Heidi Montag getting hate mail about her plastic surgery

January 28th, 2010 // 76 Comments

After essentially transforming herself into a big-titted wax figure, Heidi Montag has started receiving hate mail from Christians, according to Life & Style:

“Spencer ordered about seven bunches of flowers to cheer up Heidi because she’d received a letter or an e-mail saying that her plastic surgery was against God’s will,” a neighbor of the couple tells Life & Style. “Heidi’s apparently very spiritual, so this kind of criticism really stings.”

Really stings, huh? Then she probably won’t want to read this e-mail I just got from Jesus:

Dude, did you see Heidi Montag? WTF? If I wanted her to look like Life-Size Barbie I would’ve made Dream Cars fly out of her ass. Granted Ken and Spencer have the same downtown anatomy, that’s not my point.

Anyway, she’s totally not coming up here to give me high-fives and shoot gay people with automatic weapons all day. I don’t care how big and round and big her breasts are. Not like I can’t see them up from up here. Amirite?


Count Cockulong (That’s my new nickname. Embrace it, bitch.)


  1. Stupid Bitch Deserves It

  2. illy

    i think more recent pictures of her…after the swelling went down. she actually looks waay better.

  3. jello

    why did she have to put her surgeries on display.. wtf?? she was asking for it!! i think she had all this surgery done because she was depressed about her album floping..lol

  4. sperminator

    it’s all bullshit.

    every man would fuck her.
    those saying no are just pussy whipped enough to believe that in order to be liked by a woman you need to pretend to be something you are not:

    a sensitive guy with values who looks at a woman on the inside, to find a suitable companion to share the best and the worst of life.

    but in truth, they’d all fuck HER, right now.


  5. missywissy

    @ 4 – yeah, because every person should be judged whether they are fuckable or not. Rot in hell.

  6. sperminator

    @ 5 dunno if they should. surely they are, though.

    melt in your own bile, you venomous cunt.

  7. anon

    #4 Please don’t speak about what men would and wouldn’t do.
    You’re getting it so wrong I’m wondering if you are really a woman.

  8. All praise Count Cockulong!

  9. Sawzalling down her chin was the best thing she could ever do.

  10. sperminator

    @7 assuming you’re a man who is “offended” by the truthful, incontrovertible facts i have stated, i can only conclude you’re one of those pussy whipped types I mentioned.

    i will not argue with you, i just would like to suggest that you do a little soul searching and find your truer self.

    you have been conditioned, and are now responding accordingly. Just like Pavlov would have expected you to.

    look inside, man.

    you DO wanna fuck her. maybe you won’t, but not because you wouldn’t.

    lemme know how it goes. meditation could help you in this process of inner search. just sayin’. meditation and a boner: what a day would that be for you!

    cheers man.

  11. lololololol

    i actually like her better now. it’s better to look like barbie than a bland horse faced b*tch.

  12. anon

    I decided not to look inside for answers like you was suggesting and instead looked at her picture.
    Yep, I don’t want to fuck her.

  13. anon

    Jessica Simpson on the other hand…

  14. Bella

    Please don’t tell us who we are attracted to, You are not the boss of all.

  15. Janet Jokeson

    Is it just me, or does she resemble Faith Hill a bit now? Especially the nose to chin area? She probably took a pic of Hill to her doctor and said “make me look like her!”

  16. Nahuel

    I simply HATE this stupid and retarded project of a person and her equally retarded husband.
    I’m from Argentina (and LOVE this site XD) and I couldn’t believe that this no one (and really ugly) could be so fake in everything.
    Now she’s done that sick move with her face…
    I think that the bigger the country, the more retarded these “people” are! XD
    We have things like these but at a smaller scale XD


  17. God

    Skank. Whore.

  18. SO RIGHT

    She looked WAY better before. Now she does indeed look like wax, although I have no doubt that most men would hit it.

  19. st minutia

    i wonder if heidi thinks spencer should have plastic surgery because he sure is an ugly bastard. she should at least get him some dye to enhance the flesh-colored beard.

  20. Bridget

    baah ahahah that letter is howls

  21. T

    This post was gold superfish

  22. Vanquish

    TBH I never figured she was unhappy with how she looked. She and her male pussy were annoying, yes. But she looked happy. I dont follow “the scene” that much so I have no idea if these surgeries were announced but the extensivity is shocking. She was quite good looking before. I rememer looking at some beach pix of her and she looked very fuckable. Now she looks… Much more adult, serious, barbie like. Unrecognizable.

  23. L

    @ 8 LOL… that was hilarious…thx for that

  24. sdfsdfds

    All she needed to fix was her chin. What kind of plastic surgeon would convince someone that they need cheek implants and a neck left…you can’t tell me that these people seriously woke up one day thinking they need cheek implants.

  25. gen

    I think #4 is probably right. I’m just a girl, though, so I can’t be sure. I’d just like to say, (to prove that women are better than men) I officially can’t be attracted to men unless they’re smart.


    HAhahahaha, totally agree with you.

  26. eatme

    o gawd she is hot. every girl should look this good, or at least aspire to look this good.

  27. Will

    I found this photo of Heidi talking with reporters


  28. waahh… people on the internet were mean to me!!

  29. Freebie

    Why do you people give a shit about this woman and her plastic surgery? She’s an adult who can do anything she wants to do to her body. If you don’t like it, don’t look at her, don’t buy her music, don’t ready anything about her. If you do any of the previous, you are partly to blame for the media attention she gets. If everyone just ignored her, she, and hopefully Spencer, will fade into the night.

  30. AnonymousError

    I don’t care if she got surgery, her body = her choice. She shouldn’t be trying to justify it through God telling her it was okay though. That’s just laughable. We all know she’s a fame hungry airhead and all of the other blah blah blah and if you really believe she’s this devout and pious christian woman you are suspending disbelief. It’s a shtick and it obviously gets her paid… but it still doesn’t seem to sell her record…. So, joke is on her.

  31. asdf

    lol @ 27

    I was expecting spam, but actually that’s pretty funny.

  32. Craig

    Don’t feed the sperminator troll. He’ll say mean things about you from his mom’s basement where he is alone, so utterly alone.

  33. Randal

    Hey there Heidi, I hope you’re feeling better. Don’t let some Christian or their cult try to tell you what’s against the will of another. They certainly don’t know, that’s for sure! If God was against it, there would have been an accident during the procedure and you wouldn’t have come out of it looking as beautiful as you do today.


  34. anon

    Men are also attracted to smart Women it’s just there aren’t any :P
    Oh snap as Yanks seem to say all the time on TV.

  35. lp

    man the true marketing appeal of this site is that the superficial writer could easily be someone like your brother or cousin, or the general humor those figures would like. sometimes i find myself offended by stuff he says, but then i go to sites like drunk stepfather, am instantly revolted, and don’t feel as guilty for rssing to this. also, the portrayal of god in that letter is funny and couldn’t be considered offensive in context when it’s in response to christians who claim to know what god thinks, etc. plus it backhandedly sticks up for heidi against the christian hate mail, which again brings us back to the likable brother figure.

    this whole heidi series happening is so bizarre to watch continue and is making me feel stick to my stomach all the time, the way it did when britney was having episodes in her severest state of bipolar. the press releases of human science experiments from recent past tell us she won’t last long at this rate of self-hatred and delusion she’s at. watching a girl grow up before our eyes, wither into her body and come back out as a real doll is getting old, old, old.

  36. Deanna

    I wonder if more people wrote her hate mail than bought her album… wouldn’t be hard to do!

  37. Nameless

    Forget the hate mail. Just send her really email criticizing her procedures. Maybe we can insecure her into making herself a real life Bratz dolls instead of Barbie.

  38. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    This is what she’s getting hate email about? Not about her awful singing, bad dancing, disgusting husband and overall skanky vileness?


  39. Naked Chicks Rule

    See, all she needs to do is make a statement on why she doesn’t like ‘teh gay’ and all will be forgiven. She’ll have legions of Christians jumping down anyone’s throat who criticizes her after that.

    Just look at Carrie Prejean….

  40. Reina

    She calls herself spiritual? If she was truly spiritual she would not be caught up in such shallow endeavors. She knows nothing about spirituality. I am almost feel sorry for her for being such a joke.

  41. Bea

    she looks so fucking good!!! Her face isin’t annoying anymore.
    All u haters are just jealous cuz u cant even look like her before the plastic surgery .

  42. The woman looks like vapid Barbie doll; her face lacks any character or natural beauty. How tragic she is.

  43. i wonder if heidi thinks spencer should have plastic surgery because he sure is an ugly bastard. she should at least get him some dye to enhance the flesh-colored beard.
    : )

  44. KELLY


    I’d LOVE to look like her!! She’s amazing….the natural her is nowhere near as hot.

  45. Reina

    It’s insane she almost died from her surgeries, and she wants more! How can she play with her life like that, is so stupid. Looking good on the outside is not going to make you happy for long, girl, it never does. You just want more and more and you’ll never be satisfied. Then you’ll turn into a physically hideous freak like Jocelyn if you keep it up.

  46. amy

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  47. Don’t worry Heidi. Fornication and Idolatry are against God’s will too.

    You were going to Hell anyway. Don’t sweat the freak face you bought.

  48. sperminator

    @ 32 craig

    actually, craig, what you are saying is not true. i am not a troll and i don’t randomly attack people.

    and i resent you giving away the location of my secret lair.

  49. Tuppy

    “Spiritual,” huh? Madame Tussaud must be her guru…

  50. HeidiSucks

    Too bad plastic surgery can’t fix the ugly inside bitch.

    Less than 1000 albums sold. Everyone knows you’re a sham.

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