Heidi Montag has acting chops

March 16th, 2010 // 95 Comments

Here’s Heidi Montag on the set of her new movie Just Go With It yesterday and clearly I was wrong not to mistake her for a serious actress. It’s obvious now the whole plastic surgery thing was just Heidi going method for her role as a walking tit monster with mannequin-disguising powers. Or a burn victim trying to find love with huge fake cans. Movies are so mysterious.


  1. F*ckRandal

    I would wreck her…

  2. and to think her corpse would stay pliable and not decompose for thousands of years

    (contemplating digging her up after she offs herself for the shitty career and having a “Real” doll that could pass down for generations

  3. F*ckRandal

    P.S. I think I like the spam for rich singles more than “OH MAI GAWD FIRST!!!!”

  4. kiki

    I too enjoy Spam more than FIRST, SECOND RETARDS.

  5. Solo

    She really needs to do gonzo porn. Lots of anal play, no script, you get it. It’s seems her calling.

  6. Me

    Sadly, when I see pics of her, I turn away as I do not wish to look at fake things. But it does make wonder, what is real on her body?

  7. pimp

    if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a thousand times, i would love to suck on her sweet bleached pink asshole…

  8. Alex

    I want one of those!!! I said DAMN!!

  9. Bob Vila

    Man she is one crazy looking bitch. Yeah, I’d fuck the shit out of her, but I’d do it out of hate.

    Also, her ass is looking pretty gigantic. Not bad, just a bit more roomy than I remember it being before. Did she get rump implants as well?

  10. pathfindernj

    All women should aspire to be like Heidi, or at a minimum have boobs like her.

  11. Photoshop Police

    Just because they’re on 2 separate posts doesn’t make it any more wrong that you’re posting ‘the abomination’ on these sacred web pages, Phish.


  12. stucco

    Her face was so much better before she filled it with crap.

    Her boobs on the other hand I can’t complain about….

  13. Not mother

    Didn’t know she had such a nice rear.

  14. rich

    You people remember the movie, A Bug’s Life. The scene were the one bug tells his buddy “Do not go to the light!!!” and his buddy says, ” I cant…” then gets zapped by the bug zapper. WELL, I am starting at Heidi’s ass shot (PIC 5)
    and it looks Fing good from the rear…now I feel like that 2nd bug

  15. havoc

    I see some cellulite on the back of those legs. She should get to a plastic surgery quick. Or better yet, try one of the cheaper ones down in the border towns. Make sure she wears a DEA t-shirt. Its the new black…..


  16. NG

    She looks better from far away. Definitely hotter. And the irony that she’s married to the greatest homo on earth! LOL

  17. G

    Fake tits, fake ass, fake face, why didn’t she take care of the cellulite ripples on her legs while she was at it?

  18. KIKI

    Now remember kids, Speidi reads gossip blogs. Play nice now! Spencer I hope you get what is coming sweetie. You are a no talent hack to let your wife mutilate herself like that.

  19. rien

    Uh-oh, looks like we got some cottage cheese on the backs of those thighs. Better call and make another appointment…

  20. andy7171

    say what you want about her face and chest, she’s got one FINE ass!

  21. I'm a jerk

    She looks like a robot someone made of Faith Hill’s head put on a wax dummy of Jessica Simpson’s old body. Say what you want about Jessica Simpson but at least her sweater puppets are real. Fake boobs are always a letdown when it really counts.

  22. buster cherry

    Aside from the tranny cheeks, she looks great.

    But admittedly, I absolutely, 100% cannot get past that fucking ‘personality’ of hers. It destroys every last bit of good that plastic surgery did for her.

  23. Mr. Nice Guy

    She is a “10″. All you haters will never look this good, so you hate on Perfection. Who cares if she got work done, she looks Great!

  24. Tracy J

    She looks great for a pornstar or a girl with really, really low self esteem. But really… I think she should get bigger breasts. She’d look really great!!! And if Spencer ever went crazy & dumped her in the Pacific, her body would float:)

  25. serg

    @21 What do you mean ‘when it really counts’?

    it counts to look at them. and I always feel cheated when I spot a pair of fake boobies walking down the beach. and they all look the goddamn same

    tits should be like Gump’s box of chocolates, where’s the variety anymore?

  26. Tracy J

    I believe 21 means they are great to look at, but not as great to play with.

  27. The only problem I have with her massive tits is that they don’t match her ass. She looks ridiculously top heavy. She’ll have to add “ass implants” to her plastic surgery to-do list.

  28. Jeff

    That plastic surgeon deserves a medal. There used to be a time when I’d have been ashamed to say ‘I’d hit it’ but not anymore. Bravo.

  29. Sir Tommy II

    They would look much better with a dick inbetween them though…

  30. Polk

    She went from human to Real Doll.

    And I kinda like it.

  31. Tek

    So The Superficial is into posting pics of trannies now?

  32. Dufresne

    Looks like she’s on the set of a porn flick.

  33. Armando

    I would knock that shit out. She could make a couple of million in a year in porn, love to see her face jizzed on. And then maybe I get a crack at that ass.

  34. Heidi, please cover your face. It is not attractive.

  35. mx3

    i gotta say, i love that tiny waist, it goes great with her big fake tits. i really do hope she doesnt go bigger though, i kinda liked em better before. but meh.

  36. Strawberry Blonde

    Spence looks liker her retarded step-child watching mommy get to work. Man they made California so uncool!

  37. crazypants

    This poor crazy girl – she’s all about being married and her “faith” but she’s turned herself into a real live walking talking sex toy. There’s no point to her other than tits-ass-hair that is to be thought off while masturbating. Ridiculous.

  38. RoniMikey

    She looks like she around 65 years old in the face. Her tits are too big,if you look close enough you can see the scar. The only thing that looks good is her ass. I think that because of the shorts.And of course theres the little bitch following her around. Someone should call the dogpound on him.

  39. RoniMikey

    I take it back, after I focus in on her ass it didn’t look good at all.

  40. Jester

    It’s a shame how she F’d her face, it needed some work, but now at certain angles it looks freaky, shoulda left it alone. I REALLY liked her old enhanced beautiful breasts. Good work on the arsch..

    I think she is close to making the jump. Look at that dumbass Spencer, I really thought that dude was an extra for lighting or something, he’s losing it and knows she’s ready for a 12″er up the pooper.

    Do it Heidi, you are Gorgeous!!

  41. Ego

    I’m with @1 this one.
    I’d wreck her so bad, she’d have to go back to the body shop.

  42. Pic 2 – “Get this homeless junkie away from me! He smells!”

    Shit, is that Spencer?

  43. Blech

    Man face!

  44. Blech

    So many times, when female celebrities and celebrity wannabes have their faces done over and over again, one of the following things inevitably happens:

    a. They resemble a horrific mash-up of the Joker and MJ (Octomom)
    b. They resemble a man (Montag)
    c. They resemble a tranny (Kardashians)
    d. They resemble that cat-looking lady (Megan Fox, although she doesn’t look too much like a cat, yet, because she’s still young)

    And Serge, comment #25, thank you. My breasts thank you.

  45. Just another fake bimbo

  46. Pia

    @23- lol, I guess we were overdue for the “stop hating, you’re just jealous” wisdom. Now remind me what it is that I am supposed to be jealous of. Her low self-esteem? Her douchefart husband? Her plastic balloon tits? Her mangled face? I think she has a nice body, but that face… I honestly think she looked the best before she got any work done at all. Granted she was flat as a board, so maybe that is all she “should” have done. Fortunately, I hit puberty and grew some big boobies. I am happy with the way I look. I have a sane and levelheaded boyfriend who would leave me if I even talked seriously about getting plastic surgery. Maybe she should be jealous of me?? Oh wait, I work hard for the little money I have and I am not on TV. I guess I should just kill myself then.

  47. KIKI

    @ 45, great post. Only one bone to pick there. A man and a tranny are the same thing.

  48. M_D

    can’t.. stop.. posing.

  49. PostmortemG

    I know she´s fake and all, but… Je$u$ Chri$t!!! =P

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