Heidi Montag appreciates your comments

February 6th, 2008 // 165 Comments

Heidi Montag, seen here shopping at Rumor’s yesterday, responded to the comments about her new music video. While most people now fully grasp the artistic stylings of Paris Hilton, Heidi was happy for the feedback, according to People:

“I appreciate people taking time to write any kind of comment. Do you know how much effort it really takes to sit down and write a comment? I’ve never written a comment in my entire life… you really have to have a lot of passion and thought to write any comment, so thank you.”

When she’s not setting women’s right movements back at least a hundred years, I wonder how many times Heidi Montag gets patted on the head and handed a dog biscuit. I’m guessing a lot.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Tom

    PUTRID UGLY!! I can smell her dirty smelly twat from here…
    what a FAT WHORE!!!

  2. Sabrina

    she sucks…..that’s my comment.

  3. sameshitdifferentyear

    Somehow this gal always consistently looks very-very-almost-good

  4. Nikky Raney

    the video is soo low budget

  5. jenny

    ewwwwww….plastic barbie….who does this nobody think she is….nice tipppy toeing too…..dumb broad

  6. magpie

    uh who the fuck is Heidi Montag?

  7. 23apples

    Wait, she’s mentally handicapped, right?

    She looks like a man in these pictures (and always). She’s got the mustache and squared off jaw look down. What a HOTTIE!

  8. Victoria

    She says that like she actually knows how to read and write. Normal people can spit comments in a matter of a few seconds. Broads like that are left looking up “big” words like “the” and “go” while they hunt and peck using their gorilla man-mitts on the keyboard. And, uh – who the hell is she again?

  9. Jenny

    i want to throw up. heidi stinks.

  10. rofl

    haha she’s had her lips done

  11. haha

    bitches face looks beat upp

  12. What the fuck is up with airhead, insecure girls paying someone to cut them up and turn them into disproportionate generic Barbie dolls? I mean, who started this trend? They all want to look the same-orange tan; rock-hard, fake-ass balloon tits, skeletal body, bleach blonde hair, and then they walk around like they are so fucking hot when the reality is that they have absolutely no self-esteem in the first place. If they did, they wouldn’t try to change themselves into some plasticized loser.
    Did anyone else notice how she’s sticking those beach balls out like that in the pics? I guess those unnatural fake-ass DDDDDDD’s aren’t big enough for her. I’ll take my natural C’s any day! Also, when my boyfriend touches them, I don’t have the risk of my breasts exploding all over the room. But, I guess if I looked looked like her I’d want plastic surgery as well.

  13. Christina

    I like how she does the standard ugly girl pose in every photo shoot. The back to the camera, looking over the shoulder pose so that only a fraction of your actual face is showing pose. Makes even the fugliest of uggos looks decent.

  14. jasmina

    fake ass bitch seriously she’s a nobody.. she lives off the fame of a television show that stars a girls who cannot stand her.

  15. whoa

    where the hell did the post on xtina go???

  16. steve aka Gorilla Butthole

    Funniest Comment on the page:

    72 & 78

  17. whoa

    ‘kay, nevermind, it’s back….

  18. LAME-O

    Heidi Montag is yet ONE MORE example of a dumb, insecure woman who bought herself a set of saline sacks and thinks she’s all of a sudden HOT. She’s f*cking UGLY, and fake tits don’t change it. Her face looks like a horse. Girls like Heidi are a f*cking dime a dozen. So dumb.

  19. ms.d

    blow up doll

  20. anne

    you are triiiifling . .2 secs

  21. FromOutOfNoWhere

    oh man, this chick is freaking hot. huge boner here.

  22. Ted from LA

    Your boner must come from out of nowhere too. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is a two (and that is a fake two… wink… wink… if you know what I mean).

  23. La Frascatana

    Lately I have had the feeling that this girl is Joan Crawford reincarnated. Not only do they have the same huge green eyes and facial features in general, but they both have an insane drive to be famous. I don’t think she’s going away anytime soon.

    I also don’t think Heidi is anywhere near as dumb as she pretends to be. No one is offering her any movie roles so she has made one for herself — the loveable village idiot that girls hate and all guys secretly want to bang despite feeling deep shame.

    But my guess is that she has another side to her personality that she’s keeping hidden until she needs it. Also we know she has some acting talent since her “reality show” is all scripted.

  24. Heidi Montag

    I decided to learn how to post just so I could tell of you that I’m praying for you because I am a great Christian. I also pray for LC about 10 times a day. Amen.

  25. scooby

    seriously fuck-able. damn. i love it.

  26. goofy

    Pretty enough but that dress couldn’t be much more trashy!

  27. Anal Fistula

    vapid cunt.

    she is going to be amusingly desperate and silly when she’s 30.

  28. Juaquin Ingles

    Her fake tits are NOT HOT. WTF is wrong with people? You get off on water balloons too? Jesus Christ. Women need to stop getting implants and you dumb fucks who think they’re not the worst things invented need to choke on your own ejaculate.

  29. Juaquin Ingles

    #15 Yeah I hate that too. That’s pretty much a deal-breaker there. If a bitch can’t even dress herself…

  30. caca smells

    These are actually very unflattering photos.
    I feel bad for this girl … I can only imagine how disappointed her family is in her.

  31. Ted from LA

    I concur in spades. Priceless.

  32. BB

    That’s her fake ass bitch way of saying people who post comments have too much time on their hands, hate her and her fug boyfriend.

    But anyway, superficial..why didn’t you give credit for that interview and quote to PEREZ HILTON? The video of HIM doing this interview where she says that was on his SITE.. yesterday. loser

  33. River

    facial elephantitis is a terrible disease, it’s wonderful that they caught it relatively early for Heidi. Nice song girl! I’ve always loved Yoko Ono’s music, and I rank yours right up there with her!

  34. You know, I’ll bet dippin’ your wick in Ms. Montag’s – you know – is a lot like dippin’ your wick in a jar of honey: it’s warm and sticky, and it has no IQ to speak of.

  35. Honestly, I don’t think anything about this chick is “hot”. She’s actually sadly pathetic.

  36. ohkaekaekae

    damn, i can sing better karaoke than her, BUT she looks ALMOST as good as the crackwhore strippers here in east st. louis :] which is not sayin much

  37. chopmeat2000

    There’s so much passion in theses comments! Thanks for your time everybody!

  38. Jess

    Wow. She looks really horrible. Bleaches her hair, fake boobs, wears colored contacts, lip injections, nose job, and it looks like she recently shaved her chin down a little, too. She’s 21, right? What a shame! And in my opinion, a waste of money, too. She looks worse than ever. She should have left herself alone. It’s really sad. I think she must suffer from body dysmorphic disorder.

  39. Junie Spears?

    She wants comments? OK I have one for her – fake tits, insecure and an ugly or homely at best face.
    I hope she reads that comment.

  40. RENEE...

    So basically what she’s saying is…”Hey, as long as they’re still talking about you, good or bad…Its all good because it means that you’re newsworthy and famous”…. Yeah, whatever fake ugly mug…you’ll be out of the picture in no time (not soon enough, of course).

  41. FromOutOfNoWhere

    #123 if fake boobs mattered people would give a crap about Pamela Anderson’s, lord knows she only made it famous with her fake two. Besides the the fake boobs, this chick is still hot.

  42. FromOutOfNoWhere

    correction, “people wouldn’t give a damn”

  43. tom petty and the lipsinkers

    Well at least she has insight….she apparently says that it takes thought to make comments and that she has never made a comment….clearly she is aware of her own inability to think. The fact that she is not in denial about being a stupid fake media whore means there might be hope for her yet. The only big threat to her recovery from being a superficial manipulative self absorbed fool would be if Tom and his Scientology minions got their evil hooks into her ….Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen!!

  44. Laura

    why the hell is she posing in a clothing store? does this girl have no.. shame? Who the hell is she anyway? Her boyfriend is horrible looking too, i just felt really embarrased for her when i watched that video of her singing.. its just so poor quality, so utterly embarrasing.

    She isn’t ugly, but she has a really long drawn down face and her cheekbones are awful!! .. good boobs though, but give them another 10 years and they’ll be down past her belly button.

    what happened to real beautiful celebrities? That where actually famous for a reason?

  45. PrettyBaby

    Have any of you all ever actually seen her on the Hills? Oh… I mean…. it is ugly. She stares off into space all the time pouting over Spencer making some of the ugliest facial expressions known to mankind. and Oh God… her voice. I…. someone hold me so I can forget…..

  46. Jen

    Is it me or does she get uglier with each passing day. What in the world is going on with her face. The orange spots look like a baby who just got done eating mashed carrots. She is nasty. Her parents must be super proud of their whore of a daughter.

  47. pooper scooper

    umm…. this is horrible!!!! esp. the video … o my god!!!! thats horrible. one thing dont be mad or anything like when im watching the hills i seriously think that she is soo pretty but in these photos it looks like if she had no hair, would she have a potential chance of looking like a man? … sorry if thats to harsh but i say it when i see it.

  48. Regular guy

    I will again never date, let alone marry, a woman with fake breasts. They are just silly. Over the years, I have been intimate with a couple of women with breast implants. Not good. These goofy fake knockers are a distraction to me.

    The answer? Do not get them, ladies. They do NOT make you look better! Your natural breasts, even if they are SMALL, are much better than fake balloons. Got that? Even if they are small, natural is infinitely BETTER. That’s from an average guy.

  49. poo

    You know what’s hilarious? I think she sincerely believes she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

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