Heidi Montag gets political

April 2nd, 2008 // 311 Comments

At long last Heidi Montag has endorsed a candidate for president. Us Weekly has the exclusive news on who America’s phoniest belle wants to lead our country to greatness:

“I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience,” she explains.
What Pratt, 24, warned her about making an endorsement, Montag replied, “I don’t think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for.”

Now I know this isn’t a political site and I’m not here to make comments such as “Oh, wow, a rich white blonde with fake tits and the IQ of a Frosted Mini Wheat votes Republican. Who saw that coming?” That’s not my bag. What is my bag is providing photo retrospectives like the one I included with this post. I present to you Heidi Montag: Feminist Icon, Political Jugs-ernaut. Vote stupidly big, America!

NOTE: I’m moving to Denmark.


  1. gurnion

    #95 ” A drug that would require a high level of chemistry knowledge to originally synthesis, research knowledge that would be outside of their reach”

    Oh yeah crack is real hard to make. Give me five minutes a lighter and a spoon.

  2. Arguman

    ah, the myopia of the obvious Republicans on here is hilarious.
    I think most of the presidents we’ve had have been lawyers, so Clinton or Obama would not be any different. What did Bush do before he was governor? Preside over a company that he ran into the ground? Yes, those are wonderful credentials. Basically, if you want to have a justice system you have to have lawyers. And not all lawyers are bad, and most lawyers are human.

    And of course Montag is Republican. But who really cares? Rich young celebrities who have no interest in politics and only care about their precious toilet paper rolls made out of $100 bills are more likely to vote Republican, if they can be bothered to vote, than anything else.

  3. Jaffo

    Why exactly is this second-rate skank famous again?

  4. Jaffo

    Actually, #76, Saddam Hussein caused more deaths with his racist attempts at the genocide of the Kurds and his war with Iran than the U.S. has caused in Iraq. Just saying…

  5. The Laughing G-d

    @99 I hear this argument all the time. Somehow the government has managed to trick people that they make money. They don’t. Their ability to spend is largely based off their ability to tax. If there is nothing to tax, they have nothing to spend. Since our dollar is currently based off the country’s ability to tax. Therefore, they spread the message that the reason the population is suffering is because of some rich guy. While in reality, if they [the rich], and they especially, stopped paying taxes, there would be no government spending to speak of.

    @102 No crack is not hard to MANUFACTURE. However, there is a world of difference between MANUFACTURE and DESIGN/ALPHA PRODUCT. Anyone can manufacture something, by following a well established template. However, coming up with that template, that usually requires some book learning.

  6. Heidi is just really ugly. She looks so gross after all her plastic surgeries. And her boobs are disgusting as well. She looks like an ugly barbie doll.

  7. Dee


    Bush was a serious party animal while Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Obama were public servants for most of their adult life. I’ve know Republicans that voted for Bush in his first election knowing he was not the greatest, but they felt that his cabinet members would do fine advising Bush. The bottom line is they did not want a democrat in office. Now we have the worst president in American history. I’ll take a competent Clinton getting a BJ in the White House over a misguided and incompetent President Bush any day!

  8. Repuglicans are sheep worshipping at the house of (ohwhatta) Rush Limpdog. The party is filled with homosexuals claiming to be evangelicals, xenophobes, facists, and chicken hawks. The only thing they’ve done of any success or consequence in the last 40 years, other than rob the Treasury, is to change the meaning of the word “liberal”.

    What’s that..? Why, yes, I did frequent exotic escorts… so… well then, nevermind….

  9. bigjb

    Hey 53-

    As a matter of fact, I have read quite a few books about politics, on both sides of the aisle. And forgive my spelling at times..I’m tired from actually having a job, something most democratic senators and congressmen/women have never had. It’s called being educated and I paid for my school. I pay my own taxes, my mortgage payment and all my other bills. I don’t ask the gov’t for a hand-out much like the majority of democratic supporters. Honestly, this blog proves the theory of our founding fathers and why we have a Republic, which is why we have the electoral college which elects our President: the common man is not smart enough to elect their own officials…and 53, you’re one of the primarty reasons for this…douche.

  10. M

    So it’s safe to assume you’re black and on welfare?

  11. “I don’t think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for.”

    That has got to be the smartest thing that has ever come out of Heidis mouth.

  12. bigjb left to go unfurl his confedrate flag…


    What’s that..? Why yes, I did wire transfer money… to … nevermind…

  13. nipolian

    “a competent Clinton” that’s is the funniest thing anyone has posted ever (today).

  14. Hey, I actually had money in my savings account during the Clinton years… I’m just sayin’…

    What’s that..? Why yes… I did (ahem) blow it… on high priced call… nevermind…

  15. lulu

    Hopefully, this endorsement will make people who are voting for McCain realize how fucking stupid they are.

  16. die already

    you’re all a bunch of ugly desperate people.

  17. HuckyDucky

    Don’t worry Communists, your handouts from the rich people are coming. Then you can buy more booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets!

  18. erin...

    Oh, my, this is interesting, isn’t it?

    You do realize you’re in a political debate that started with Heidi Montag, right? Heidi Montag, the one whose ‘fashion’ line will be called ‘Heidiwood.’

    Please stop giving this vapid harpie the satisfaction of thinking that her opinion is in any way relevant to normal society.

  19. The Laughing G-d

    @110 Actually the electoral collage is just a ratio system. Without it, states with a larger population, which are mostly the coastal ones, namely CA, NY, FL, would be the major dictators of the presidential race. Meaning, one could ignore all of “fly over country” win those states in a major way and a few minor less important ones and win the presidency in a popular vote. Basically, reducing everyone else’s voting power to nothing, since there are quite a few states with populations that are dwarfed by the populations of coastal cities! The electoral vote insure that the candidate needs to appeal to the entirety of the US, moreso than his rivals. Which was revealed in the Bush/Gore event. There Gore did appeal largely to the coastal states, while Bush had a larger number of “fly over states”/belt buckle states. In the end Bush “appealed” to a broader base of people, Gore got liberals, who live in coastal states.

  20. Sarah

    Well at least she’s voting, which is more than what most people her age do! All my friends talk and talk but they don’t vote!

    DrunkenTech- Condoleezza Rice ticket! HELL yeah, I was hoping she would run, maybe next election she might!

  21. democrats are the scum of the earth

    you democrats make me want to puke. you are all a bunch of followers. keep listening to NBC, CNN, ABC, keep reading your New York Times and USAToday. fuck that. the only thing you believe in is what is pumped into your heads by the liberal media every day of your rotten lives.

    Learn to swim.

  22. Groucho

    #87, you and your right-wing twit brethren ALWAYS far for these fake emails that circulate before the elections. No wonder you always vote for the wrong candidate. How about checking some FACTS before you pass on the lies?

  23. Republican Have Ruined USA - Vote Democrat


    So we should continue to have a huge deficit, continue to have a war that can never be won, continue to have Americans and Iraqi’s die.

    Continue to eliminate important environmental laws.

    Continue to give the elite 3 percent the best tax breaks.

    I could go on and on but my lunch is getting cold.

    When Clinton left office we had a huge surplus.

  24. Sarah

    Oh and btw, Obama has NOT been a Christian his entire life! While he lived in Indonesia, he attended a muslim school. His step father was muslim, and that’s what he was brought up on. For the last 20 years or so he has been a christian, but the fact that he is 46 minus 20 years means that for about half his life he was muslim.

    The issue should not be about religion anyway, that’s what America is about, FREEDOM, and no man or woman should be judged based on their religion. Just because there’s a group of radical muslims who want to kill Americans does not mean that all muslims are like that! God forbid people judge Christians based on the radical ones you hear on the news!

    I hate that this election comes down to racism, gender and religion! America is supposed to be about diversity, but yet every chance people get thats what they break is down into! I think Obama is a well accomplished man, he is handsom, and is a great speaker, but I’m not voting for him, simply based on the fact that I don’t agree with his policies! This is a very important election and I just hope people vote simply based upon which policies they agree with, not based upon gender or race or anything else. It’s who is best for the job, who’s going to lift this country up and make it better!

  25. erin...

    Gosh, #122, you’ve certainly changed -my- mind about conservative Republicans! You all are nice, kind folks who never, ever need your own television networks and/or newspapers and/or radio shows, and it would -never- be just because the rest of the media world makes you pout like a spoiled child — a pout much the same as the one you use when you realize you may be taxed a little more to get the country out of debt. Of course not! Your very own media outlets are the true ones! They are the ‘fair and balanced’ ones! Because, yes, gay marriage is indeed wrong and is certainly relevant to the economic crisis we’re facing! I mean, as long as gays aren’t marrying and rape babies are saved, the middle class will thrive, the starving won’t starve and we can continue to be the world police forever! And everyone who believes differently than you — be it religion, family values, whatever — hates America.


  26. 110 (please stop breathing, dirty thief)

    Well I call you a thief only if you are a republican. I work for myself, slave. And I pay taxes. Oh, how do you feel about your “Wartime (good for absolutely nothign else) President and his policy of giving away monstrous tax savings to the wealthy? Let me guess, he raises a terrible war, and then gives away money to the rich. Amazing. Then of course the life of the common man, who you despise, suffers by having to not only send it’s children to the war, but also have to pay for it.
    He has looted our social security system, the price of oil, ummm I know you are stupid and all, I hope you know he is an oil man, right? How about the price of oil, you goddamn dirty little closet homosexual? GIANT profits for them, eh??????????? wink wink

    1 million dead Iraqis is a nice genocide, wouldn’t you say? Oh yeah, you don;’t care. I am a liberal because I believe in freedom and liberty, you pathetic dumb communist punk.

    Leave this country and go live somewhere else, your time is done. Or just die.

  27. HuckyDucky

    Democrats are heartless, spineless sheep.

    Unfortunately, so are the Republicans. The ones in office anyway. They’re designed to be a minority party. They don’t know how to be a majority. They try to get along with the Democrats, which is like trying to get along with a scorpion and expecting the scorpion not to sting your ass.

    The Democrats know how to be a majority. By bullying and demagoguing the minority. However, they are evil incarnate. Not usually individually, but collectively they represent pure evil and self-destruction.

    How ’bout an absolute monarchy? See, with a monarchy you can always whack the king and get a new one if you don’t like him. And you’ll know whether you like him quickly, because he has absolute power and can do things. Plus, he can do what he thinks is right instead of what the “people” want. Which is, last time I checked, to destroy themselves.

  28. CV

    Good looking and a Republican, good for her. Most liberal women are one of two things or even both, ugly and/or uppity due to their lack of self esteem.

  29. Rupert Murdoch

    Crikey #122! My God man your words are beautiful. Have you ever done any voice work? We can use someone like you at FOX news for station IDs. You’re to the point, passionate, and so obviously oblivious to the truth. Come work for me! Haha at last someone to rival James Earl Jones, take that CNN! Send me your resume soon.

  30. haha

    hahahahahahahahahaha @ 12

    and heidi is a dumbass….why do we care what the dumb whore said?

  31. The Laughing G-d

    @125 God forbid people judge current Christians off actions of their “admitted” anscestrial past

  32. HuckyDucky


    Did you call bigjb a Communist homosexual? That is not very tolerant.

    Listen, men who vote Republican might be misguided. But men that vote Democrat are whiny, sissy, girly men.

    I guess that makes you a whiny, sissy, girly man then!


    Social Security is Bullshit.

    And listen Fucko, IT’S A VOLUNTEER MILITARY.

    And he GIVES money to the rich? You mean if you get a tax break, you are getting free money? That’s some interesting logic you’ve got there. I’ve got some oceanfront property in Illinois that you might be interested in.

  33. HuckyDucky

    And another thing @127,

    It’s cool to call each other names, and I love that as much as the next guy, but telling somebody to “just die” because you disagree with their politics is Just Not Cool. Reasonable people can disagree. Even unreasonable ones like me can.

  34. McCain is Insane but I love the old dog. Obama is a racist and everyone knows it. He has zero change of winning.

  35. erin...

    He didn’t say he gives free money; he said he gives ‘monstrous tax breaks.’

    At least read the post first.

  36. Kevin

    I wonder if the author of said site realizes that most of the brain dead Hollywood votes Democrat through and through.

    What’s the excuse there?

  37. HuckyDucky

    Hey Binky I think you have some friends on here today. Inside Job!

  38. tight lipped smiler

    Heidi sweetie, I’ve got bad news for you — there is no Easter Bunny. There were no WMD. You better use the $600 economic stimulus Milk Bone being thrown to stock up on canned milk for the bunker, and God does not talk to Chimpy. That dry drunk is about as “Christian” as Chairman Mao and just as loony.

  39. Ghandi

    Although the celebrities could get great tax breaks voting Republican; they are not greedy and do not need the extra cash.

    Obama is racist because his former Pastor made racist remarks. This does not make sense. Obama’s mom is white and his father is black. Obama is not racist.

    You Republicans want to continue the war in Iraq when there’s is no way USA can win.

  40. The Laughing G-d

    Social Securites problems are not wrought out of anything any current administration has done. When my Dad was in his 20s [he is in his 50s now] he saw that the money being paid to current retirees was not coming from investments made on their behalf when they were working, but from new money coming into the system from currently working citizens. He tried to opt out, by contract, of the system, they refused. He says, because of that, and the fact that some administration, prior to the1960′s, misappropriated the money; he and people who are stones throw away from retirement are going to demand every penny they were promised, because they could have managed that money better on their own.

    If the Baby Boomers did not outnumber the current work force, people would still be lying and saying there is money in social security, when they have been paying with new intake for a very long time.

  41. Frank

    Lester… see you in November as you are crying into your beer.

    Democrats aren’t just going to WIN in November… we are going to SWEEP at the local, state AND federal level.

    The dangerous and near-fatal experiment in the insanity of neocon theology is OVER.

  42. nipolian

    #123 You are truly a fool. Just because your fucking liberal website disputes the statistics do you actually think that I am going to say “wow….the liberals are right, maybe I should start believing everything that I read in the newspapers and see on the television”. No sense forming my own opinion when the liberal media fucks can form it for me. That’s what makes you Democrats weak. You are way too caught up in your own bullshit. The Republicans inherited 8 years of Clinton shit-stains. Just because the economy was WAY over-fucking-inflated does not mean that it was strong. Of course you dumbfucks could never possibly believe that Clinton had the economy completely fucked up because the Clintons told you that it wasn’t so.

  43. heyjeer

    Some women say they get a boob job to “balance” to their butt.

    This chick got a fake tits to balance to her personality.

    Why the hell is this thing a celebrity? She makes Paris seem as deep as Sartre.

  44. The Laughing G-d

    @135 Obama himself has not said anything, his preacher has been… well preaching.

    Clinton recently reenacted a telling tale of heroism, where she was on a diplomatic mission, with sniper fire…. that video footage actually showed was a little girl hug. Which means a series of things.

    1) She is as batshit as McCain

    2) Had a “senior moment” which means she should get ready to really enjoy jell-o, not run the country.

    3) She has told so many lies she that the real events are a mystery to even her.

    4) Evil [moreso] Clinton Clone Anti-Clone, made by scientist who scoffed at her husband’s well thought out ban on human cloning proclamation; out to ruin her “good name”

    Pick. Either one is tragic yet hilarious at the same time; half the calories you’d expect too!!

  45. Groucho

    #143, you’re an idiot. If you had learned to click on links, you would have seen that the correct numbers, not the made-up ones that post #87 show, are taken from that highly “liberal” Pentagon’s Defense Manpower and Data Center.
    But I know you prefer to believe lies rather than the truth – that’s why you vote Republican after all.

    This is from the Army Times article:

    But some simple math using the figures listed on page 7 of the CRS report reveals that the figures for several of the years under Clinton are inflated, while figures for some of the years under Bush are downplayed.

    In reality, according to the CRS report, 7,500 service members died on active duty in the eight years from 1993 through 2000, compared to 8,792 in the six years from 2001 through 2006.

    The Pentagon has not yet released data on total active-duty deaths for 2007, but 1,014 service members died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that year, and more than 100 have died in the wars so far in 2008, pushing the known total under Bush to more than 9,900.

    The report does not address the ratio of active-duty deaths to force size; the active-duty force shrank significantly during the drawdown of the 1990s, from more than 1.7 million in 1993 to about 1.3 million by the early years of this decade.

    That’s not for your benefit, it’s for everyone else who saw the lies spouted in post #87.

  46. Groucho

    A check of the CRS source document cited in the e-mail on U.S. military deaths shows that the e-mail’s author got it right for only three of the eight years of the Clinton administration.

    Figures for the other five years are off by a wide margin. For example, the e-mail cites 2,465 active-duty deaths in 1995; the figure in the CRS report is 1,040. For 1998, the e-mail cites 2,252 deaths; the CRS figure is 827.

    For the six years of the Bush administration, the e-mail gets none of the figures correct. Some are off only slightly — in 2001, for example, the e-mail figure is 890 deaths, the CRS figure, 891 — but other years are far off the mark.

    In 2005, the e-mail lists a figure of 919 deaths; the figure in the CRS report is 1,942. Similarly, the figures for 2006 are 920 in the e-mail, 1,858 in the CRS report.


    oh come on with your crazy bullshit. we smart people see right through you. all you are doing is spouting off the shit that you are spoon fed daily by your liberal media.

    erin, dear, there are more things going on in the world besides the war. in case you haven’t noticed. so it is perfectly ok to talk about abortion rights and gay marriage. so why the attitude? poor little demmie baby just wants to whine some more.

    oh – and you don’t want Iraqis to die in a war, but you would kill an INNOCENT unborn baby. that’s nice. these fuckers are blowing up our buildings and killing our civilians but we need to protect them??? oh ok, i see now. fucking retard.

  48. Naya

    Heidi Montag is a Republican. That just gives me one more reason to hate that disgusting, fugly, untalented bitch….May she die a long and painful death in hell with the rest of the cast from The Hills…

    Go Team Obama..:-D

    And why the hell are you saying that you are moving to Denmark? What do you mean by that?

  49. nipolian

    Alright you got me……the e-mail was slightly off and I shoud have verified the numbers prior to posting. For this I am sorry. I still stand behind the point of the e-mail and that is that there were many, many, many deaths that occured during the Clinton administration and the US public (as a whole) never knew anything about it. Why? Please refer to post #143.

  50. Hucky Ducky son of a Pig and an Ass

    Oh calling people names aint cool? You are a fucking piece of leftover elephant mung on the serengheti plane. Your mother is a whore and your god is a stolen asshole from another culture, one of many in the pantheon and the biggest asshole of them all. A racist murderer that one. And you can die and suck cock in Hell, faggot asshole cunt lick. How’s that?

    By social security I was particularly referring to the retirement account:

    The Bush administration has suggested to Congress that it cut Medicare home oxygen reimbursements by $6.8 billion over 10 years to help fund the annual Farm Bill
    As House Agricultural Committee Chair Collin Peterson notes, us critics would say this, almost exactly:

    “Some of our critics would probably have a field day if we are taking payments away from people on oxygen and they would say we are giving it to wealthy farmers, probably,” Peterson said.
    No, we are saying you would take life from old humans and give it to wealthy Hollywood Jews. But you’re on the right track.
    read that stupid.
    Now we can’t retire unless we pay for it for ourselves.

    You really make me sick. I wish we could have a revolution in this country and get rid of you perverts.

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