Heidi Montag is a ‘cheap’ whore, says fashion industry (I might’ve added the whore part)

In a glaring example the Apocalypse is at hand, The Hills is a hot commodity these days. Major fashion designers send thousands of dollars worth of clothing to Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. However, Heidi Montag is left out of this circle of love because, obviously, she has the public persona of a retarded hooker. Fox News reports:

One of Los Angeles’ leading fashion reps (who is often responsible for dressing the likes of Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Fergie and Carmen Electra) told Pop Tarts that Heidi’s public persona is a little too cheap even for casual (but classy) brands.
“They don’t want their stuff on Heidi, even despite the fact that she is very media-friendly and is photographed a lot,” the rep said. “It’s just not the caliber of celebrity most clients go for.”

Other celebrities of a higher caliber than Heidi Montag:

1. The guy on the Pringles can.
2. Ross Perot.
3. Remember the dude who’s getting a Dell?
4. Jon Stamos. (Marginally.)
5. The Phillie Phanatic.
6. Me. (I want free shit! Size: SEXY.)