that brought you to this point in your life my dear.


  9. shine

    i call shananigans on this one, remember not even a month ago word was out that mtv wanted her to fake divorce spencer so she would be shown on the hills more? maybe this is for the last 12 episodes there shooting on top of the 12 they allready shot

  10. shine

    and by there i meant they’re

  11. Rossco

    No one taught them to keep their fingers straight and off the trigger until ready to fire, huh? (always bothers me)
    Anyway, good riddance to Spencer, wonder how long it will take to clean his stench off of Heidi. Well, in all likelihood she’ll end up with another douche soon enough. One bigger than Spencer, though? Hard to tell…

  12. 7L

    Shes so fucking hot. shes an idiot. but a really hot one.

  13. OJ's Mom

    If she wasn’t who she is, she could be kind of cool. If you know what I mean.

  14. Jimmy Fury

    Did just seeing the two of them make me illiterate or did the last four sentences of this post not make a damn bit of sense…

  15. OJ's Mom

    Are these photos ‘BBAFPT?’

    (Before Big Ass Fake Plastic Titties)

  16. The Gregor

    He must not have been guarding their house properly.

  17. jim eh

    I thought he would have dumped her, meh, maybe it’s him who dumped her but they’re spinning it the other way around, stupid misandrying bitch.

  18. Tanzarian

    Was it Spencer’s bad press, or his 4 seconds of sex followed by the 30 minutes of crying?

  19. boo

    Well, OF COURSE, they are getting a divorce…it was either that, or a pregnancy to keep them in the public eye and she wasn’t about to ruin thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery on a kid.

  20. eatme

    Spencer was the only thing entertaining on the hills. Heidi was never hot until she got all plastiked up (something every girl should do). Together they are hilarious, but apart both their careers will instantly fall in the toilet. What they need is another collaborative music video to get their creative juices flowing. Thing is, I do believe that Heidi actually has a chance in Hollywood and so thinks she is too good for Spencer now.

  21. ROUGH appeal

    Is he actually going to let another man drench his boner inducing wife with malt liqueur…

  22. Tony Gabone


    Such news is surprising? Really?
    You sound like you actually feel bad for Spencer. Both of them are attention whores and scum and neither of them deserve any sort of sympathy whatsoever. This is great news considering the fact that without Heidi, Spencer will be out of the spotlight and hopefully out of the news forever.
    I never understood this country’s fascination with those two. The less we see of them, the better.

  23. Tony Gabone

    Then again, seeing more of Heidi isn’t that bad……..just as long as she doesn’t open her mouth. I LOVE BIG TITTIES!!!!

  24. jason

    Heidi should know that you NEVER PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT. Who the hell taught her firearm safety?

  25. Burt

    Is she saying she dropped him because she wants to become more famous? Sounds like BS to me.

  26. Wankadoodle

    Nope, doesn’t work, maybe if she was holding a cock it would be more fitting.

  27. chelsea

    horse face.

    if she can’t look hot with a gun, i’m afraid she couldn’t pull anything else off lol.

  28. Robot


  29. joho777oho777

    What acting career?

    What is Heidi talking about?

  30. turd da third

    why doesn’t she move in with Blowhan, lindsay the leper is looking for a replacement girlfriend, they could do some gash bashing and release a few girl girl porn vids to make a few bucks and move forward little miss funbags acting career… seriously!

  31. Heidi, old RPG is available for a rebound fuck if you’re interested. Both inches of me.

  32. Mister Bored

    Heidi… I beg of you to please find comfort in porn.

  33. Steph

    Am I the only one whose first thought was “Get your booger hook off the bang switch”?

  34. Dude

    People have already mentioned rule 3 (keep your finger off the trigger), so I’ll criticize the “full sabrina” pose, and blowing on the barrel no less. Note to all actors. Take a $50 gun safety class, so you don’t look like an idiot. And then take a tactical class so you actually look like you know what you’re doing. Thumbs down on the body and the guns.

  35. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    8. Randal…Get back home and take your meds cuz you are as full of shit as a Christmas goose. He didnt support her “time and again during her rise to fame as an actress, singer and model.” He was a fucking parasite hanging around for the money and pussy. I mean, look at that guy. His face looks like boiled chicken skin that’s been out of rthe fridge for a few days.

    And what the fuck is up with the gun play? Trying to make himself look like a tough guy? Trying to make up for being a bit inadequate in the “weapon” department?

    Glad Heidi flew the coop. You don’t suppose that during her last round of plastic surgery the doctor snuck in a small piece of a brain, do you? Could happen…

  36. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    She was tired of using the strap-on on spencer

  37. Kelley

    Whatever … but you know what ? To act, you need to be able to move your face !! And she has major trouble now because the high plastic content and botox fucked it all up :D

  38. Just Like You

    I hated these two but lately they seem more human to me and I am changing my mind about them. I am eagerly watching everything to see what happens next!

    Youluvit Okating [$_SIGtext]

  39. Huang Dang Doo

    No, u r not alone :)

  40. I hope they get shared custody of the crystals.

  41. Tek

    I call bullshit. This is yet another sad attempt to get some publicity. Sooner rather than later they’ll conviniently “get back together” again.

  42. B.B

    Eatme, there’s an extremely high chance you’re fat, single, ugly and lonely.

  43. I've never heard of a marriage ruined by "bad press". But I've never seen a couple of bastard like these two, so I guess that's OK.

  44. Yup

    If I could trade Hedi and Spencer’s lives to bring back Gary Coleman, I would in a heart beat.

  45. Jestersdead

    One step closer to porn, YES!!! I think she’s a total (plastic) babe, can’t stand to have to look at his stupid face all the time, Adios Douchenozzle!

  46. Shes so fucking hot. So sexy, fuck …the gun…

  47. Lacey

    Noooooo! Stay out of Malibu! We finally got rid of Britney, I can’t stomach the thought of Heidi moving here and all the annoying paparazzi she’ll call to come inconvenience the residents when we are running our errands. It’s already bad enough that these dumb whores like Lindsay come to Cross Creek for shopping and photo ops. For the love of God, NO!

  48. Nameless

    Spencer is going to quickly realize his best years are behind him and that he shouldn’t have been a douchebag while the getting was good. Now no one gives a f*ck about his ass.

    I would not be surprised if he was broke and homeless within the next couple.

  49. I feel bad for saying this, but I’m glad she left him, he’s always been an ***hole. She’ll do great on her own! now she has to fix her relationship with her mom, who’s always loved her.

  50. Burt

    That finger…
    Picture number 3…That’s not the proper way to hold a rifle. Clearly, she lowered it to show her face. Can’t tell if it’s loaded or not, but the charging handle has been pulled since the ejection port is open. You can clearly see the bolt carrier in the opening. The firing pin might not be in, though…but what would be the point if the magazine is empty and the safety is on.

    Yeah, I’ve been there done that.

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