Heidi Montag: ‘Can’t you see the sadness? In my butt.’

June 2nd, 2010 // 155 Comments

So the Heidi and Spencer split was officially scripted.

Here’s Heidi pretending to look sad in Malibu because I know when I’m upset nothing truly conveys that emotion like playfully pointing my ass at a camera. You can almost feel the melancholy. Also in the shots is Jennifer Bunney who’s starring in a new reality show with Heidi which is really what this entire thing has been about. Officially the premise is about Heidi trying to decide if she wants to stay married to Spencer while starting an acting career, but based on these photos, I’m going to assume it’s about a lesbian couple’s fear of water.

HEIDI: But what if it’s wet?
JENNIFER: But what if it’s… love?


  1. Sam

    Heidi is one hot piece of plastic.

  2. Dude

    She looks exactly like my Blow up doll

  3. How did Heidi Montag manage to move in with Lauren and afford luxuries during season one of The Hills?
    She is looking too smart and hot women.

  4. Darrin

    Is it wrong that i want to taste her?

  5. fuglipcheekmonster

    nah ..it ain’t wrong …
    as long as it has 2 legs & is walkin’ with a wig that’s good ehuf for you man !!!!

  6. Phil

    To hell with Heidi…who’s the HOT chick with her?

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  9. heehawtwat

    Heidi is gonna freak when she sees these photos! forehead is wrinking- more botox and her ass and thighs look big- more lipo or maybe she is just bloated and this is her ‘girl on her period get-up Barbie style. pink sweats instead of black

    PLEASE quit posting, this is so FAKE!

  10. Shilla

    please stop posting stuff about these fake idiots. you’re giving them exactly whatever they want.
    the same goes for Tilla

  11. norelco

    Someone should write a book called, “Fake Hollywood” and put a picture of this bizzo in the front cover in one fo these ridiculous staged photos that look like they belong in a stock photography site under: depressed white ho. On the inside they should put Spencer somewhere just to give him credit for creating this plastic thing.

  12. kat

    this is so fake it’s pathetic. it’s not even funny anymore. she just needs to kill herself. is she too stupid to realize her fake friend is only with her for 15 mins of fame? all these chicks are just vile.

  13. what is wrong with her

  14. A&F

    A&F clothes !

  15. Thanks to a very successful performance

  16. Beth

    This is like a fucking pantomime. I can’t believe she thinks it’s normal to live her life like this. She is going to lose her mind, seriously. How on earth you can survive when your whole life is a lie and you are acting for strangers on the other end of a camera? This is seriously fucked up. The best thing that could happen to this girl, and the many other just like her, is for everyone to ignore her so she had to face the reality of life like everyone else.

  17. turd da third

    the funbag flotilla still can’t act, never could act, it should just disappear of let Jesse James take a stab at those silicone castles…

  18. fugnut

    this is hilarious \! i just can’t believe they are so deluded & not know the whole world is laughing at them?
    would ANYONE in their right mind even consider either of them for ANYTHAANG?…
    so PRATT PRODUCTIONS last desperate grasp befo’ hardcore porn or snuff …
    she is a vapid disgusting person ..
    i thinkl people are flabbergasted at the ignorance , arrogance sense of entitlement for an absolute nobody …
    aside from an ugly spirit & ‘vibe’..
    she is clumsy , awkward , competitive, backstabbin’ , vulgar in foto’s with open snatch at every opportunity & out of all physical proportion ..
    an enormous head with no neck ..( notice she is always very careful to cover this up with hair )..
    the photoshopping is a joke !
    the legs are so short & tiny for the body that with the big head she looks like an alien in person ..
    the doctor should be shot for putting them implants in & making her face bigger …
    now a tremendous face on a little person AND with the knockers ..
    it’s MADAME BOZO !!!!
    brace yourselves people this is a trainwreck for realz in the making !!!!
    good riddance !

  19. Steve Mucus

    They took the time to do a single posed shot of the other chick just looking at the camera as well which just proves its all fake

  20. PACE51


  21. Dread not

    Heidi needs me to “console” out her… over and over and over again.

  22. the.one.hit.wonder.

    11. IDIOT
    17. IDIOT
    22. WTF. you’re a dumb fuck
    36. you are fucking NASTY. have fun with those STD you dirty fucking bastard
    47. haha yeah. i’m sure you are a FAT jets fan who hasn’t gotten really pussy since michael jackson was BLACK.
    81. now you, my friend, are ALSO a fucking idiot.
    and as for RANDAL. you are a complete fucking moron who i’m pretty sure has the same mental capacity as fucking Heidi.
    Heidi Montag is a nasty, slutty, PLASTIC, horribly poor excuse for an “actress.”
    I feel bad for the people who actually followed The Hills, her and Spencer, and now this BULLSHIT show. hahahaha can’t even beleive people watch this shit or care about her.
    get a life people.

  23. turd da third

    The only things I see in these pictures is a VACUUM……………………………

  24. lame

    I like how “ass shots” are part of her “sad face” photo shoot.

  25. sasha

    I bet she wrote dialogue to go with these pics.
    And now she calls herself a “script writer”.
    Sounds like something a couple of preteens do on a summer afternoon.
    Let’s put on a show. ‘
    Honey, even your mommy doesn’t want to watch.

  26. leah

    this girl is so desperate to be famous its pathetic. Heidi, please die…slowly

  27. I think she’d be great in a film, she’s more fantastical than the ridiculous over animated transformers, and as long as she didn’t have to act, which lets face it almost no one has to in modern hollywood films, she’d be fine.

  28. DumBitchPimP

    LOL this shit is so funny! I would fuck her dumbass to death, and then I would get started on that other 1…….and then come back to the beginning and start all over again……..gotta love dumb bitches :D

  29. Hey she looks beautiful than beauty, and i liked so much her pics, both are looking gorgeous in this images, and feel like seeing them kiss just thought.

  30. Shar

    Yeah, the first thing the average woman who’s “sad” after splitting up with her husband does is trot right out front and have a big damned photo shoot!
    I myself certainly enjoyed one immediately after my divorce hearing… Good Lord, you mean I’m not “normal”?
    Gimme a break, these two are both completely insane on so many different levels that they’re almost not even amusing anymore!

  31. Fame Disbeliever

    Yeah I can really relate to this pics because I always get super made up and put on my matching sweat suit when I am lamenting.

  32. K

    the title + photo has me cracking up!

  33. Tom Bon Jovi

    I’ve never seen acting that good! She’s amazing.

  34. spediwasteofspace

    I swear to GOD, if we were allowed just one “get out of hell free card,” I would push this hooker in front of an 18 wheeler faster than she can get her next boob job…

  35. DjCorbijn

    Maybe she’s sad because her ass got big? Photo 19: “Look at my ass?! It keeps getting bigger! Why?!!!”

  36. bee

    Uh, what’s going on with the nose in #20? Doesn’t look quite right

  37. not go !
    come baby, like me..

  38. D’awwww paralyzed sad face is paralyzed and sad. :(
    I like how this almost seems chronologically correct. Sad panda to “Don’t worry doggies I can still make a video with you!” to.. “Hey I’m over him..don’t I have a nice ass?!”

  39. Yeah freak show! :D

  40. Angry Dude

    Heidi: “4+2=……dang….I know this…what is this so hard…..?”
    Heidi’s Shoes “6 you idiot, even I know that!!!!!OMG WTF”

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  43. what makes me laugh is that she claims to be a devout christian.

    oh riiiight. so THAT’s why you’ve made yourself into a porn star. because thats what jesus wants!

  44. Therese

    she doesnt look sad enough… is there a plastic surgery for that?

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