Heidi Montag fired her psychic manager

March 19th, 2010 // 55 Comments

Heidi Montag is going through managers like they’re new chins, according to Us Magazine:

On Monday, Montag, 23, began shooting a cameo in the comedy Just Go With It, starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. When reached for comment, Montag’s rep told Us Thursday: “Aiden had nothing to do with securing Heidi’s role in the movie.”
But a source tells Us that Montag was “horrified” when he showed up on set, “demanding a significant portion of her Hills money.”
The source adds that when Chase, 40, recently followed her as she filmed MTV’s The Hills, he tried to “move onto Audrina [Patridge],” whom he not only offered his healing/spiritual services but also asked to be her manager, the insider tells Us.

In Psychic Man’s defense, I’d probably start hitting on Audrina Patridge, too, if I saw her essentially have a Tit Battle with Heidi Montag in the middle of a restaurant. Or I’d just solidify my clairvoyant cred by making eerily accurate predictions out loud. “I’m going to disappear in the restroom for a while now… There will be noises… An officer of the law will arrive… Statements shall be made…”

Photos: Splash News

  1. wtf

    yeh, its “they’re” not “their”

    did you go to highschool?

  2. josette

    wtf you fail

  3. josette

    Heidi Montag is going through managers like their new chins, according to Us Magazine:

    ….I don’t see an issue. =P

  4. HLM

    You’d have thought Aiden Chase would have seen this coming….

  5. -Lmega5-

    i’m loving the zoomed in side boob pic.

  6. Bob the janitor

    Like “they’re” new chins, not their, fucking moron.

  7. Audrina Patridge: “Wow Heidi, how do you get your face so waxy and bloated looking? You’re practically Jocelyn Wildenstein.”

    Pic 9 and 10: Audrina is admiring someones shoes.

  8. Raoul Duke

    hey josette:

    “talk to the hand”

    i hope you understood that, im trying to talk in your language..

    you know, the one made for people that cant think for themselves or operate their own brains in any capacity whatsoever.

    isnt it time for you to have bon-bons and oprah? run along now

  9. oooaaahhh

    There’s a ton of jokes here about the 2 silicone sisters being in a restaurant, but I can’t come with any.


  10. grobpilot

    Hey #7: I thought the last name was “Wildebeest”. It would certainly fit the face better.

  11. Ego

    MMmmm.. Heidi & Audrina.. that NEEDS to be porno!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!! besides, that’s all they’re good for.

  12. timmy the dying boy

    If it’s a tit battle, the ball’s back in Audrina’s court.

  13. Brad

    The melt down has started.

  14. Freebie

    Don’t these young women realize how utterly (or udderly) ridiculous they look with their mammoth fake boobs? They must be soooooo insecure in their lives.

  15. MichMasterFlex

    i like heidi, only spencer makes her look like shit, he needs to go, then she should make er big

  16. Dumb Talentless Ho

    That’s not a MENSA meeting

  17. Rachel

    He probably knew that was going to happen.

  18. Jammy

    @ 11 your so right, these two just live for the i’d hit it comments made about them on the internet hence the fake boobs maxim and playboy photo spreads, i mean what other contribution could they possibly ever make to society, they might as well do porn they were made for it, useless whores!

  19. Nameless

    Only thing bigger than her fake boobs is that man chin on Heidi.

  20. Dread not

    @ 18
    I’d hit ‘em, both! So here’s to long lives for Heidi and Audrina. These two need to do a photo shoot together, or a calender, some shit like that. Get LC, Cavallari and the satellite babes on the show together. Call it, “The Hills Are Alive”.

  21. Jeff

    I’d pound Heidi so hard she’d have to call the surgeon out to reattach her ass.

  22. IKE

    I’m sure he saw it all coming.

  23. Since when does “fired” mean “banged”?

  24. Mork

    Psychics are con artists. It’s that simple.


  25. Heidi is looking dam hot in this pics. Really she is looking gorgeous after the cosmetic surgery . I think Heidi did the right thing by firing her manager .

  26. tailspin

    Picture these two sitting across from each other five years ago at the trailer court picnic table, pre-plastic surgery and sans full-face makeup. Except the title of their reality show is “Intervention” instead of “The Hills.”

  27. captain america

    she must be “Healty”.

  28. Mr. Nice Guy

    Thet are two very Hot and Desired Women. They know it. They know the hate comes from the haters own feelings of inadequacy when it comes to mens desire.

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  30. Whew. Audrina is a breath of fresh air after those Michelle Bombshell pics. I’ve been psychologically scarred by M.B.’s dirty chimpanzee feet.

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  33. Very very hot girl

  34. Gando

    I think these young and innocent looking girls look hot.Where’s Darth? He’s the expert in these things.

  35. Darth

    To be Darth,or not to be Darth,that’s the question.That means that if you’re Darth,count yourself a lucky man! Wait,i’m Darth! Damn!

  36. Rhialto

    Nice blue suede shoes Darth.When was this flee market?

  37. Nero

    Why is it that girls don’t favor me? Remember that i’m the one who had this awesome sex with Kate Winslet.

  38. Darth

    “Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death.I shall fear no evil as long Darth ‘The Dark Angel’ walks with me”.Wait a minute,is this song of praise really about me!? Damn! I think it is!

  39. Rhialto

    Dark Angle? That sounds more like a compromising position to me.Who did write the song?

  40. bar room hero

    she looks like a trans-sexual…

    I think she was replaced.

  41. Allie

    I don’t understand why everyone is so hostile. Get a grip; lets not take things too seriously K? :)Toodles~

  42. all the pics of heidi montag are nice.

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  44. May be she found another smart manager.

  45. I think these young and innocent looking girls look hot.Where’s Darth? He’s the expert in these things.

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