Heidi Montag continues quest to make world’s shittiest pop music

August 18th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Season 4 of the The Hills premieres tonight, and to further emphasize the continued decline of civilization, Heidi Montag has released a new single “Overdosin’” which sounds exactly like her previous single “Fashion”. I’m pretty sure Heidi Montag is just sitting in a recording booth saying words. No, scratch that. I don’t want to give this thing more credit than it’s due. Anyway, Heidi explained the meaning of her latest abortion to Ryan Seacrest this morning:

“‘Overdosin” is about “when you fall in love with someone… and [you're] just overdosing off of their love.”

Now, if only Heidi and Spencer would overdose off each other’s love – or heroin. I’m cool either way.


  1. SARAh


  2. ha


  3. Somebody will always be making the bad pop music. I can’t say there is such thing as good pop music.

  4. pp

    Why can’t this bitch close her friggin’ mouth

  5. j-nasty

    me and my boys would run a train on dat azz

  6. ed

    Close your mouth Bitch.

    Your breath is killing us all.

  7. norton

    Here’s an idea…. let’s all make a pact that we DON’T post anything from here on out on Superficial posts that we really don’t care about.

    Like this douche-ette and her homo “boyfriend”.

  8. cerwin

    I dun care what anyone says.. she is fuckin hot

  9. rough daddy

    you know? shes 10 times more attractive when that jerk off boyfriend/handler is not in the pictures. futhermore, theres no indication shes half naked in the vid so ill pass on watching

  10. jomay

    good luck with that

  11. havoc

    Stop writing stories about her and she will go away…..

    Just make every story about Kim Kardashian and that will be fine….


  12. SGT. FIVE0

    When is going to do what she was bred for…..PORN!

  13. I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler!!!

    She’d be the perfect prostitute. I’m not saying she’s not already a type of prostitute. I’m just saying if she was so desperate that she would get freaky for $20 bucks, that would have been her best contribution to this world.

  14. Kruger

    I’ll take a whole busload of that kinda dumb. Her lack of a brain just gives me a whole other cavity to fill.

  15. Jerry

    I, for one, love that open mouth.

    I’ve got great plans for that open mouth.

  16. veggi

    Hey! Who does she think she is? In that first picture, she’s copying FRIST’s patented “I want ass-to-mouth” pose.

  17. rough daddy

    now heres an observation,,,shes the type that would get butt implant…wonder how many nose job you had to have to make your nose look eternally shiny…after she look like a good lay, and also talk her into doing anal…

  18. Jesus, stick with the Reality Shows you little twit !!
    What do you guys think would be best for Heidi to do to make a Living ??

    I think it can be best summed up with what Heidi can do with that overly big jaw of hers. John Homes around lately ??

  19. Candy

    Those tits — A+++
    That ass — A+
    Those legs- A+++
    Those short shorts – love them.
    Vacous Blonde barbie doll look – perfect for sport.

    Really, what is there not to absolutely love? She a human blow up doll!

  20. rough daddy

    please insert the word that after the word after…

  21. JM

    Her life is one never ending mentos commercial. That or somewhere in her family tree there’s a pelican. Either way I bet she’s gargling a love-shot in that picture.

  22. Sam

    “Stop writing stories about her and she will go away…..

    Just make every story about Kim Kardashian and that will be fine….”

    Please. Heidi and Kim are equally fake, equally talentless, equally annoying D-list cunts. If you want to jerk off, go to Kim’s site. She actually knows what she’s for – you’ll find plenty of jerk-off material there.

  23. Peter Gammons

    That is probably the worst song I’ve ever heard…. but it doesn’t change the face that I still want to have sex with her face.

  24. Em

    Could this girl be a bigger retard??

  25. republican man

    She’s a very attractive Republican girl! A perfect role model for girls. And I didn’t kick her fiance out of bed either!

    errr…umm…I meant, “I woudn’t”

  26. Bill O'Reilly

    Have I been toiling in vain? Have you people learned nothing at all? As George W. Bush has shown, a good Republican can succeed without having even the slightest bit of legitimate talent. It’s all in the packaging. Now go put your fucking flag pins on.

  27. Cash

    At least she’s fun to look at, as opposed to other people who make shitty lyrics such as Kanye West, Shaggy, and pretty much any other hip hop/pop singer.

  28. Deacon Jones

    Want a funny image in your head?

    Picture what this cunt would look like after they passed her around a maximum security prison for the night, 5 minutes per cell.

  29. somuchbetter

    I love the fact they need to add a synthesizer just to make the song almost bearable.

    Yikes. Overdosin’ on love? Wow. She is a true artist.

  30. You might think she’s just a dumb blonde, but actually she dyes her hair.

  31. i know what to put in that mouth to make her shut up…

  32. gin

    I just listened to the song “Fashion”
    OH MY GOD. I think my ears may very well be bleeding.

    “I am, I’m too fabu-lous
    I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts
    I live, to be model thin
    Dress me, I’m your manne-quin”

    You’re completely right. When there are people singing about shit like this, it can only be the decline of civilization.

  33. havoc

    Sam, you seem to be preoccupied with jerking off.

    If you want to spread some Spencer love, that’s your little homo trip…


  34. wow, that sound sounds ass douchebaggish as spencer pratt.

  35. Stuey

    why does that whore always have that surprised open mouth look on her face.


  36. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Hmm, Republicans have Heidi Montag and the demoncrats have rosanne barr. Both as stupid as a anyone can get, but at least Heidi isn’t a fat slob who blames everything on George Bush. She looks like she knows when to walk away from the feeding trough rosanne.

  37. Stuey

    LMAO I just listened to that crap. Her voice is so digitized it sounds like a speak n’ spell singing

  38. Ed Castillo


  39. #26 – LOL, so true!

  40. jim

    holy shit.

    her voice is so bad that even professionals couldnt auto-tune her voice properly.

    do you hear that? it sounds like she did this at home on a lap-top. i know two bit emo bands with better vocal recording capabilities.

    i doubt she sang a single note, its the only explanation for the EXTREME almost cher quality auto-tune (and then it was used for effect, here im not supposed to notice)

    this is more heinous than any song ive ever heard in my life.

  41. You know it sucks when the vocals are so bad that they have to be jacked with in the studio to make her sound like she’s a goddamn robot.

    I am actually kind of ashamed that i listened to it just so that I could post some stupid comment.

    /gettin back to work

  42. Jeffro

    What’s the over/under on a sex tape? I’m going with May 7th 2009. Place your bets, place your bets.

    Talentless hag just needs to do pr0n.

  43. jim

    37: that digitized sound you hear is what happens when someone sings so off key that a professional has to go in and artificially insert a vocal melody. its called auto-tuning. usually people only use it for correction, or occasionally for effect, i dont think ive ever heard someones voice so over-tuned, and im someone with an awful voice who uses that shit. haha.

  44. jim

    42: it will happen eventually. shes such a media slut following the paris hilton’s guide to being a d-list gossip rag whore. so dont worry, just find out when the last season of the hills is add a year for the possibility of a spin-off, and then you have your date for the sex tape.

  45. boyz II mens

    As much as I can’t stand her, I’d hit it anyway.

  46. not as bad as i thought.
    i like it.

  47. ali

    fuck, heidi, quit teasing me! i need a sex tape.

    preferably not with ‘douche-nozzle’, but i’ll take what i can get.

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