Heidi Montag: ‘Can’t you see the sadness? In my butt.’

June 2nd, 2010 // 155 Comments

So the Heidi and Spencer split was officially scripted.

Here’s Heidi pretending to look sad in Malibu because I know when I’m upset nothing truly conveys that emotion like playfully pointing my ass at a camera. You can almost feel the melancholy. Also in the shots is Jennifer Bunney who’s starring in a new reality show with Heidi which is really what this entire thing has been about. Officially the premise is about Heidi trying to decide if she wants to stay married to Spencer while starting an acting career, but based on these photos, I’m going to assume it’s about a lesbian couple’s fear of water.

HEIDI: But what if it’s wet?
JENNIFER: But what if it’s… love?


  1. Lauren

    Just realised that she is dressed exactly the way Amy Poehler dressed in Mean Girls, when she was taking the piss out of stupid, plastic hollywood bimbos.

    UGHH. Idiots with money..

  2. Molly

    Oh god, the music! I love it.

  3. HeyHey

    This is all yet another bullshit PR stunt. Only an idiot would fall for anything that comes out of their mouths.

  4. dude

    ummmmm…..is someone disparaging Randal? He’s our hero.

  5. Well, I like the big ass. Does it count? :)

  6. Jenn

    I wonder if someone should tell her those sweats make her butt look huge. She could probably use some lipo.

  7. Trick

    I thought this chick was ditching Spencer because she was tired of the staged photo-op’s?

    So why is she doing yet another stage photo op???

  8. bar room hero


    I know, what a douchette. I think she has been heavily mind controlled/ abused in some way. All of the PS has made her look like a tranny…the slag is definitely not in right mind.

  9. Marissa

    heidi is so fake, these photos are posed!!!

  10. Jen

    she could probably make a more sad face, if she could actually move her face muscles.

  11. arealcad

    There’s no way in the world Heidi could possibly do porn. She’s just not physically able to withstand the onslaught.
    Women porn stars are between 18-25, she’s nearly too old, and she has to be in excellent physical condition – flexible, agile and rock-hard – to withstand the punishing pile-driving banging of one or more guys that weigh twice as much as she does for over 2-3 hours.

    Plus, she’d freak out the moment some guy started spewing his baby batter all over her plastic orbs and face.

  12. Grizz

    she is hard to look at… yikes

    that other chick looks like shit with that bad blonde job

  13. MikeInNoCal

    Well now I hope people realize why 99% of people go on reality shows in the first place, it is because they think they are actors and that “insert show here” is their first big break. Don’t be fooled by whatever the reality show is about, those people are on there because they probably auditioned for a bunch of real tv shows and/or movies but were told to “try that show instead”

    Now, some reality stars are realistic about it, and realize they will never actually be an actor/actress, but then there are ones like Heidi, who thinks he is just about to get a big break….hahahahahha

  14. What an attention whore

    I SO hate this disgusting attention whore. Well, for me, I don’t believe a thing she will ever say. She’s the boy who cried wolf; well, if the boy had attention deficeit disorder, huge fake tits, 10 plastic surgeries & no brains…

  15. Jimmy

    My sister’s Barbie doll had more personality than this empty headed twit! Also, the Barbie doll’s sandals had clean soles. Heidi Montag is so classless!

  16. sussquahanna hatty

    he could go postal. she could go plath.

  17. queensupreme

    Reg Dunlap said:
    How about stuffing this stupid cunt into the leaking oil pipe in the Gulf?

    Anonymous said:
    Reg Dunlap, you are my new hero.

    queensupreme said:
    OMFG. Perfect. Heidi Montag as the silicon plug that saves the seven seas. Do it, Heidi! Give yourself up for your country, you bible thumping “conservative” patriot, you.

  18. josh

    I wonder how she actually behaves once the camera is turned off. What could possibly go through her mind ? This could be an interesting subject for a thesis.

  19. Dude

    Why the long face??


    That ASS of hers I’d plug in a heartbeat, no questions asked. But for a whirlwind time together, gotta dump HEIDI ’cause that b&w dog and I have a lot in common! At least the dog would carry a far more interesting conversation. I pray, though, HEIDI doesn’t have any ideas of a boobie job on the dog!

  21. SO RIGHT

    #69 HILARIOUS!!!

  22. marie

    stupid attention-whore barbie look-a-like frozen b*tch!

  23. Rhialto

    Aren’t there any Danielle Steel movie roles for this girl?

  24. buzzkill

    The other skank in pink is Jen Bunney. She was a minor character on The Hills. She is only good for cheating with your boyfriend on you, pushing out her skinny lips to look sexy, and not much else….

  25. HRH Adam

    So painfully bloody contrived… .the second shot is the best… they could’ve had a normal conversation to look a tad more natural. .this is fucked

  26. BC

    So Heidi is going to looking for every piece of man meat she can get now. She is going to slut it out big time, then probably overdose.

  27. Marcus

    I’ll take the two, please.

  28. DogBoy

    Wow! Such emotion.. hardly looks posed at all.

  29. KAT

    Every one in the industry knows the photos are setups and Heidi gets PAID from PCN to pose for those shots. Nothing is real except the $$$$.

  30. PB

    Congrats on your amazing use of multimedia. You should be a writer on some crappy show.

  31. Count Von Stickyteeth

    I find Heidi to be a fascinating specimen. The fact that 79 people have something to say about her says alot about the nature of fame in the current age. She looks bizarre but i find i can’t take my eyes off her. Maybe she is the perfect cyborg for our generation.

    I think she’d be great in a film, she’s more fantastical than the ridiculous over animated transformers, and as long as she didn’t have to act, which lets face it almost no one has to in modern hollywood films, she’d be fine.

    Not sure about porn though – although i’m sure all that augmentation would make her able to withstand the strain.

  32. Jack Mehoff

    I’d bang them both….and the dogs could watch if they want.

  33. Well, she looks exactly like Amy Poehler (AKA Faketits McCool-Mom) in Mean Girls.

    I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

  34. joho777

    Does Heidi think she is auditioning for something?

    If I’m not mistaken, Heidi is portraying “sincere sadness” just like she learned from her mailorder acting course.

  35. Diggy

    Obama’s fault as well.

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  37. Andrew

    I want to punch her in the face.

  38. Borat

    Never saw sad Barbie doll before. If she cry her tears must be better than gypsy tears!

    Fuck these gypsies Katherine Heigl and Ashole Kutcher, they are new jew virus on computer.

  39. Speed Racer

    I can’t believe she lets her photographer take shots that make her butt and legs look so big! This has happened on other shoots as well. In other shots she looks good. She needs to hire a better photographer.

  40. you are immersed in one of his crazy adventures, is a romance comedy / drama See Godfather.


  42. biff

    tampon string pink camel toe?

  43. heidi stop trying to be famous. get a job at a fast food resturant instead

    she looks like a frankenstien face woman. heidi, you should get a job at BIG LOT or OSH! stop trying to be a celebrity. it will take you 10 years before you develope the talent to be a celebrity and by then you will be too old for it. you will only be able to get a job at mcdonalds or del taco baby, maybe taco bell, but taco bell is for rich people. maybe wendy’s

  44. captain america

    americans smell & see her TURD?

  45. datroof

    Well, in her defense, she does have a nice ass.

    And the other chick is strangely alluring. For some reason, the first thought that popped into my head when I saw here was “Marsha Brady all grown up”. (Unfortunately, she will soon ruin her allure by implanting two ceramic mixing bowls under her chest skin. It’s inevitable.)

    Of course, they both look as dumb two lobotomized chimps. Yes, they each look as dumb as two brain-dead monkeys. For a total of 4 monkeys incapable of even survival-grade, flight-or-fight level thought.

    And that’s a lot of dumb.

  46. Mike

    the advertising on this website makes my computer slow, and it’s stating to piss me off!

  47. Bart

    Mmm, yeah, well…The forced expression on her face means either of three things: she’s only pretending to be sad because happy to be rid of him or it’s a publicity stunt for her next TV show, or she really is sad but she’s had too much cosmetic surgery for her face to frown.

  48. oho nice looking pinks girls
    so cute looking and boobs food,,

  49. VengenceOfJesus

    The fucking ads on this site have gotten fucking obnoxious.

    I wasn’t planning on seeing that stupid fucking movie. But now I’m going to go out of my way to NEVER see it. And to download torrents of other movies that fucking studio put out instead of paying to see them.

    Fuck you fish. Fuck your ad-ridden site. It’s not even that funny anymore. You’re slacking. Nowadays, half the time you’re basically just posting staged photo-op sets of fame whores and repeating the same tired jokes.

    DIAF you lazy fucking greedhead.

  50. All i got 2 say is ,, they would do anything for fame,, what a shame….. the higher you are, the harder you fall !!!!!!

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