Heidi Montag is a Girl Gone Wild

August 2nd, 2007 // 105 Comments

Heidi Montag, another person you’ve never heard of from MTV’s reality show The Hills, was spotted in her bikini trying to surf on some beach somewhere. Or something. Who cares? Does anybody care? Judging by the implants and Girls Gone Wild bikini I’d say her career is really taking off. This is it right here. This is the next big thing. Julia Roberts might as well quit the business now.


  1. HeidiMontag

    You are all jealous because I am Heidi and you are not. Most girls with a body as hot as mine are doing porn to pay the bills. I have brains too!

  2. adeliza

    I hate those fucking trucker sun glasses. That is only one of the heinous trends out there now. “10-4 Good buddy.” “Over and out!”

  3. sowiseguys

    you’re pathetic heidi. you sold your soul to mtv, stayed with douchebag mcgee, and lost a great friend over it.

    go kill yourself.

  4. joemorgan

    she needs her diaper changed… and I’m sure spencer is more than willing to change it for her… then bang her friend.

  5. Victor

    FUCK………today is boring……..No Frist, no Wet Eagle, nobody. This is turning to be a fucked up day.

  6. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    53, you say that as if she was some sort of person of worth before mtv. I hardly believe that to be the case.

  7. why are they stupid popups from this site?

    This site is giving me stupid popups for some dumb antivirus spam program. Thanks a lot ass!!

  8. norton

    It’s been rumored that she has some major beef curtians…. judging by the pics it sure looks like it.

  9. Splooge

    What’s with the repeated use of “beef curtains”?
    Beef = meat from a cow
    Curtains = a window covering
    Beef Curtains = cunt?

    Makes no sense to me.

  10. ipromisetoplaynicely

    I don’t know much about surfing, but doesn’t it require waves?

  11. norton

    @59 – Very large labia.

  12. So hot.

    Want to touch the heiny……..

  13. TS

    What a whore.

  14. Leslie

    attention whore

  15. she has such a great body. nice to see her and spencer toghether. i think she has the best body out of all the young girls in hollywood.

  16. Splooge

    Thanks 61 but I said it didn’t make sense, I didn’t say I didn’t know what it was.

  17. Whatever

    Her glasses are not big enough. She needs bigger glasses. What the fuck is wrong with this girl? Small glasses are out, big are in. The bigger the better. A girl’s sunglasses should cover her face, body, and cast a shadow across downtown. They should be so big they offset fucking global warming by bouncing the sun’s rays back into space. When a girl puts on her big glasses, night should fall on the rest of us. That’s how fucking big we want girl’s glasses.


  18. We-Le-Surrender....

    The guy fixated on her ass as he “teaches her to surf” is priceless…

    Can’t blame him though…

  19. charm

    you can tell he’s totally getting hard watching her take her shower. She reminds me of tori spelling.

  20. whatever

    The planetoid glasses and the fucking douche bag staring at her crotch aside, I really like these photos. I would tap that for sure!

  21. Me

    #65…she is stick-skinny with balloon boobs. That’s not a body type. That body does not occur in nature. If she didn’t have the implants, she would be so flat you could really notice how underweight she is and the Nicole type backlash would begin.

  22. Splooge

    This just in from 71. Of the 5 or 6 billion people in the world, there is not one who is stick-skinny but has large boobs.
    There are people who are nearly 8 feet tall, there are people who weigh 1000 lbs, there are people who have 95% of their body covered in hair, but there are no, repeat, no skinny people with large breasts.
    That is all, We now resume normal programming.

  23. Potsie

    #20, you’re my hero!

    I like pic #11. You can tell that she’s been in that position before.

  24. wanks

    i would tap that ass so many times in one day…..i sound like a dork i know

  25. Tellin It like it is

    Where is her supposed engagement ring?

  26. Umm… Fish?

    Did she call a press conference to attend this surfing lesson?

    If not, why are you on her case?

    Look, I like bikini girls as much as you do, but I’m not really sure why you need to rip on her to put her pics on the site.

  27. beps

    spencer is a tool and she’s even more of a dickhead for staying with him.

  28. I’m really starting to wonder why I didn’t watch “the Hills” more often. Oh that’s right, the show sucked.

    I did get the urge to pick up an Italian Beef sandwich for some reason.

  29. hard

    Why all the hatin’? This girl is SO friggin’ HOT! Look at that body! Why don’t we see more of her?

  30. @72 I am skinny with large breasts. Unfortunately. Smaller are much better!

  31. ErinBerens

    Who the hell rinses off like that?? She’s fug.

  32. suzi

    i dont know what’s classier, her bathing suit or star belly button ring. trash.

  33. Albaham Rinkon

    Dis has everything.
    - girl on all 4′s
    - showering
    - bikini
    - the best tit job I’ve seen in fours scores and 7 yeares
    - douchebag guy frolicing with such hotness

  34. minnimeme

    he totally has a boner in pic #15 & #16.

    and now so do i

  35. Sheva

    This chick looks great. And I’m not even into blondes.

  36. doesn’t she have to be drunk or drugged
    to be wearing a girls gone wild bikini?

  37. alisha

    I would love to have her body.

  38. I love those hills. Sick

  39. john

    yep i’d hit it hard couple times, but other than that there is nothing especial about her. now megan foxxx is a different story…..yumm

  40. Sheva

    Oh now you’ve done it. Megan Foxx, me———-OW. The Maxim cover is hotzsa.

  41. Kelly S

    ***team lauren***
    Heidi is brainwashed by that terd , so sad cause she used to be a cool person and a good friend. I she never met that loser her life would be better. Heidi stop being MANipulated.

  42. I think most people are tired of looking at her in another bikini. She needs another schtick.

  43. crazy otto

    I dont know who this chick is but I get a good feeling from her…….in my pants!!

  44. joe

    please never post anything about this girl ever again

  45. rebekka

    you forget to comment on her hot boyfriend, and when i mean hot, i meant evil gremlin leperchaun.

  46. heine

    Wow… I want to squeeze those tits all day and night.


  47. leatherdaddy

    #80. “thats what she said”.

  48. gerard Vandenberg

    Hi there Heidi Montag, let’s meet den nächsten dienstag?

  49. Amy

    That is Spencer her jerk-off of a boyfriend.

  50. allykitten85

    Attention whore. She’s 100% aware of the paparazzi taking her picture but she’s trying to pretend like she doesn’t notice them. Cuz yeah, girls really take showers like that. Throwing their head back with their mouth open in an orgasm-like sigh. It’s so staged it’s not even funny.

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