Heidi Montag will perform services for money

August 25th, 2008 // 97 Comments

I feel like I just got hit by a dump truck full of retard sauce. These are shots of Heidi Montag filming the video for her latest single “Overdosin’.” After looking at 1985 puke all over Heidi Montag, I can only hope this abortion will drown her tiny iota of a career along with everyone else on The Hills. Because, seriously, no one is looking at these photos and saying “Oh, yes, we need more of this to happen. I’m not completely bleeding from the eyes yet.”


  1. kerry

    she looks like david letterman raped a horse and out came that thing as their child.

  2. kerry

    she looks like david letterman raped a horse and out came that thing as their child.

  3. kerry

    she looks like david letterman raped a horse and out came that thing as their child.

  4. hater

    Why is Heidi Montag famous again?

  5. mrah

    she’s the dumbest bitch I’ve ever seen…

  6. FRST!!! Bluahahhe4rjkh2wrkhed!!!!!1111

  7. Kikmo

    Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah this the same idea they used for the David Prydz video for Call on Me. Why won’t she go away.

  8. Let me say this again

    David Letterman? David Letterman? David Letterman? It looks like Roger Daltry raped a horse and that’s what came out.

  9. Gem

    My god this girl needs to go away, seriously. Is there anyone out there who actually likes her and gives a shit what she does?

  10. Gem

    Oh and I second… what the hell is she famous for?

  11. Umm, yeah, exactly Heidi, Overdosin’, do that

  12. Plastic Sturgeon

    I don’t think there is another girl in Hollywood who is more of a waste of space.

  13. Barak Obama

    I would fuck every one of those girls. And maybe even a few of the guys. Why? Because I am a liberal douchebag that the world thinks the sun shines out of my ass thats why!

  14. HolyHell

    Holy hell…. She ripped off Olivia Newton John…. (who’s song sucked but at least she dressed in the right decade…)

  15. Stiles

    She is dumb. Doesn’t she know that, in 1985, no Asians would ever have been seen on camera.

  16. Joe

    Well, I think she actually looks pretty good here, in a Halloweenie sort of way. At least her jaw doesn’t look quite as huge as normal thanks to the hair.

  17. Carly

    someone needs to stay away from american apparel.

  18. Carly

    someone needs to stay away from american apparel.

  19. Rant

    Pic #4 has her fucking mouth shut for once!

  20. Lola

    Mehn I hate this useless bitch. Why would anyone EVER want to see a video with this talentless plastic puppet? What has America come to when we make celebrities of spoiled bastards who have absolutely no-talent other than whoring themselves out in front of a camera? Whatever…. Heidi & Spencer, do the world a favor and just die already…. Pretty please!!!!!

  21. sorryguys

    I hate this chick with a passion and I know I am going to get a lot of flack for this but damn she looks hot in these 80′s pics.

  22. nick hogan is a murderer

    damn that’s one ugly bitch

  23. green buds

    I would do her so hard

  24. combustion8

    **manjaw alrert**
    **manjaw alert**

  25. deva

    If “services for money” means I can saw her in half with a machine gun, sign me up!!!!!! I hate this woman.

  26. Joe C

    She manages to take nice blond hair, big fake tits and decent body and make it all look bad. She has some nice parts, but in this case, the whole is less than the sum of its parts. In simpler terms, the bitch is ugly.

  27. Randal

    Even perfection cannot compete with you Heidi, for you bring out the shine that you’ve always been known for since hitting the entertainment industry.

    Your current outfit, which radiates a brightness that only you can wear, is that of a style from Solid Gold, the 1980′s smash TV show that aired musical talent from all over the world.

    Of course, you don’t need such a show for we all know what a talent you’ve become.


  28. heidi is pathetic

    she is such a worthless, pathetic moron. so desperate. she is disgusting.

  29. Katt

    Umm…are we sure this a music video? Because if it is, I think someone slipped me a roofie…all I see is a remake of an old Jane Fonda exercise video. Good God…if I EVER got a clear shot of her forehead in my sights….

  30. Maham

    Tights – Express
    Belt – Express
    Unitard – American Apparel
    Purple bikini top (what the asian chick’s wearing) – American Apparel

    Dancers – 100
    Director & Equipment – 100

    Total cost for this video – 200 bucks

    Fucking bitch.

  31. meh

    For a virgin, she sure does have a hard time keeping her legs shut… Oh, and those leg warmers still don’t hide her ginormous feet.

    Won’t someone other than me please tell these kids that fahion in the 80s was bad the first time around. There’s no reason to repeat it. Blech…*shudder*

  32. Erin

    That girl in the rainbow spandex two rows back looks like she wants to kill herself. “Oh sweet Jesus, what am I doing?”

  33. Jon H

    What is this, an infomercial for child sex tours in Asia directed by American Apparel’s Dov Charney?

  34. dona

    I couldn’t agree more, I want to throw up


    Gotta’ tell ya’: I’m lovin’ this. Thisgirl is so freaking hot it makes me want to put that pouty little bitch of a blowup doll of mine in cold storage for an eternity.

    You’re just haters and jealous of that fine form and talent. And by talent I mean the great rack she’s sporting. Personally I’m GLAD to hear she’s still insisting her virginity is intact. It makes the drug fueled dreams that much more vivid. This is like finding out Jenna Jameson’s hymen is still intact. It’s like finding out that Lindsay Lohan still likes penis. It’s like finding out the 8 years of the Bush administration was all a dream. It’s like finding out Fish isn’t a homo but a regular guy like me who loves gals in bikinis and DD’s! (Nah just kidding: After that McAdams/Gosling post you’re a homo man: Sam Ronson laughs at you.

  36. MCcains tumor


  37. Eddy

    It totally looks like a bad commerical for American Apparel. Except that all the indie nerds that shop there would be smart enough to abhor this woman, so its sort of a turn off.

    I love the way her mouth being open just looks like its waiting for something… whether that’s a male member or a shotgun I’m not really sure.

    A few of the pictures from angles when she actually seems not to be making a ZOMG dumb face at the camera actually make her look decent, but they don’t make up for the absolute dumb she looks like when she opens her mouth. Maybe some women should be seen and not heard.

  38. Mike Hawk

    I HATE

  39. JustLooking

    I knew she reminded me of somebody! In the bottom one where she’s kinda looking over her shoulder…she looks like Tim Curry posing for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  40. Amanda

    shes totally biting off the eric prydz call on me video tsk tsk

  41. caitlin

    i didn’t think you could actually insult 80′s fashion.

    i would love to get in a physical altercation with this scarecrow.

  42. So who is she exactly, I’ve heard her name many times but I have no clue who she is.


  43. tijuas

    Man, stop posting “news” abouth this two fuckwads, beacuse I am completely bleeding from the eyes

  44. what a loser this broad is… do you think she would do me?

  45. Lady_Di's_Ghost_Says...

    Good Lordy Lord…my people would have her removed from my immediate vicinity…where is James Bond one wonders.

  46. venomhed

    Who the fuck is Heidi Montag and how is she famous and for what?

    I want Rocko Siffredi to get a hold of her now.

  47. mer

    I have no idea who this girl is, but it seems like she always has her mouth open.

  48. Ted from LA

    Is she singing, “Let’s get physical?”

  49. omnibacon

    Has she ever done one original thing in her entire life. Just one?

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