Heidi Montag: ‘Can’t you see the sadness? In my butt.’

June 2nd, 2010 // 155 Comments

So the Heidi and Spencer split was officially scripted.

Here’s Heidi pretending to look sad in Malibu because I know when I’m upset nothing truly conveys that emotion like playfully pointing my ass at a camera. You can almost feel the melancholy. Also in the shots is Jennifer Bunney who’s starring in a new reality show with Heidi which is really what this entire thing has been about. Officially the premise is about Heidi trying to decide if she wants to stay married to Spencer while starting an acting career, but based on these photos, I’m going to assume it’s about a lesbian couple’s fear of water.

HEIDI: But what if it’s wet?
JENNIFER: But what if it’s… love?


  1. John

    who’s the one in the dark pink?

  2. the thrill

    first beotch

  3. John

    nevermind… should’ve just said first. Go away please Heidi

  4. Christina

    What the hell is going on…..

  5. Tyler

    Did she always have that big of an ass or is that fake too?

  6. e

    i thought she was dead?

  7. Badger Bob

    The picture with the two of them next to the reflecting pool is an excellent shot.

    I’m sad that she isn’t really leaving Spencer. It would have surprised me if this bleached famewhore actually had enough brainpower to leave that albatross.

  8. pimp

    bleached asshole for breakfast anyone?…

  9. Great, just what the world needs. Another douchie reality show that revolves around morons.

  10. no no no

    bitch couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag with dick-scissors in her hands. CLAPBOARD DICK SCISSORS.

  11. William Antrim

    I pray the Lord will ease Heidi’s pain. Break ups are so stressful….be strong…Montag….be strong..

  12. Cardinal Fang

    I could make her butt happy. Love to sandwich with those two

  13. George

    Fake ass, fake boobs, fake cheeks, fake lips, and now fake SADNESS. Unbelievable.
    Please die once.

  14. FrankNfrtr

    Please don’t post any more on this pathetic mentally ill fame whore until she dies or does hard core porn. Thank U, that is all.

  15. Tek

    I told you it was fake…

  16. MR. T

    The only thing more Lame then these fake ass pics of a sad Heidicunt is the lame ass advertising for this new Ashton Kutcher film.

    Tells his wife while they are being shot at and chased through traffic
    “I am a spy for the CIA and I have a license kill people”
    Wife says “oh no! now I will be part of the scary hillariousness”
    How original is this movie going to be huh? Wow…a good looking guy is an undercover spy and his wife doesn’t know and now she is sucked into one of his crazy adventures so it has it all…drama…comedy….romance…. Look out Godfather…..your about to be knocked off as the best movie ever..

    pick one more goddamn CIA/SPY ROM-COM not only should people never watch any other films you make after, you should be shipped to Russia where you have to make movies there and India for the NEXT TEN YEARS!!!

  17. horny heterosexual type, no gender given

    Girl is fucking HOT!

  18. Max Planck

    Cut out the Twinkies Heidi.

    You’re looking kind of KardASSian.

  19. Reg Dunlap

    How about stuffing this stupid cunt into the leaking oil pipe in the Gulf?

  20. Anonymous

    Reg Dunlap, you are my new hero.

  21. Rodham

    Freak show.

  22. Randal

    Dear Heidi,

    as your beauty becomes more goddess-like, chiseled and inspirational to us mere mortals, your intellect grows as well–a fact clearly documented by your devotion to holistic healing.

    May all of your days be as bright as the light that shines in our hearts, ignited by your virtue!


  23. Kal Trate

    Why is she wearing pancakes as shoes!?!!?!?

  24. Inmate #2648927

    Oh shit.

    Randal is back.

  25. Splooge Jr

    How can we get this girl to do a bukakke movie?

  26. SO RIGHT

    Love Randal. Hate seeing the bottom of Heidi’s filthy shoes though.

  27. Deacon Jones

    Hey, look!

    It’s a slightly less uglier Brooke Hogan lookalike!

    That’s right cunt, you look like Brooke Hogan.

  28. fugtrip

    hellooooooooooo ron jeremy !
    vapid slanderous slimeballs are filming …
    could her twat be any closer to the ground ???
    teeny lil’ legs ewwwwwwwwwwwww…
    big ass head lawwwwwd !

  29. hateyoufornoreason

    She really should be mortified at what a fool she is making of herself in these shots. She looks a bit hippy in those sweats, too. Perhaps she has found food a comfort in these dark days.

  30. Champ

    Thanks – I didnt think I could possibly hate this vapid cunt any more than I already do…

  31. Kelley

    #5 … duh, they’re ass implants. And #14 ? I’m with you.

  32. JAV

    Pic 17

    HEIDI: Hes gay and im an inflatable doll… Its just not meant to be!!

  33. Big J

    Ah, the future looks bright! MTV is so desperate for ratings and have no new original ideas! Hey! Here’s a thought! HOW ABOUT YOU START PLAYING MUSIC VIDEOS LIKE YOU USED TO! Oh wait, that’s what MTV2 is for… Good job MTV! You have created the first walking wax statue!

  34. ginger

    these chicks are totally bizarre.

  35. Jen

    she’s a fucking idiot.

  36. P.P. Douglas

    Wow, those feet are divine, could suck those toes all day.

  37. ginger

    was picture 3 suppose to be super artistic and dramatic with the reflection of sadness in the pool?

    umm….it’s not.

    it’s rather trite and completely retarded…. and totally embarrassing to look at.

    heidi makes me cringe.

  38. AZrock

    are you fucking serious?

  39. Candy

    There is something cute on this photos, the dogs.

  40. gross

    anyone leaving comments about wanting to have sex with either of these chicks… especially heidi…

    you need professional help.

    this girl would be as fun in bed as a dead fish.

  41. Decoy

    The one in the dark pinks feet are sexy as fuck.

  42. yuk

    Randal, I mean SPENCER, you suck, go check yourself in to a mental facility. That way you can live in your fantasy world in private. Nobody wants to hear about it.

  43. Jack

    At the exact same time but in a different location, Spencer was also presenting his ass.

  44. Oh, I get it — it’s a joke, right?

  45. duck butter

    Heidi is starting to look like this guy, with that face of hers. I feel bad for her. She actually was prettier before all that surgery.


  46. nadine

    Enough with that fake bitch already!!!


    I WANT!!!!! to be in her!……I THINK! this chick is killer hot……fake or not! I’ll enjoy banging her hard! like a PORNSTAR!……..just do PORN!!!! Heidi!! PLEASE!

  48. ClassyDirtyChick

    haha! :@43

    yes, lets see what expression she has when shes taking it royaly up the ass.

  49. jen

    so funny!!!! its about as emotionally loaded as a cheesy 70′s comic. in fact, she does slightly look like tintin.

  50. Lauren

    I am aware that we all come here to read up on/laugh/make fun of these hollywood idiots- especially when they are of the same calibre of idiocy as Heidi- however there are some people who are so annoying we DON’T want to hear about them.. such as Heidi.

    Can we do without feeding her ego & ‘fame’ please?

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