Heidi Montag is doing Playboy

June 11th, 2009 // 94 Comments

Heidi Montag is posing for the September issue of Playboy, according to People. I don’t want to say this is the only useful thing she’ll ever do because I hate stating the painfully obvious. On a related note, finally the world will have something to ward off Spencer Pratt with: Naked pictures of his wife.


  1. mtrman56

    I’m first who cares?

  2. ardgelina


  3. Han

    Please let’s all ignore them (and this post)! This way we might get rid of them!!!!!!! :)

  4. titsonsnack

    Is she ever NOT making that god damn face?
    Does she even have any bottom teeth?

  5. Brizzle

    Who cares? It’s already been said that she won’t show her vag so we’ll be seeing two fake tits of a D-list celebrity, which is essentially all what Playboy does anymore.

  6. gin'n'juice

    I want to see her in this and then a hard core porno. I bet money she does “tasteful” nudes and we don’t get to see the goods.

  7. Annabel

    If it weren’t because of The Superficial, I wouldn’t know who these two retards are. So… thank you???????

  8. Lipster

    Posing for Playboy is what Jesus would have wanted

  9. How will Spencer “The Psycotic” Pratt react to this? Total Overload!!

  10. Some Girl

    I hate her face, but her body is freakin hot.

  11. Superbiggerevil

    She won’t go through with it I tell you, it’s all bullshit just to draw attention to both the douches!

  12. the assmann passes.

  13. spencer's gifts

    Yay! Horseface and plastic titties! You’re welcome!

  14. Venom

    Thank God. Her body is killer.

  15. OhGollyMsMolly

    Her sister is a 10.
    Attractive enough
    Celebrity enough
    Rich enough
    Needy enough

  16. The Laughing G-D

    It was inevitable…

  17. Randal

    Congratulations Heidi for being recognized as a young women who men appreciate for the perfection that you are. Although your skin radiates a healthy warmth and will certainly attract much attention when you spread, I personally feel it will be your smile on the cover that will win all men over.


  18. Who cares.. she’s fugly man…

  19. i hate to say this but if you but your finger over her face (in the photo above) she actually has a nice body, nice-ish hair, nice skin and stuff.
    oh and that boob job isnt bad.
    im a girl btw.
    but her face kills it.

  20. eat me

    It was said somewhere else she wouldn’t be showing nipple either so this will be one of those bullshit “celebrity” nude layouts where it’s just a bunch of her “naked” but not showing anything.

  21. Qweromi

    nice legs … fake cute, but still works for me …

  22. imaprick

    Titties for Jesus!!!

  23. And keeping Spencer Pratt away from oneself is a very real and Serious problem that Affects a Lot of People.

  24. CrunchPop

    This stupid cunt will either pose in a bikini, or topless with her arms covering her plastic tits, or she’ll bail.

    I’d love to see her in a Hustler pictorial bent over a desk getting rammed from behind from a guy named Tyrone Jefferson. That’d be worth the price of admission!

  25. Whatever

    Not interested.

  26. LOL

    Then: Heidi Montag: “I’m a Republican and I’m voting for John McCain”
    Now: Heidi Montag does Playboy

    Ahhhh conservative “values.”

  27. meee

    i hope they airbrush out her chin

  28. dk

    Heres a photo idea for the whore. Strip her completley naked spread her legs so we can see if she has an ugly pussy. Then put an entire outfit on that chin and jaw she has. Mr. Ed ass bitch.

  29. Fuck U

    I want to punch her in the fuckin face,
    everytime she makes that stupid fuckin airhead face. God! I hate that whore.
    I would fuck her, if I could kill her though.

  30. I'm so Vapid

    Douche Bags & Dildos UNITE! Kill that which has brought you SHAME! Yyyaaaawwwwnnnnn….. Who gives a shit???….Over it and them….Fish, I thought you were going to not put these two ass hats on here anymore!

  31. friendlyfires

    The day Playboy couldn’t sell a single copy of its magazine is upon us – what Jerry Falwell couldn’t do, Heidi Montag achieves in one strip.

  32. Mr. Randal sir

    Notice “Randy” didn’t say anything truly human like “what a nice ass”?
    The man is a machine I tell you.

  33. Cathy


  34. quake

    She won’t get naked. It’ll be hyped up and she’ll be wearing a bra or some shit.

  35. PostmortemG

    ´Christian´ my ass… but Je$u$ Chri$t, she has a great one. =D

  36. Dread not

    You just knew Heidi had a naughty side waiting to break out! I’m going to take sick pleasure in watching this devout Christian girl baring it all in Playboy. I always knew God was pimp!

  37. Funeral Guy

    This little fame whore is a complete idiot but I’d still like to see her cooch and her brown puckered asshole. If they don’t show the goodies, I’m not interested. Crappy bolt on titties are a dime a dozen.

  38. Truth Doctor

    Heidi is sexy as fuck, and smarter than 90% of the people who post comments here. That’s the truth.

  39. Donella

    Big chin is BIIIIIG

  40. Don

    Big chin is BIIIIIG

  41. Jenn

    WWJD? Not pose for Playboy that’s for sure.

  42. Robert

    I would enjoy jerking off into her mouth just to shut her up

  43. im very suprised that jesus is going to let her do this!!!

  44. g-money

    I’d pay money for her to keep her clothes on. What’s more shocking though, is that she is a ‘devout Christian’ and likes to flaunt that…I don’t see how this is Christ-like at all. She’s a pig.

  45. Ew Gross

    No way she is Christ-like… She gives Christians a BAD NAME. Not all are like her. That’s crap.

  46. H_Chick

    @ 38
    Funeral Guy you have to stop being so introverted and learn to express your true feelings! Stop holding back!

    @ 39
    Spew! Theres lunch hurled up – I think the smartest thing about her is her used tampons.

  47. kelly

    why am i not surprised? i bet you pornos are next, just because of that fact that her mouth is always wide fucking open and just .. eager and waiting. yick

  48. maxchain

    Yeah, well, remember when we found out Mariah Carey was going to be in Playboy and we all got our hopes up?…

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