Heidi Montag has lunch with John McCain’s daughter

July 16th, 2008 // 131 Comments

And it’s time to expatriate. Apparently, Heidi Montag is a political force worthy of entertaining lunch with John McCain’s daughter Meghan. The two met yesterday at the Ivy where Meghan tried her best to wish herself into her cell phone. I’m pretty sure, when her father loses in November, his campaign manager will point to these photos and say: “There. Right there. When Jugs Chinsterton smiles directly into the camera. That’s the moment we were fucked. Well, that and the fact that, dude, you are old. Tell me a story about living with dinosaurs.”


  1. frist


  2. Rene

    Just another reason not to vote McCain.

  3. Rome

    I can’t decide who’s uglier. Damn. That’s a toughie.

  4. Racer X


    /enjoy your $4.75 per gallon gas
    //anyone who makes less than $100,000 a year and Republican is a moron

  5. hendero

    wow, Meghan looks like she spent 4 1/2 years strung up in a Vietnamese POW camp, just like her dear old dad.

    And Heidi should be sentenced to 4 1/2 years.

  6. both blonde……………………………………………………………………….BUT DUMB!!!
    ……………………………………you won’t believe!!

  7. lara

    I have been trying really hard to stay loyal to the republican party (you know after all the fuck ups). But now this? I can’t take this! That is abuse.I had enouth.

  8. Onyx Blackman

    I thought that trick was supposed to be from Arizona. I’ve seen better tans on a glass of milk.

  9. @4 – You are a fucking idiot if you think republicans are responsible for the gas prices. You ought to educate yourself before posting such absurdities moron.

  10. BigJoe

    Meghan’s hot!!! And gas was around 2.75 cents cheaper before democrats took control of the house and senate. And to Hendero…go fuck your mother. Don’t knock a man for having served his country…at least he’s not an uppity nig…

  11. rebecc

    she looks like a fat lindsay lohan

  12. hendero

    Yo, BigJoe, what-up bro? Maybe you should get yourself an education before going on the internet. Then you’d be able to understand that my previous post wasn’t knocking John McCain. Just his ugly, mishapen daughter.

  13. hey #9, i thought republicans didn’t read the superficial. shouldn’t you be off somewhere slashing social programs and raising the price of gas? bah. back to these two…what’s the big deal about heidi getting into politics. she’s probably got more brain cells in those fake boobs of hers than GWB has in his whole noggin.

  14. His daughter is built like a linebacker, thankfully her Dad won’t be in the White House if America has any sense at all.

    #10 – racism, such a lovely thing. Gee, what a surprise you stick up for conservative republicans. Please go kill yourself now. Maybe you and #9 should go ahead and both come out of the closet and marry each other. The sexual tension between you two is strong enough to cut with a knife.

  15. these girls are bubbling idiots.

  16. clap clap #14. couldn’t have said it better.

  17. kk

    another reason not to vote for mccain. he has a swamp for brains and so does everyone surrounding him. what a blob

  18. Zed

    What 16 said.

    = D

    I’d tap both of them.

  19. people just need to stop taking pictures of fucking heidi montag, America’s Most Irritating Non-Celebrity. i want to drown myself in a tub for even knowing her last name and spending the last 40 seconds of this fine wednesday thinking about her.

  20. @13 – what gave you that impression? Let me guess, you just used your “noggin” to come to that conclusion? Like everything else in your little bleeding heart world, you were wrong. Shouldnt you be at a PETA or Barack Osama meeting somewhere?

    @14 – dont be mad because your 3 yr old daughter made your lame ass website and you cant figure out how to update it. BTW, gas was $1.75 before the Dems controlled congress. Now get back to your Windows 95 online course and learn some DOS. You need to be prepared for the future.

  21. A McCain with tits is no more attractive than a McCain without tits…

    So… now the new attack line is that the spineless Dems have done more to raise gas prices in less than two years than the administration’s war mongering and proliferation of fear for almost 8 years? (Someone got mugged in Nigeria! That could stop the flow of oil! Hugo Chavez was democratically elected! That could stop the flow of oil! Make something up about Iran! That could stop the flow of oil!)

    Yeah, I guess I see your point… burn Pelosi and Reid at the stake (covered in oil, of course)… but only if we get to put it on pay per view.

  22. Que

    Que vapid.

  23. zegabe

    seing politics discussed here is a total riot!!

    more please: more in depth analysis from the intellectual elite!!

  24. Racer X

    #9 My bad: DynCorp, Halliburton, Bechtel, Big Oil, and Armament are ALL WAR PROFITTING COMPANIES FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO MAKE MONEY. Now old ass McBush wants to picks up where Bushco leaves office.

    /go educate yourself, loser.

  25. Barak from the New Yorker.

    I want to surge in her.

  26. #20 – Wow, that was almost…………funny. If you really blame high gas prices on an almost evenly split Congress then you really should not be allowed to ever vote (or breed). Oh, even my 3 yr old daughter knows you are a racist moron. Please go back to your “nogays” website you have linked as I’m sure you try very hard to put up a good image so no one will know about your gay fantasies.

  27. #20 – you really are such a raging idiot. “barack osama”? really cute, did you just hear that for the first time? why don’t you get the fat out of here and go post on redneck weekly where people actually share your thoughts. or should i say ‘thought’. and by the way, i had a salisbury steak for breakfast. and i’ll have YOU for lunch. hahahahahahaAHAHAHAH.

  28. Lola

    This girl is so fucking full of herself…. She really thinks she’s an actress and some kind of icon…. Who the hell wears an dress like this to lunch? Heidi, stop wasting money on plastic surgery, get you some Proactiv for all those bumps on your forehead you plastic flammable whore…. Shit, I would honestly rather put up with both Paris, Nicole, Britney AND Lindsey than one second with this nobody….
    John McCain has his daughter to thank for ruining his chances of EVER winning anything

  29. ph7

    McCain’s daughter is a fatty with an embarassing dye job (like her mom)

  30. Tucker

    Yeah, McCain’s daughter is ugly. If only she was as beautiful as Chelsea Clinton…..

    Face it, Republicans are inherently better looking than Democrats.

  31. @24 – wow, good one, your regurgitated talking points have me. You win. I give up.

    @26 & 27 – did you guys forget to take your meds today? absolute babble and incoherence.

  32. “Face it, Republicans are inherently better looking than Democrats. ”

    That might possibly be the dumbest thing ever posted in the history of thesuperficial.com. Congrats Tucker! You win #20′s white pointey hat as a prize.

  33. I wonder if McCain ever wonders if his suffering for nearly five years was worth spawning a hideous bitch? I mean, I guess you could argue it either way…

  34. havoc

    I like the 4th photo.

    Its so spontaneous……


  35. Well, McCain did dump his wife upon return because she had been in an accident and was disfigured so at least that was honorable of him. Oh, that was after he cheated on her before dumping her. I wouldn’t say McCain’s daughter is hideous, she will be a heifer when she gets older but she’s still someone you’d probably let blow you at closing time at the bar.

    #31 – I’m surprised you can spell “incoherence” as you seem a little bit retarded. Good for you for learning a new word! Now, go back to bed, your boyfriend is lonely watching Fox News and sending Dubya love letters all by himself.

  36. j

    people… you do understand the congress (who is ran by democrats) is the REASON why gas prices are so high. it’s amazing to me how stupid my generation is. if everyone was a democrat we would be a communist country you morons! here’s hoping mccain wins… b/c if not we get to look forward to “free” health care where we have to wait months or maybe even years before we get the right care, rising gas prices, and a pissed off military!

  37. paul

    Why is everyone arguing politics on this site? Arguing politics is like arguing religion. You’ll never come to any kind of point, and nothing will ever be solved, so don’t waste your time.

    With that said, yeah, I find it funny/sad/annoying when Heidi poses for the paparazzi. John McCain’s daughter isn’t really ugly, but she has bad fashion sense, and looks like she would be annoying to have to talk to.

    Have a nice day everyone!

  38. #36 – Actually, no, I don’t understand. Can you shed some light on that for us, since you seem to have expert insight? What exactly have they done in the last 20 months to double the price of gas? Please, explain.

    #37 – I agree with you completely, but what is one supposed to do on a Heidi post? Talk about her?

  39. #36 – please allow me to give you a quick lesson in civics because obviously they did not teach it to the “slow” class you were in.

    Congress is not the reason the price of oil has skyrocketed. The main factor is increasing demand (mainly by China) and also the problems caused by Dubya’s little war in the Middle East. Also, while the Dems enjoy a very slim margin in Congress we still have a Republican President so there is not enough votes to veto things he wants.

    Now, just some common sense. Intelligent people are usually conservative on some issues and liberal on others. Very few people are completely in line with their party lines. Usually only those who aren’t smart enough to think for themselves will vote a straight-ticket during an election. I vote for Dems & Republicans – it depends on the person and where they stand. I’m sure you have a very blank face while attempting to understand what I’ve written here as it is probably above your inbred IQ level. Saying we would be a communist country if Dems ran things just goes to show your parents were probably 1st cousins. Please spend some time working on your education before attempting to post. Thank you.

  40. twin bushes

    She’s still better than those pig-nosed Bush lushes

  41. BigJoe

    Hey #38…John Kerry is quoted as saying that as democrats “we should systematically try to get gas to $5/gallon…” You know who else said that? UBL..who said “if gas prices get to $5/gallon, it will destroy America’s economy.” And who has a lower approval rating then Bush??? The House and the Senate, which are both controlled by Democrats.

  42. Wallstreet Widow

    I encourage all of you not to vote. You really don’ t understand. No one does.

  43. I hear W used to get fucking plastered all the time, I mean fall down vomit drunk. Well because his dad was so well connected he’d walk into a bar with his private security and say in his best Roswell voice “Take me to your liter” as he chucked boyishly and pointed to the bottom shelf whiskey.

  44. Racer X

    #36 “”Free” health care where we have to wait months or maybe even years before we get the right care.”


    /I lol’d

  45. silverdollar

    why the fuck do people carry suitcases as purses?

    how much shit can you need with you in one day?

  46. sharpeidude

    I’ll bet lunch with this maniquin is way worse than any VC prison camp stay. I can just imagine the mental torture Mehgan had to endure while “Plastic Woman” went on and on about herself between mouthfulls of salad.

    “….the horror.”

  47. Ted from LA

    #4 Racer X,
    Loved you in Speed Racer. I make over $100,000 a year and still think anyone who is a Republican is a moron. McCain’s has a 17 year-old daughter? Who’s the father?

  48. kit kitten

    i hate heidi’s simpering poses. god she is stomach turning. as for mc cain’s daughter, i dunno … looks like a linebacker to me. what a weird pair.

  49. A

    You guys are funny. I agree, there’s no use in arguing politics. People are just not going to agree and that’s the bottom line. Everyone has an opinion and thanks to the first amendment we are free to speak it!

    I do agree that Heidi is lame. She is always all up in the camera. Why are we taking pictures of her again? I don’t even watch TV so I wouldn’t know. And what’s with the dress for lunch?

    I don’t think McCain’s daugher is fatl I guess you guys just think that anyone who doesn’t starve themselves and weigh 90 pounds must be a fat cow, huh?

  50. This is only going to make everyone vote for Lauren. I mean Obama.

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