Heidi Montag gets political

April 2nd, 2008 // 311 Comments

At long last Heidi Montag has endorsed a candidate for president. Us Weekly has the exclusive news on who America’s phoniest belle wants to lead our country to greatness:

“I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience,” she explains.
What Pratt, 24, warned her about making an endorsement, Montag replied, “I don’t think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for.”

Now I know this isn’t a political site and I’m not here to make comments such as “Oh, wow, a rich white blonde with fake tits and the IQ of a Frosted Mini Wheat votes Republican. Who saw that coming?” That’s not my bag. What is my bag is providing photo retrospectives like the one I included with this post. I present to you Heidi Montag: Feminist Icon, Political Jugs-ernaut. Vote stupidly big, America!

NOTE: I’m moving to Denmark.




    You have your facts confused.

    The elite 3 percent of Americans that make 300,000 or more a year get the greatest tax breaks. Have the elite pay more taxes to pay for such things as social programs, not the people making less than 300,000 a year.


  2. The Laughing G-d


    The just pass those “taxes” onto you. Or don’t pay and spend that money on “private security” which would ignite the 2nd civil war.

  3. mclovin

    she looks like tori spelling…and doesn’t seem to be able to think past that ‘deviated spetum-needed-surgery-to-look-better nose.’ i think i’m moving to denmark with you.

    anything for attention…aren’t fake boobs enough?! guess not when you live in FOLLYWOOD.

    maybe someone could throw an egg into that big gaping mouth, a chick would hatch in her belly, pop out and tell her ‘you’re a waste of plastic fake…no, nobody cares who you vote for. peep peep’ yah, that chick would have more sense than her. and would tell her too.

  4. And in other news -
    Thank God I put in the hedge.

  5. al riezgo

    ugh. so, i’ve been a regular visitor of your site, and constantly see these doucheblasts on here. I was recently in florida, and a friend of mine told me who they are and what they do. they should both die.

  6. Surrender Democrats

    Ha ha we are gonna keep the White House losers! The war with Iran is on! yeah baby, we gonna keep on rockin’! Keepin’ the free world on it’s toes with real power and a spectacular display of American might. Who cares if we bring this country to it’s knees. It’s all about the glory and the gory. No place for the sqeemish. It’s man time!!!

    Man up bitches.

  7. scrama

    There’s MTV and The Hills in Denmark, too, though …

  8. Michael

    God, these articles about the WonderFail Twins make me happy I’m developing a virus that kills anyone who makes over $60k a year.

    And why is it that every time Heidi opens her flycatcher with her signature “Something has just crawled into my Private Treasure Box!” face, my mind instantly wanders into an Aphex Twin video?

  9. billybopboppyjoe

    hahahahahahaha shes “crying”! LMFAO!

  10. Jennifer

    I’m a very conservative Republican and I think Heidi Montag is a complete idiot.
    I know more liberals that actually act like Heidi and Spencer than conservatives by the way…
    Anyways, I think Lauren is waaaay more cordial toward Heidi and Spencer than I ever would be. Spencer is selfish, spoiled, and just a dick for the way he treats Heidi and others. It’s too bad she doesn’t see that; although she’s quite the little bitch herself so it seems…

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