Heidi Montag appreciates your comments

February 6th, 2008 // 165 Comments

Heidi Montag, seen here shopping at Rumor’s yesterday, responded to the comments about her new music video. While most people now fully grasp the artistic stylings of Paris Hilton, Heidi was happy for the feedback, according to People:

“I appreciate people taking time to write any kind of comment. Do you know how much effort it really takes to sit down and write a comment? I’ve never written a comment in my entire life… you really have to have a lot of passion and thought to write any comment, so thank you.”

When she’s not setting women’s right movements back at least a hundred years, I wonder how many times Heidi Montag gets patted on the head and handed a dog biscuit. I’m guessing a lot.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Jack D

    Nice tits, though.

  2. Tara

    Here’s a comment…why doesn’t she go away?!

  3. First you fucking twat sucking morons.

  4. Ooba Gooba

    Jesus, could this chick be any more pathetic and stupid?

  5. DD's

    She makes my panties wet.

  6. The Laughing God

    So a white Kim?

  7. Anonny

    If reading and writing is so difficult for Heidi, maybe she should go to that Shannon Carlson at Verizon who reads mail for people.

  8. RCA

    How thick would her mustache be if she didn’t wax that thing every 26 hours???

  9. Pixie

    Fake boobs and a horse face are all that is needed to make it in the music industry apparently.

    (see I made a comment Heidi!)

  10. TT

    I’d fuck her.

  11. Sluggo

    Who is this person, and why should I care?

  12. Jeff

    Sweet love pillows.

  13. D. Richards (Sodomite.)

    Yes, you have to passionately hate Heidi Montag. That’s what feeds my desire to bash her every single chance I get. The hate.

    I watched about thirty seconds of her ‘music’ video a little while ago and do ya’ know what? It’s was utterly un-passionate. It was like watching a little child lost at a supermarket.

  14. shugies

    Can you please not post about Heidi ever again? I would like her to disappear into obscurity as quickly as possible.

  15. I hope she’s wearing pretty panties that match her black bra.
    I fucking hate it when a chick wears a bra and panties that don’t match.

  16. Spencer Pratt

    Would anyone think it’s strange that I have a strong urge to shove some dollar bills down her bikini?

  17. gotmilk?

    who is this vapid bitch posing for?

    the next logical step for her is Playboy. Hopefully they’re wise enough not to let her in with that jacked up face.

  18. #3, good job, you piece of trash troll hobgoblin, can’t even tell frist from thrid…duh..

  19. Binky

    Well you gotta admit – the gal did get quite a bit of ‘feedback’

  20. diana

    is this actually going to air somewhere?
    what is this?

  21. I cannot watch that video….

    With the sound on.

  22. sharpeidude

    I wonder how dirty she gets in bed? She probably drags a bag or two of potting soil into the bedroom when it’s time to get busy.

  23. dude

    vapid cunt.

  24. sallie mae


    to answer your question, she’s probably as nasty as King Tut’s toe jam. the girl admits to having no self-esteem. those are the best bitches to bang because they’ll do anything to feel “liked”. i mean ANYTHING. the smart thing to do is to find one of these bitches and start selling her ass. check your local greyhound station for your needy bitch today and start paying down your student loans in a flash.

  25. erere

    it takes 2 secs to write a comment…try it sometime manwhore

  26. @21 Sara, Is there really any reason to have the sound on? There is only one reason to watch that video..

  27. p0nk

    @12 i don’t know how you like your “pillows”, but i don’t like feeling the safety airbag just deployed in my face.

  28. fatso

    Did she get MORE plastic surgery? She looks fucking ridiculous. Like some kind of deformed blow-up doll.

  29. whistle

    She says it take a lot of effort to comment… It took me about 30 seconds to type this and click ‘post’. This lack of effort on her part is apparently an accurate representation of how much effort she put into her singing voice/career and video.

  30. Beana

    Wow… This is some real bootleg, cable access shit.

  31. ella

    she has a brown foundation mustachio in these pics.

  32. IanY77

    Granted, there are like 10 girls who look just like her in every sorority in America, but the girl is all kinds of skankalicious.

  33. Auntie Kryst

    Maybe it’s just me, but reading her qoute makes me think this skank bitch is trying to be sarcastic. I read it as sort of a fuck you, I wrote a song anyone can write a comment type of thing.

  34. sla

    If her brain were one-tenth the size of her boobs she would know that making a comment is easier than farting, and both are just about equally beneficial to society.

    Or maybe that’s just true for those of us that have some command of written language.

  35. IanY77

    Granted, there are like 10 girls who look just like her in every sorority in America, but the girl is all kinds of skankalicious.

  36. I cannot tell a lie…
    …I’d give her pirate eye…

  37. Abyssal_Torment

    I want to take this broads face and smash it into a plate-glass window then bang her she gargles on her own tracheal effluvial sputum…

  38. Abyssal_Torment

    I want to take this broads face and smash it into a plate-glass window then bang her while she gargles on her own tracheal effluvial sputum…

  39. MadMike

    average looking at best….and that may even be a stretch. So tired of this same processed look. She kinda looks like the guy from Wayne’s world. How the fuck is this chick famous??? Sure does not take much these days.

  40. Captain Fucktard

    #37 & 38 That’s hot!

  41. woodhorse

    She needs to be a little more passionate about her roots.

  42. Chelle

    Fuck is she like trying to be the next Jenna Jameson or something, these pictures are trashy!

  43. nipolian

    #33 I’m with you…….She is giving everyone that wrote anything bad about her song a big sarcastic fuck you…… Now she is sitting back laughing her ass off at all the people that are posting about how stupid she is. At least I think she is.

  44. You Know It



  45. deaconjones

    I loooooove fake tits……
    They should make them mandatory at my work if your a female, it offsets having to listen to them cackle about how many weight watcher points girl scout cookies are in the lunch room……

    let the hateful comments begin…

  46. Rat

    Silicon! One of the great inventions of the 20th century.
    She is still cute though!

  47. Salty Nuts

    @45 LOLOLOL!!!

    Dude, I thought I was the only one!

  48. KickRocks


  49. Otis

    I’m guessing directed by spencer pratt, editing by spencer pratt, wardrobe by spencer pratt, camera work by spencer pratt on his cell phone.

  50. hausfrau

    Here’s a comment for you sweetie- YOUR BOOBS ARE RIDICULOUS AND YOU CAN’T SING. Hope that helps. Oh- and your boyfriend is an obnoxious little twat. I can see why the two of you are together. See? Another comment!

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