Heidi Montag getting hate mail about her plastic surgery

January 28th, 2010 // 76 Comments

After essentially transforming herself into a big-titted wax figure, Heidi Montag has started receiving hate mail from Christians, according to Life & Style:

“Spencer ordered about seven bunches of flowers to cheer up Heidi because she’d received a letter or an e-mail saying that her plastic surgery was against God’s will,” a neighbor of the couple tells Life & Style. “Heidi’s apparently very spiritual, so this kind of criticism really stings.”

Really stings, huh? Then she probably won’t want to read this e-mail I just got from Jesus:

Dude, did you see Heidi Montag? WTF? If I wanted her to look like Life-Size Barbie I would’ve made Dream Cars fly out of her ass. Granted Ken and Spencer have the same downtown anatomy, that’s not my point.

Anyway, she’s totally not coming up here to give me high-fives and shoot gay people with automatic weapons all day. I don’t care how big and round and big her breasts are. Not like I can’t see them up from up here. Amirite?


Count Cockulong (That’s my new nickname. Embrace it, bitch.)


  1. HB

    Every time I look closely at her eyes, I get the creeps. Seriously, they look so… off. They sort of look like dolls eyes. It’s really fucking creepy. They’re ovals.

  2. nar

    you are ALL green of envy !! heidi look much better now and very beautiful .. STOP NOW

  3. Jaqulline Musgrave

    You know how you meet someone who’s hot, but when you get to know them a bit, and they know they are hot also and soon after they don’t look the same to you?! Narcissism is ugly– and now would be a good time to fill her in on the fact that we are dead a longer than we are alive, and it ALL ROTS THE SAME…who cares if she looks better now or before?? Look at Anna Nicole…after all her plastic surgery …how does SHE look NOW?? and last I heard, you can’t get soul augmentation…and how can you meet your maker after all that?? ” Hey God, I know I was blessed to be so naturally beautiful, but it wasn’t GOOD enough, so heres some plastic sacks and wax –do better next time, will ya?” What an insult to God. How ugly is the inside that you need to overcompensate so badly on the outside to feel good about yourself??
    What a waste of money, she looks like a sexborg. or a ho-bot whatever the fuck they are called. Have some dignity, put some clothes on, get some backbone, use your intellect, and live by some personal values.. And please…get over yourself… ( oh, and quit getting snail tracks on all the cameras)

  4. Jaqulline Musgrave

    #52– I am far from green with envy…I don’t get my self worth from exposing myself to everyone, and thinking ” I’m so hot — they all want me!” Please!! Who cares how she looks? BFD!! People would think a lot more of her if she wouldve helped out some of the REAL people and children who have had their lives demolished….She probably doesn’t know about the earthquake though..Narcissists are usually in front of a mirror, not a t.v.

  5. weirdo

    I’d still lick her asshole until my tongue cramped up!

  6. seriously.
    you guys really shouldn’t be so mean. granted, i’m not a huge fan of plastic surgery, but hate mail?
    why does it matter?!
    get over it. it wasn’t your decision to make, so just shut up!
    really? a Jesus e-mail?
    some of you have no life.
    hate to break it to you, but you guys are acting stupid.

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  8. Stacey

    What a the guys here still in puberty? Your comments say alot about you and it’s not a good thing. IMO 10 procedures at once is way overboard for anyone at any age. Heidi has insecurities which are showing. Back off women are not meat. Remember your Mothers were young ladies once too, Would you say the things you do here to your Mother?

  9. whatever

    She doesn’t even look like the same person. I had no clue who that was and I’m still not even sure its her. I think cutting away her massive jaw and that old huge nose of hers will hurt her–ala Jennifer Grey.

    She looks just like every other blonde chick you see.

    As far as being “spiritual” her Vanity (the need for useless surgery and attention) pretty much knocks her out of that category in my opinion. If her “faith” meant so much to her then she would cling to it instead of needing attention from a bunch of strangers.

  10. McChicken

    From a full frontal facial view, I think she now looks like a bleached-blonde Terri Hatcher – but that’s been done. By Terri Hatcher. Except for maybe the blonde part – but that part’s easy, and Ms. Hatcher did it w/o 10 Billion surgeries (I assume).

    She now looks so Hollywood Generic that she may lose all interest from her public (whatever THAT is).

    Fart fart fart fart.


    Fartie fart fart.

    Um, fart?


  11. no fan of fakery

    It’s undeniable, from my pov – she looks better, as in more mature. Pity the mature look only goes skin deep.

  12. Loumara

    Because she can’t act and she can’t sing and she can’t choose intelligent men she should of left her looks alone.At least then she was pretty.
    Now she looks 20 yrs older and so very plastic…NOT pretty at all.And oh so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. oldboyknows1


  14. Man, just leave her alone.

  15. she looks nice

    um, i can’t stand her, but her face looks nicer. The cheek implants are actually good, make her look so fresh faced!
    I’m kind of freaked out about how she went to an ‘F’ cup, and apparently has been telling people she wants to upgrade further to a ‘H’ CUP, ‘H’ for “heidi’! I’m torn between wanting to see how funny she looks with ‘H’ cups, and feeling sorry for her because she isn’t gonna look good with ‘H’ cups, she’ll look even more cartoon-like than Paris Hilton!

  16. I don’t see the big deal

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  18. wizeguy

    #53 says it best !
    sure as hell !!

    & for those attracted to this ‘type’ of humanoid ?
    go buy yerselves a blow-up doll ..
    cheaper in the long run & less drama …
    have fun ya’ll !

  19. i wonder if Heidi thinks Spencer should have plastic surgery because he sure is an ugly bastard. she should at least get him some dye to enhance the flesh-colored beard.

  20. The woman looks like vapid Barbie doll; her face lacks any character or natural beauty. How tragic she is.

  21. Ashley Collins


  22. It’s her decision at the end of the day – what she does with her own appearance is not down to a public vote.

  23. She let her freak flag fly, and I think she’s been largely accepted for it. She now has full license to do whatever she wants. I’m a bit jealous.

  24. Wizard0104

    Maybe she is turning into a wax figure lol for real, with a body like that who would blame her wanting to be perfect.

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