Heidi Montag is proud to be vapid

September 28th, 2007 // 87 Comments

Heidi Montag showed up at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood event and proudly displayed the issue in which she basically states that she’d rather die than have small breasts. Amazing. This would be like Britney Spears smiling and holding up the issue of Ok! Magazine that details her coke problem and shoddy parenting skills. Though, to be fair, I hear she does walk around with it and shows it to people. And by people I mean the guy at McDonald’s that makes the fries. He understands her.


  1. name


    revenge on what, ugliness? it didn’t work.

  2. Julie

    Hi all you retards,

    I only go to this site to practice my writing skills. I went to LA Unified School District for K-12; even though, I am now a college graduate, I still have to practice, practice, practice. See this is what a rudimentary education from LA Unified gets you…..I have spent the last 7 years trying to teaching myself how to write. And, this is what it has come to…..I post to blogs only so other anal retentive bloggers can correct my grammar and spelling. Thank you. I just love glorified editors who can nit-pick mistakes, but can’t think for themselves worth a darn.

    In college at UCLA, I took a writing course, and I got a A in the class and A’s on all my papers only because the rest of the students’ writing skills were worse than mine. The World is Full of Idiots…..Life is so unfair…….I’m going to go out and get me some bigger boobs.

  3. aury

    isn’t anyone sick of this bitch yet?

  4. Nikk

    Who the fuck is this idiot. ONly in american can you be famous for being stupid. And i still dont know who she is, Down syndrome kids are smarter then she is,

  5. FUGLY DRESS! but suits her.

  6. swan

    I can’t stand that guy Spencer. He is 1 million times worse than her.

  7. Lizikins

    Aww how cute about trying to get back at all the little boys who made fun of you in high school. “I’ll show them, I’ll get breast implants, yeah!”

    Too bad they can’t perform brain implants.

  8. Rev

    Let us hope that she has problems with her implants. When they RUPTURE and LEAK , cave in or she gets CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE, lets see how proud she will be of them then! But hey, at least it will be publicity for her.

  9. Makemepuke

    That dude with her is the scariest looking dude I’ve ever seen, his smile exudes evil, self centered, spoiled rich kid…God help us all.

  10. ya

    damn, wtf? i mean first of all she needs more plastic surgery besides the body her face is a complete train wreck. The only people who admit their plastic surgery are the celebrities who are NOT real celebrities, like whatever this bitch’s name is..To actually be proud of a nose job and new tits, haha, what has the world come to? BTW, the guy next to her even needs more help.
    I think it’s a hopeless cause.

    P.S.: i think this site is way funnier than Perez hilton.

  11. You all suck

    Fugly vapid horseface bitch

  12. Carol

    Meh. I guess she’s pretty enough. But why are these girls made into celebrities? They haven’t done anything to make themselves famous. So why do we care?

  13. WTF


  14. She makes me sad.

  15. Kat

    CANT STAND SPENCER…..both of them make me want to gag myself with a spork

  16. D. Richards

    “Vapid”. Haha.

  17. Karina in T.O

    Revenge Plastic Surgery?? What a douche! Yeah, putting plastic in your tits will teach all those stupid boys a lesson…..These people are another example of somehow being famous for doing nothing.

    They are perfect examples of why other counties think the West is full of superficial, materialisic idiots…

  18. Wrench

    I don’t get why she’d shell out all that money for huge knockers, then insist on wearing dresses that fit her like a burlap sack. Note to Heidi: If you want to show off your tits, go SKIN-TIGHT, not baggy. Baggy just makes you look like you have a fat stomach to hide.

  19. Jamie Lee

    Die for breast implants? Sounds like something a hooker or a stripper would say…

  20. charlie

    it’s pretty fucked up that you will make fun of girls for having small breasts (even recently:http://thesuperficial.com/2007/09/kate_hudson_is_missing_somethi.php), and then you make fun of girls who get implants because they were MADE FUN OF FOR HAVING SMALL BREASTS.
    i mean it’s really fucked up.

  21. If the “boys” made fun of her for being alive,
    would she have taken a gun to her head?

  22. evilqueen

    if u want bigger breast means u are more FAKE & stupid.
    PS : US please don’t waste your time & money anymore on this girl. Please donate to charity or dump into the drain instead.

  23. Like..OMG!!!

    Two words…


  24. Laura

    It’s always nice when you know you’re better looking than a “hot” celebrity.
    It’s not that she’s ugly, but she’s just a completely average looking girl, who has professional hair, makeup, fake boobs, fake nose, etc etc. I am the same age as her, and look better than her w/o any of that stuff. Yay me! It just makes you feel good, you know?

    Ps-this chick would look 10x hotter if she put on like 10 pounds. She just looks like she’s been starving herself for 1 month to prepare herself for her baywatch bikini strut. She’s not at the Nicole-Richie-I-think-I’m-gonna-puke-cuz-she-looks-friggin-disgusting stage yet, but she could afford to eat a hotdog or two. Women are soooooooo much sexier with some toned curves. But maybe that’s just me. =)

  25. Mike

    Yo, don’t diss the McDonald’s fries guy. Just don’t do it man.

  26. Wow

    I have no idea who this girl is, but she needs some counseling. Her low self esteem and self-worth issues are still there, she just has two big silicone bags in front of them.

  27. PunkA

    Cash in while you can kids. Soon, no one will care and you won’t make cash just for being you. Actually, you suck so bad, you should have to pay us to pay attention to you. Please go away already. Us boycott. Oh wait, I never buy that rag anyway.

  28. cubbycat723

    I saw the mag article and it showed her profile. She has a strange resemble to that guy from the movie “The Mask” with Cher in it.

  29. FRT

    Who the fuck is Heidi whats-her-name…????

  30. Jo

    I don’t understand how you can write this post about stupid girls that would rather die than get plastic surgery but then go and make fun of someone like Kate Hudson because she has no boobs. You are part of the problem.

  31. Mr. D. Richards

    Ya’ know, I just farted. Now, I am having the worst counter-transference with Heidi. My bowels and Heidi Montag are so much a like it’s disgusting.

  32. Mr. D. Richards

    Ya’ know, I just farted. Now, I am having the worst counter-transference with Heidi. My bowels and Heidi Montag are so much a like it’s disgusting.

  33. zsa

    Her boobs aren’t even that big. I guess she wanted them to look real. Ha. And she’s too matchy-matchy with the dude she’s with. It would have looked better if his tie matched the darker part of her dress, or not at all. She’s too pretty for him anyway.

  34. marion


  35. ther is nothing like being proud of fake boobs…
    go go ca

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  37. They said walking with him and see people. And for the people that mean the guy in McDonald's makes fries. He understands.

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