Heidi Montag fires Spencer as her manager

Heidi Montag has fired Spencer Pratt as a manager and replaced him with a psychic healer. — I’m failing to see how this was a bad move. People reports:

Pratt, who has managed the couple since the day they met nearly five years ago – when Montag was 19 years old – is being replaced with a Malibu-based psychic named Aiden Chase, the reality star tells PEOPLE.
“After the incredible experiences I have had healing my life and truly connecting to my dreams with healer intuitive Aiden Chase, I have officially asked him to become my manager,” Montag says. “Having an intuitive psychic leading my team gives me an edge no one else has.”??
“No longer is my husband the face of my business or managing my career,” she adds. “I am going to have Aiden Chase help manage my new life and career in a very different and positive way with light and love. The time for change is now. Never mix business and pleasure. We are no longer Speidi but Spencer and Heidi.”

Of course, it’s obvious this Aiden Chase isn’t a real psychic because upon being offered the job, he didn’t put a gun in his mouth which anyone could tell you is the inevitable conclusion here. Shit, even I guessed it, and sometimes I forget to wear pants when I leave the house. That said, if this guy releases a statement announcing his client will one day be a vinyl couch, I think we have to agree he’s legit.

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