Heidi Montag has cones and other news

May 24th, 2010 // 43 Comments

- Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears in How the Fuck is this a News Story? [PopEater]

- Paul Gray of Slipknot found dead at 38 yet Simon Monjack still walks among – oh, right. [Huffington Post]

- Kim Kardashian compared to the Alien at the end of Spaceballs. Genius. [Dlisted]

- Charlotte Gainsbourg > Kate Beckinsale. [Lainey Gossip]

- Salma Hayek still has Cannes. PUNS! PUNS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE! [HollywoodTuna]

- Janet Jackson is see-throughy. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Megan Who? [Popoholic]

- Jesse James wanted to get caught. Okay, maybe not with the tattooed Nazi chick, but definitely with those other ones nobody even remembers. (Was one a rodeo clown?) [The Fab Life]

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  1. cjsummertime

    seriously are Heidi and Spenser for real or is it an act because if it’s not an act, he is a FULL blown NUT CASE – get the kid some help STAT. And Heidi must have the lowest self esteem ever. She wants H for Heidi? she can hardly walk with our face planting into the sidewalk with F. skip G and go to H? Crazy folks in la la land.

  2. mupp

    Paul Gray is dead?!?….fuck……Now it’s the 16 legged hate machine :(

    See you in metal heaven Paul.

  3. cc

    Heidi’s life, I suspect, will come to an abrupt conclusion in not too many years. No one with that many issues about themselves lives a long and happy life. Becoming ‘famous’ was the worst thing to happen to her.

    Apart from the time I went down on her and she came so hard she cracked her teeth. That was worse.

  4. elle

    so tired of this whore… when will she get her own pornography.

  5. elle

    so tired of this whore… when will she get her own pornography.

  6. PabloHoney

    What ever happened to that time you promised to stop posting about this talentless, stupid famewhore and her closeted “husband”?

    It’s like you gave a three year-old a puppy, then ran it over with an ’81 Trans Am, and bring it out every few days to take a dump on the rotting corpse.

    And I am that three year-old.

  7. pimp

    bleached asshole…yum…

  8. Homer

    Picture 8 is giving me a woody.

  9. jubjub

    Bitch needs more surgery and bigger boobs; right now, she still is doable; I want to see just how freakish and undoable she can become before she dies from an overdose of pills.

  10. Katja

    Good lord. Why god? WHY! these two are fuckin losers, heidi should have learned something was wrong when her mom called her ugly becuase of her gross 10 surgies! she need s a HUGE reality check!

  11. me again

    ugh…….go away barbi. go melt in the sun

  12. yowillie

    Yes she does…..

  13. chupacabra

    does she have any idea how mentally unfuckable and unattractive she is now? I mean, really. I feel like it needs to be locked in the philosophy section of a library for 25 years, or beaten about the head and shoulders with a copy of “The Will to Power.”

  14. GiRL

    This is just foul.

    And wtf, she used to dress cute and now she wears close that accentuate her bimbo surgeries. Degenerate.

  15. GiRL

    This is just foul.

    And wtf, she used to dress cute and now she wears **clothes** that accentuate her bimbo surgeries. Degenerate.

  16. Tek

    Dude… CoCo and Heidi on the same day? Are we back to the tranny trend?

    - God damn Kim looks like Michael Jackson. EPIC FAIL!
    - Charlotte who? LMFAO! That old hag is a mess!
    - Salma > your favorite.

  17. LauraAnne

    Ewwwww! Look at her face in the last pic!! I zoomed in, & it’s quite hideous! I’m the same age and I’d cry if I looked like that! like a tranny and OLD (for 23!!)!

  18. captain america

    well, there isn’t a country on this globe where being in the limelights can be so damn easy.
    the country? The United States!!!

  19. josh

    Useless idiot. She looks older now, she wasted herself.

  20. Picture 8 is giving me a woody.

  21. Kelly

    Talk about HOT.
    Plastic or not- GORGEOUS!

  22. Distiller

    Hm. 23? Visually late 20′s I’d say. But still looking gorgeous in a way.
    C’mon! Every guy who isn’t looking at her a little longer is gay!

    Other question: What is the point of carrying an oversized Hermes purse to the ice cream joint?? Hope it’s real and not one of those from China …

  23. bamboozled

    gay ?!!!!!!!??
    you must be gay buddy if you imagine a plastic horse face is ‘hot ‘ ..
    her legs are way too short for her body & the doc made a naturally longish but still pretty face full of cheek implants which make her face enormous now ..
    her head is too big for her body ..
    the doctor should be sued for malpractice !
    she looks insane & that’s why you only see the same few ‘shopped foto’s making the rounds & NOT pap’ shots ..
    ‘speidi’ sends their OWN foto’s to the media ..
    are you crazy ? get a grip ..
    just because it has 2 legs a wig and plastic implants & is still walkin don’t mean it’s doable ..
    won’t even begin on the personality & vapid slandering narcissism ..
    acting? their families want nothing to do with either of them ..
    i doubt both families are acting too , don’t you?
    i doubt some cowboys out in colorado are in on the joke or is it okay now to call someones mother a ‘vagina’ ..
    no buddy they ain’t actin’ unfortunately ..
    this is a TRAINWRECK in the making & it ain’t hot by any means ..
    you gotta be the only (supposed) male aside from spencer on this whole planet who thinks she’s hot …
    it’s YOU who’s gay ..
    just like the doc’ that butchered her ..
    hopefully the 2 slimeballs will sue the crap outta him now that they are broke
    (such great acting but they can’t ‘gets’ a job).
    what a joke !

  24. lizzie

    wow that’s odd with the cheapo bag they must be broke .

  25. captain america

    when you totally fail in life: BUY AN ICE CREAM, folks!!

  26. Jack Mehoff

    She can lick my cone anytime.

  27. Christina G.

    Spenser is looking like a lobster fisherman these days.

  28. lol @ tranny trend :)

  29. Jonny cash

    Shes looks kinda fat now.

    i don’t like her fat..take her back ………………….more surgeries

  30. Deacon Jones

    Get that bitch off that car.

    I’m surprised cheap, chrome wheel covers and a puerto rican mini-flag on the rearview mirror didnt instantly appear on that car from her touching it.

  31. cc

    Okay, I confess, pic 5 makes me think about fellatio.

  32. Matrim

    Well, one member of Slipknot down…hopefully the rest aren’t far behind. I’ve had to put up with those no talent assclowns for years. You know, we don’t have a lot of famous things that come out of Iowa, it doesn’t help that Slipknot was one of that few.

  33. RichP

    Take off that hat whore. Do not deface my college like that.

  34. Jestersdead

    As much as I love Heidi and would like to tie her up in my basement for a month of pleasure, I would knock her the fuck out for sitting on my 67 SS, POW!!

  35. Chris

    I’m sure the owner of the Camaro appreciated her putting her fat ass on his car. And her handbag… wtf. I’d slap her if that was my car.

  36. bar room hero

    I was thinking the same thing, plus she is a transsexual.

  37. turd da third

    I think her next surgery is going to be a dick implant, paving the way to do full hermy porn, as this dildo brain obviously like niche markets..

  38. jessica

    Girls, u wished u looked like her. Guys, u wish u could fuck her.
    Stop hating. She looks good.

  39. Well, Slipknot down a member of … Hopefully the rest are not far behind. I assclowns them for years with no talent is presented. You know, we are the famous things that come out of Iowa is not a lot, it does not help that Slipknot is one that was something.

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