Heidi Montag files for separation

June 8th, 2010 // 40 Comments

Because they might as well have worn “April Fools!” shirts during their staged photo shoots last week, Heidi Montag filed for separation from Spencer Pratt today. TMZ reports:

Heidi did not file divorce papers. The legal significance of legal separation is that her earnings will become her separate property from the date of separation. Heidi lists the date of separation as today, June 8.
Interesting … under the section, “community assets and debts,” Heidi wrote, “No such assets or debts.” It’s unclear if Heidi and Spencer have a prenup which keeps their assets separate, or if they’re broke.

Of course this was the only move Heidi and Spencer had left after every single person around them came forward to call their “break-up” a stunt for their new reality show. That said, I still don’t know who the fuck’s buying this. I didn’t even believe their wedding was real until I found out they weren’t having sex. It’s hard to ignore that kind of evidence. “Absolutely zero fucking, you say? My God, they are married…”

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  1. None


  2. Borat

    This attention whore is good at getting attention.

  3. prowler monkey

    i made a video asking for a part in her next relationship, now to figure out how to post it on youtube…

  4. pimp

    bleached asshole…yum yum yum…

  5. Parker

    Boy, I like the nipples poking through the jacket but I won’t believe she really dumped him till she calls and asks me to squeeze off a couple rounds in her plump behind.

  6. Kelley

    “April Fools” Fish … no apostrophe … learn to spell.

  7. Katie

    Nice headlights and tacky Juicy Couture hoodie circa 2003. It actually does compliment your plastic surgery and transformation from fresh faced country girl from Colorado to 40+ OC Cougar with too much time/money and a vanity complex.

  8. stinky mcpoop

    heidi can only count to potato, and the paperwork didn’t ask her to declare her fruits or vegetables. So her potato and Spencer are still roaming undeclared throughout the SoCal area.

  9. Shabby Knife Fighter

    I wonder if those nipples would poke through denim.

  10. beastman

    god arent their 15 minutes up yet? They should take that giant tampon that Spencer Pratt calls a head and use that to plug up the BP spill.

  11. NIPPLES!

    @5 and 9.

    Thank you! Fish is slipping.

  12. Hugh Gentry

    she could nip out in a bathrobe! Outstanding!!!!

  13. Cash

    She needs to file for a separation of my mouth from those ginormous glass cutters. I’d be swinging on those things like a fat baby at breakfast time.

  14. I hope they both die real soon


    That’s all you need to know, if you want to figure out if what she’s doing is real or not.

  15. Deacon Jones

    i know this has been said multiple times on here, but man, he must be gay to not have sex with her.

    That’s the only time I could tolerate/shut up my ex was when she was on all fours, otherwise every minute I spent with her was like a slow IV drip of lemon juice in my eyes.

  16. misterfister

    From the look of her top I would say the turkey’s done.

  17. Randal

    Hi Heidi. I’m sorry to learn that you’re moving forward at this moment in your career and away from someone who has worn his heart on his sleeve for you all this time. May the two of you rekindle the love and admiration I know you still have for each other.


  18. bar room hero

    She looks like a bug with those glasses on…

    A tran-sexual bug…

  19. Bingo

    I would like to announce that I am breaking up with both Spenser and Heidi.

    Remember back when Fish promised to never post on her again?

  20. ds

    Separation? Aren’t her nipples far enough apart already?

  21. Eric

    Does she get custody of his beard?

  22. Finally Heidi! It’s about time. Maybe she will go back to her sweet self and not a crazy rock loving freak.
    The Celebrity cafe also has an interesting article about this:

  23. captain america


  24. babejesus

    She’s so cute. It is said she is dating a younger man met through [_www.cougarmony.com_]. Is she serious?

  25. ClassyDirtyChick

    Whenever I see Randal’s post I just skip right past it, I don’t want to read the sludge comments that come from his patronising mouth. uuggghhhhhhhh……yawn

  26. ClassyDirtyChick

    She looks pretty here, the prettiest I’ve seen her…..

  27. Brooke

    God, Randal, you crack me up.

  28. Rhialto

    Hm,old trick to put possessions and cash on a different name before going into bankruptcy ..

  29. Gando

    Did these two finally understand that Monopoly money doesn’t have any value in the real world?!

  30. Nero

    I know she once tried to make a payment with a Hello Kitty card.

  31. God, her nipples are much too wrong positioned…

  32. Donald

    Does the semen inside her now become her property? Oh, sorry, forgot that he’s the gay

  33. She can file my seperation anytime!

  34. RtSS

    I like the sad and remorseful Heidi Montag. I would bend her over and do her from behind, pounding my schlong into both her sweet vjay-jay, and do a little poopchute packing. Heidi, I know you are into that; I read up on you and word has it you are a dirty little anal whore. Call me Heidi, we’ll get you smiling again in no-time. And yes, you can keep all the protein shake I inject into you for free. Guzzle, guzzle, gulp, gulp. Call me.

  35. Jade

    @RtSS, stick to porn and spare us your fantasies.

    But she actually looks almost normal here, instead of the plastic blow up doll she usually reveals herself to be. Amazing what a bit of clothes and sunglasses can do.

    p.s. did they use titanium to reconstruct her nipples? She could wear armor and they’d prolly still poke through. That said, it probably has an advantage to have a chest like that: women have been saved before from being stabbed to death by their fake boobs. If she’d told Bay that, she might have actually gotten the role.

  36. Marlyn
    Commented on this photo:

    Finally! There might be a brain in there afterall. Now if she’ll just follow through and really rid herself of that crystal toting, arrogant, psycho, moronic, hot head, douche bag!

  37. Marlyn
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh and he’s an ugly little shit too! God, I hate that man!

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