Heidi Montag is a Girl Gone Wild

August 2nd, 2007 // 105 Comments

Heidi Montag, another person you’ve never heard of from MTV’s reality show The Hills, was spotted in her bikini trying to surf on some beach somewhere. Or something. Who cares? Does anybody care? Judging by the implants and Girls Gone Wild bikini I’d say her career is really taking off. This is it right here. This is the next big thing. Julia Roberts might as well quit the business now.


  1. itsaugust


  2. Jaclynn

    Damnnn that’s a really good boobjob.

  3. itsaugust

    @3 u betcha!!!!

  4. boze

    nice tits. other than that…

  5. Thank God! Yet another bikini pic! I was beginning to jonezzzz for more!

  6. Mo-Tang

    yeah, I’d hit it…again that is…

  7. chickachickaboomboom

    Another nobody chick in her bikini????? This site is getting lamer by the minute…. go to perezhilton.com or tmz.com…. they post all of the real juicy gossip…. this site is going down the drain, quick.

  8. p911gt10c

    BOOOOOOORING. Another skinny blond chick with implants….must be a slow news day.

    I believe english rapper Sir Mix-a-lot said it best “Silicone parts are made for toys”

  9. terry

    I thin her boobs look amazing!! did you notice that 11th picture? the guy has his eyes fixated on her ass… haha… he was caught red-handed

  10. cosmo

    and in #13 hes staring right at her crotch

  11. LayDeeBug

    Who’s this slag and why should I care?

    Ya know, all the bikini pictures are beginning to blur into one image. They all look alike now. (Yawn!)

  12. Fat Albert

    This chic could use some protein.
    You know, it does not hurt to eat every now and then…
    Bonedar lug Zanna

  13. my comment

    yawn.. another bimb in a bathing suit.

    this is becoming a crushing bore.

  14. random dude

    So there’s this girl who lives down my street. Sometimes she puts on a bikini and lies out in the sun. She’s ok, not bad, nothing special. Maybe I should send in some pics.

    What’s a celebrity?

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    Fucking whippet.

  16. Victor

    #6 All Wet Eagle………can I ask one question? Why are you wet? And where are you wet at?

    Oh by the way this bitch in the bikini is too damn skinny, she needs some more meat.

  17. jus'stupid

    I miss messing with the stupid celebs. I really get no fun out of saying a chick in her bikini, simming/surfing/laying by the pool/or whatever is hot, fat, or other stupid crap. bring back the “dumbasses”.

    Can’t somebody in hollywood do something stupid. I know Nicole richie is doing something stupid. And Shitney is always stupid. Time to cathc them. Mel Gibson is more than likely drunk and stupid.

  18. gotmilk?

    uh 10, that’s her equally nobody-ish boyfriend.

    this whore is the biggest waste of space. you know she just spends all day looking at herself in the mirror contemplating getting even bigger boobs because her douche boyfriend tells her they’re not big enough. that’s probably why she’s starving herself too.

  19. Doomhammer

    Id bang that until her clit fell off. Then id stop and pick up her clit and put it in my pocket, and Id bang it some more.

  20. kristen

    nice boobjob…#8 i completely agree with you

  21. wedgeone

    #17 – You’re a VicTrolla! The REAL Vic would have first said that he’d drink this chick’s douche water before saying anything else.
    #20 – down with that, yo!
    When are all of these photos going to get put on the “So Freaking Hot” section of the home page so we won’t have to look at Lilo’s ugly mugshot & Brit’s beer belly anymore?

  22. combustion8

    the bolt-on’s look decent, I’ve seen much better.. looks like spencer has been hittin the roids.

  23. Dizzybenny

    what is it about a girl wairing a cowboy hat thats so goddam hot?!?
    and oh yes let’s not forget while wearing the bikini of course.
    she’s toght toght like a tiger(has Goldmember would say)

  24. Victor

    #22 Wedgeone, that was me. But I wouldn’t really drink this girl’s douche water. For some reason, I have a feeling that she has a nasty smelly pussy, and wouldn’t want my mouth anywhere near that.

    Plus she needs some meat on her body. I’ll take #6 Wet Eagle over this bitch any day.

  25. doomhammer

    Oh, I forgot to mention. Then I’d sell the clit on ebay for coke money.

  26. combustion8

    I guess none of you watch the hills on mtv (im forced to since the gf watches it (not that I complain the chicks are hot)) its a spin-off from laguna beach, which is were we live, anyway if you did you would know this guy Spencer is the biggest douche bag in existence.

  27. is he tryin to look up her arsehole in pic 11?

  28. ssdd

    Who IS she and WHY does she matter?…

    The only thing I learned about her was…………………….
    She likes to admire her own tits and she’s a mouth-breather like Blohan …

    These “reality show stars” just really think they are all that and then some!!!!!!!!!!! … LOL…

  29. Wonky

    Caption contest needed for pic #11…

    Is this chick 18? Can I legally hit it?

  30. fff

    Love how the implants soidified and turned rock hard. Fuckin gross bags. I’d totally sue my doctor or at least get a refund. When is she gonna do something about her face though? And how big is Spencers cock Heidi? I know if theres ever a tv personality that reads the fish it is Heidi Monutage. You are as fake as they come hon, just look at how your trying so hard not to notice the retards taking pix of you as you put on your best A-game. Superfich this is not a celeb, these 2 are like the un-famous version of Brit and k-fag. What do we care about these 2 losers?

  31. Shut Up!

    I’d hit it…

    So I guess she went through with the implants after all (or did we already know that…)?

  32. teddy

    how about a chin reduction next.

  33. RichPort

    When you bikini bottom literally sags off, it’s time to reconsider the tit purchase and time to get you some ass-plants.

  34. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    31, i think she already got a nose job…not that it helped her situation.

  35. jonnyblack

    Is it just me or is that guys face way too tiny for his head?

  36. letherdaddy

    damn fish, is it really that slow today. come on, wake up! atleast make the chick hot if shes going get her own colum.

  37. letherdaddy

    damn fish, is it really that slow today. come on, wake up! atleast make the chick hot if shes going get her own colum.

  38. whatever

    I’d hit it.

  39. Lowlands

    I see this guy is pleasantly surprised about her athletic abilities (photo 11 from the left).

  40. who’s that?!

  41. scavenger

    The nose job makes her chin look even bigger.

  42. whatever

    Is it just me…or is that guy just staring at her crotch in a couple photos?

  43. Crap Tonight

    Aaww, she’s taking a porn shower, – at least she knows which side her career is buttered

  44. ???third row ..1zt. pic..that guy zure iz enjoying hiz beaverzhot???

  45. Sauron

    The strange thing is i’m not surprised they’re taking a cold shower after the surfsession.

  46. ***

    this is one ugly diaper-bikini! plus the top and the bottom dont match.

  47. Tommy Mayo


  48. adeliza

    basically you can be a plain jane, pay for a boob job, and get famous?
    I think I need to cash in some of my 401-k, then I’ll be famous.
    Oh, wait, my boobs are big already, why am I not famous?

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