Heidi Montag isn’t registered to vote (GASP!)

Heidi Montag squeezed her fake tits into the political arena last week by endorsing Senator John McCain. Since then the folks over at Radar Online have made a startling discovery: Heidi isn’t registered to vote:

At least not according to voter registration officials in her hometown, Crested Butte, Colorado, or her current place of residence, Los Angeles County, who told Radar by phone that no one named “Heidi Montag” exists in the database of registered voters. A Lexis search confirmed that Montag isn’t registered anywhere else in Colorado, either. (Her rep could not immediately confirm Heidi’s voter status).

Hopefully, no one out there is actually taking political advice from Heidi Montag. They’d be safer listening to the crazy guy down the block who talks to telephone poles. That guy knows shit. But mostly about the government being in our soup. On the other hand, Heidi tried to spell “soup” once but somehow swallowed a quarter. True story.

Photos: Getty Images