Heidi Montag isn’t registered to vote (GASP!)

April 7th, 2008 // 101 Comments

Heidi Montag squeezed her fake tits into the political arena last week by endorsing Senator John McCain. Since then the folks over at Radar Online have made a startling discovery: Heidi isn’t registered to vote:

At least not according to voter registration officials in her hometown, Crested Butte, Colorado, or her current place of residence, Los Angeles County, who told Radar by phone that no one named “Heidi Montag” exists in the database of registered voters. A Lexis search confirmed that Montag isn’t registered anywhere else in Colorado, either. (Her rep could not immediately confirm Heidi’s voter status).

Hopefully, no one out there is actually taking political advice from Heidi Montag. They’d be safer listening to the crazy guy down the block who talks to telephone poles. That guy knows shit. But mostly about the government being in our soup. On the other hand, Heidi tried to spell “soup” once but somehow swallowed a quarter. True story.

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  1. Leah


  2. bar room hero


    go away already

  3. combustion8

    ACK! that face

  4. BigDog

    I like her

  5. Does anyone really want this dip shit to vote? The world is a better place with her voting..

  6. deacon jones

    mmm, i want to jerk off on her feet for some reason

  7. Rex

    “no one named “Heidi Montag” exists in the database of registered voters”

    Side issue (to go along with the side boob). The larger fact is that no one named “Heidi Montag” exists. Period.

  8. Alice

    It was all a figment of John McCain’s viagra-fevered imagination.

  9. Mia


    It figures!

  10. The Sargasm

    Fake tits? Fake Show? Hmmmm, perhaps she has a fake name too…..

    “At least not according to voter registration officials in her hometown, Crested Butte, Colorado, or her current place of residence, Los Angeles County, who told Radar by phone that no one named “Heidi Montag” exists in the database of registered voters.”

    The whole thing supports my theory that she wouldn’t be missed if she faked her own death.

  11. Ted from LA

    In her defense, she didn’t realize women had the right to vote.

  12. SLASH

    What is this world coming to? They cared enough to actually check.

    I’m going for a stroll to the top of the Sears Tower now, anyone care to join?

  13. Shep

    The American people don’t need to listen to and idiot to make idiotic decisions on their own come election time, hence George Bush X 2 and god only knows what moronic candidate they’ll elect this year. I’m sure half the population is upset that George Bush’s half retarded brother Elmer Bush isn’t running. Oh well, thats what makes Americans so lovable is how their so completely oblivious to whats going on around them not to mention having the attention span of a 12 year old kid who just ate 30 sugar packets and has ADD. Only took 50 percent of the population 6 or 7 years to realize theres something fishy about the “official” 9/11 report. The other half still thinks theres WMD’s in Iraq and Iraq was the main reason 9/11 happened.

    I think the scariest part is your high school drop out rate being 50 percent which means in another 5-10 years, your population is going to be even more impressive.

    God Bless you America and God save the rest of us that have to deal with your corrupt government while you the lot of you live in ignorance.

  14. Jumpin_J

    I heard she wants to be a veterinarian becuase she loves children. True story.

  15. McCain was a seaman, and as one who served in the Navy, he endorsed Heidies boyount boobs

  16. ch474

    You say fake tits like it’s a bad thing …

  17. teddy


    try taking a laxative… it may help.

  18. to start, this is SUUUUUUUCH a bad take! i mean, her boob just can’t get any faker. And i dont know what the fuck is going on with these hideous pijama-like mini dresses that american girls are going so crazy about!…ok some of them cute, but come on, now they all look like uniformed. I dont think its that hot down in L.A. pff.

    In my opinion, heidi has worn the ugliest ones i have seen this far. This one for example looks cheap cheap cheap! like a green pikachu; lingerie meets chinese mass production.

  19. Pat Buchanan

    See? The Republicans are in real trouble in this election. All the Republican boobs SAY they support McCain, but in reality they’re not going to vote at all.

  20. SLASH

    I’m not registered to vote either, but it’s only because I’m a felon.

    What’s her excuse?

  21. Binky

    Didn’t see this one coming…
    Oh well – she can probably still get a job as a political analyst on one of the News Channels.

  22. Jeff

    Madonna did the same thing a few election seasons ago before she moved to Britian. She was making PSA announcements about voting without ever having bothered to – you know – actaully register. At least Madonna is a real star. This broad is just another fly-by-night semen holder with no talent.

  23. Grunion

    Anyone know what name is she running under at the Kentucky derby?

  24. jesse


    I’ve never seen one comment speak for so many different people viewing the same picture.


    You say he said fake tits like its a bad thing like its a bad thing. Fake tits are hard and misshapen, rather than their soft, supple, and otherwise more fun counterparts.

    You can’t even squeeze fake tits due to the fact that they might break.

  25. MSKristen

    Why the fuck are the The Hills bitches famous? What have they ever even done? Seiously, I am so damn sick of all of them.

  26. Ted Mosby

    I would like to motorboat her.

  27. Proud American

    #13 – speaking on behalf of ALL Americans, I don’t care whether there was a factual basis for the invasion of Iraq or the war on terror in general. I’m just happy that decades of bullshit pansy-assed “diplomacy” we’re finally killing a shitload of Arabs. They had it coming.

  28. Binky

    Shep, can I have your babies?

  29. rizzzz

    it looks like her dress is from forever 21, or some other cheap ass place. seriously. at least PRETEND like you have money, you pathetic slut.


    If all the blacks can vote Obama and claim it’s not because he’s black, then why can’t blonde airheads say they’re going to vote McCain and not even be registered? Americans are the biggest suckers in the whole wide world, so what else is new?

  31. meow

    Okay, let’s get this out…currently, she’s a hypocrite. Not exclusively for this but for all of her ridiculous comments and fake photo ops, etc.
    However, isn’t it invasion of privacy to see if someone is registered to vote and, how do we know she doesn’t plan on registering this year to vote because, heaven forbid, she is actually *passionate* about a candidate. It is every american’s right to vote…or not vote. Although, I bet after this post, just to save face, she will be off to the DMV to make a public display out of registering to vote.

  32. Shep

    #27, everyone………….. I rest my case. Unless you’re trying to make the Americans look even worse by looking even more incredibly ignorant then I was suggesting in my first post. If so, well played my friend, well played.

  33. FRIST!!!

    The blacks vote for Obama because they think he’ll increase welfare payments and end all those racist “work for pay” programs. Like any other group, they look at what the majority of their people are like, and then support the candidate that would help them most. It’s no different from the lesbians who support Hillary, or the prostates who support McCain.

  34. roastbeef

    That nasty dress and her horse face make me want to gouge my eyes out with rusty forks.

  35. poop

    #31 – nope. Your vote is private, your registration to vote isn’t. And I bet Fakey McHardtits has never registered to vote, so that’s why she really really really needs to shut up about politics. That, and closing her mouth might help with moderating this unseasonable weather we’ve been having…

  36. Binky

    #28 wasn’t me, but wasn’t bad for a troll.
    I’d need more personal info though. And no smokers

  37. Adriana

    I SWEAR .. that if I see this person on the street I’ll throw something to her. She is SICK! She is ugghhhh.. Nasty… How could you live that way? Eww….

  38. meow

    #35- Ah, good to know. Is it just a yes or no access to voter registration then?
    Also, she probably never thought it was important to vote but, I do know people who have every right to express their political opinions that *choose* not to vote. Perfect example- you have opinions about politics but your opinions about the candidates make you feel that you cannot consciously vote for any of the candidates. However, I am pretty sure this is not true in her case.

  39. Jaffo

    Seriously, I have no idea who the hell this stupid bitch is or why the fuck she is famous. Is this what it’s come to?! A pair of tits makes you famous? Fuck, you guys should start trolling my neighbor. He’s blonde and has a real nice set of man boobs going on. Let’s start being a little more selective with regard to whom we actually find media-worthy, shall we? ALSO: As far as the registering to vote thing is concerned, she is just about out of time…

  40. Her fake rack makes me yearn for the real funbags that are Posh Spice’s pride and joy…..


  41. steve

    She has such silly cones.



  42. Cindy

    “Shep” sweetie, we’ve got the guns and we’ve got the guts to use them. I know that makes you feel all faint and swoony. It’s ok, you just lie down (a familiar position) and we’ll do the work that needs to be done.

  43. John

    Hey Shep,
    Even funnier than your idiocy is how you insult America’s dropout rate, while at the same time, you can’t even put together a complete sentence. Get educated before you try to belittle those who aren’t (in your warped little mind.) In case you’re wondering what I mean:

    “Unless you’re trying to make the Americans look even worse by looking even more incredibly ignorant then I was suggesting in my first post.”

    This is what is commonly called a “sentence fragment.” Until you can use the English language correctly, no one but your fellow lunatics will take you seriously. Just some friendly advice. Oh, and please – stay out of our country. According to you, we already have enough morons walking around.

  44. NY Ted

    I’d still bend her over and fuck her 7 ways till Sunday for my country!!!

    See how patrotic I am…???

  45. Ed

    In fairness, she made all her political comments after meeting the McCains and after taking a pill that Mrs. McCain handed to her. It was an Oxycontin, still warm from the hand of the terminally ill patient that Mrs. McCain pried it from. AND SHE NEVER STOPPED SMILING! God, I love the McCains.

  46. Hey! We're not unintel...uh...uninteller...uh, dumb

    “Recent national polls have shown voters choosing McCain by large margins over Clinton and Obama as the candidate most capable of handling the war. A recent Gallup poll showed McCain favored on Iraq over Clinton and Obama by identical 54-to-40 margins. A Los Angeles Times poll had McCain over Clinton on the war by 51 to 35, and Obama by 47 to34.”

    …reality follows…

    “Speaking to reporters in Amman, the Jordanian capital, McCain said he and two Senate colleagues traveling with him continue to be concerned about Iranian operatives “taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back.” Pressed to elaborate, McCain said it was “common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that’s well known. And it’s unfortunate.” A few moments later, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, standing just behind McCain, stepped forward and whispered in the presidential candidate’s ear. McCain then said: “I’m sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaeda.”"

    Iran is predominantly Shiite, and they’re helping the Shiites in Iraq in the undeclared civil war. Al-Qaeda in Iraq belong to the other side in the civil war, the Sunni.

    It’s sort of an important thing to know.

  47. Auntie Kryst

    @11 Goddamn Ted that was funny.. The Clooney joke in the last post had me cracking up, but that topped it.

    To the topic, now that this story is out who thinks she will immediately register to vote? If not to fulfill her civic duty but to score more fake publicity shots of her and Spencer (Yo Spence Douchefucker) having a great time at the polling booths. Damn, I hope they wear the bunny ears.

  48. sharpeidude

    Hey #13, watch your fucking communist mouth! George W. Bush is the U-NI-TER and not the DEE-VI-DER. He’s the bestest president this country ever had or will have again! Wow….me thinks I love Michelle Obama.

  49. sam

    Spencer said he registered to vote already, and he’s voting for Obama because he’s always wanted to know what it’d be like to be under a black man.

  50. Shep

    #42 so did Hitler when he attacked countries and invaded countries he had no business in. I guess since Hitler had the guns and guts, it made it alright then. Ok then, gotcha, thanks ;)

    #43, wow, impressive. You picked apart some of my grammar on an informal blog. WOW, you are a genius. Take a bow Socrates and try to take it easy on us far inferior peasants of the English language. I feel so inspired to be in the presence of such knowledge or…….. Here’s an idea. How about you pick apart my ideas instead of my grammar on a blog. Oh I forgot, you’d actually need a mind of your own instead of your English for dummies book you picked up at your local book store. My advice, take it back, because it isn’t making you anymore intelligent. Use that 4.99 to pick up a book that might enlighten you to whats going on around you instead of what your local government funded news station tells you.

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