Heidi Montag is proud to be vapid

September 28th, 2007 // 87 Comments

Heidi Montag showed up at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood event and proudly displayed the issue in which she basically states that she’d rather die than have small breasts. Amazing. This would be like Britney Spears smiling and holding up the issue of Ok! Magazine that details her coke problem and shoddy parenting skills. Though, to be fair, I hear she does walk around with it and shows it to people. And by people I mean the guy at McDonald’s that makes the fries. He understands her.


  1. No idea who this chick is, but kudos to her for at least being honest about it all.

  2. havoc

    Never heard of her……


  3. Turkey Neck

    what an opportunist.

    did she finally get properly fitting shoes?

    She has a horse face.

  4. Tits McGee

    She needs to fill those thin lips with hobo tissue.

  5. antoine

    Don’t know her but I would total hit that!

  6. That’s a fucking ugly ass dress.

  7. coach_d

    errrrgh… what a bitch

  8. TS

    That dude’s a fuckin fag.

  9. TS

    And she’s beat.

  10. leatherdaddy

    quit feeding her ego with blogs of her on this site fish. shes not even pretty!

  11. cookievanderbilt

    1. When did Camilla Parker Bowles spawn a daughter?
    2. The kid should’ve gone bigger.
    3. To be fair, she’s only holding that stupid magazine because she’s AT an US Weekly event.

  12. p911gt10c

    The epitome of being known for absolutely no reason.

  13. ganzagwenie

    Is it just me or does she have a GIANT head?

  14. Bam

    i love how she’s posing like she’s someone famous who’s wearing a nice dress. what a stupid broad.

  15. gotmilk?

    does she have to urinate, is that why she’s standing like that?

  16. TS

    No, you’re right. That’s a huge melon for sure.

  17. She can be vapid on my face. :)

  18. TS

    She’s got a creepy smile where somehow you can see ALL of her top teeth and gums. Even the ones way in back.

  19. Bam

    It’s so sad because she thinks she’s hot.

  20. Magnolia

    She is that idiot from “The Hills” who is only “famous” for being Lauren’s friend. She has no damn clue about the tool (self absorbed-probably gay-materialistic-jerk of a boyfriend-waste of a human) Spencer that she is engaged to. GAG.

  21. x



  22. Shallow Val

    And I’M Shallow Val. This, boys and girls, is the reason why we are going to be blown to smithereens because douchebags like the one above are what represents young society today. That’s it folks, we’ve peaked, and now it’s time for our time to be over.

    Anyone have a little wooden shack in the mountains they want to sublet? Huh? Anyone? I’m looking….

  23. combustion8

    look its mr. ed and wicket the ewok.. match made in heaven.

  24. shanipie

    How’d someone this stupid looking get to be famous?

  25. ken

    yeah…i understand completely….having a body like that to hate IS painful…i mean, look at this chick……if she’s always hated her body i cant imagine how she feels about that face!! maybe she should just hold up a MAD! comic and complain about her perfect teeth too!! i really feel for her….it’s got to be hard for her….and i’m not talking about what’s in my pants either. c’mon…let’s get serious here…theres a really ugly, deformed person opening up…her, not me.

  26. KamUK

    Christ what kind of message does this send to young teens – thick bitch she should be killed. By me.

  27. WTF?

    That douche manages to get in all of the pictures. Spencer too!

  28. sla

    Why is she posed next to a wax mannequin?

  29. #23…’Peaked’ and ‘Mountains’… So very subliminal.

    And she doesn’t have to fix her face…with that rack, no one’s eyes ever get up there.

  30. MariahCarey

    In the last pic, all the time that that dude is kissing Heidi he is wishing he was kissing me. Heidi knows this and will be taking drugs to handle it. Bigger boobs ain’t the answer either. She could have the new world trade center buildings stuck on her chest and he’d still be dreaming that Heidi was me.

  31. BunnyButt

    Is that her son in those last two pics?

  32. jacknasty

    12: spot on mate! She looks just like Camilla Parker Bowels!

  33. Megina

    I personally think, compared to most people, she’s not THAT bad looking. Especially so if we got to see some of the people who bash her…I have a feeling that she’d look like a supermodel compared to some of the people who get on here and post anonymous comments…

    Anywho, that doesn’t excuse her for being a moron who’s fame is for merely sitting on the beach and talking on her cell phone all day. What happened to the starlets of the 40′s and 50′s? Women who were famous for something?

    Also…people. Stop trying to emulate this guy’s humor style. It’s incredibly lame to try and steal material.

  34. pissy skank

    more man-ish than her boyfriend.

  35. alf oldland

    absolute lack of consciousness here — it’s Cocytus for this one and she won’t even know it.

  36. igroovin


  37. damnyou

    Congratulations, you’re 21 and look 40.

  38. Spencer Pratt

    I look like such a douchebag in these photos.

  39. LL

    As repellent as this person is, there are a lot of chicks who apparently agree. I’ve seen a few minutes of that douchey Dr. Beverly Hills or whatever the hell it is, and these women act like having normal-sized boobs (ie, not gigantic porn star boobs) is a birth defect that we should pity them for. I have no doubt that most women who get fake boobies wouldn’t take it quite that far, but I’ve always thought that if you’d take the money that fake boobs cost and invest in, say, an education, it would be money better spent. I know that’s crazy talk, but that’s just how I roll.

  40. I bet on her at Santa Anita Race Track before, the hag came in last place and I lost my $5.00. But the handlers still gave her plenty of hay to eat after…….


  41. lil princess

    @ 40…. dont worry, not only do you LOOK like a douche bag… you are one!!

  42. Liame

    Whoever she is…….shoot her.

  43. Kelly P

    Will someone please make these two go away??? FAR AWAY.

  44. sharpeidude

    Holy ballsacks Batman! It’s Evil Ken and Evil Barbi back in Gotham City!

  45. conan

    agree with #2, at least she she has the balls to admit her ps, unlike all the other 99% other actresses who swear they are “all natural”.

  46. It's a Boob-A-Rama

    She is my Idol.

    I got a boob job a few years ago for the same reason. However, I’m pretty and don’t look like a horse. People tell me that I look just like a young Catherine Deneuve. And, yes I did have the boob job for the same reasons as her. You Superficial bloggers should understand this if anyone will. It’s 2007 why not look your best with the help of modern technology. No one wants the ‘natural’ look anymore that is so ’70s.

    I hope some of the other bloggers out there get piss-off because there are over 2 million of us ever year in the United States just like me and her.

  47. Hollywood Agent

    I think that in 100 years, futuristic archaeologists are going to be digging up all these Hollywood grave sites and wonder why there are two giant bags of silicone goo in each of the women’s grave sites, and they will be standing there scratching their heads wondering what was the purpose of these things…..

  48. meghan

    These girls are delusional and don’t live in the “REAL” world.

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