Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt go to Mexico

January 10th, 2008 // 445 Comments

While it’s a documented fact I hate The Hills like a red-headed step-child, there’s no way I could pass on these pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in Mexico. I guess I’m a sucker for two people in the throes of love. I’m a hopeless romantic. You know, the kind that gets drunk and throws dollar bills at his computer monitor until he realizes he’s gone through a grand and Heidi can’t really see him. Sort of like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic, but way more sensitive to chick stuff.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Andrea

    lmao@all the critical comments. Do you really think you’re credible? Without question, she’s better looking that any of the girls commenting here, and somebody any of the guy commenters would give their left nut to see naked (and both nuts to fuck, not realizing the contradiction: the guy commenters here are tards). Please, just stop, it’s sad. For you.

  2. #98, hey Mike. Yeah, good to see you. Oh, and 80 wasn’t me, but whatever..

  3. What are you up to Mike

  4. Yea, these pics gross me out. She is TOTALLY HOT, but can she look anymore fake posing for the cameras. She is as fake as “The Hills” is!

  5. Mike

    #102, and #103, been good, just been off on vacation, then got back to work and had lots of work to catch up on. But anyway, I will be here back again to pester you guys.

  6. tree

    Totally NOT HOT. Fake boobs suck, thats why no one wants to suck on fake boobs.

  7. Mike, did Jimbo tell you about my new cocksucking technique? It’ll blow your mind (as well)!

  8. Oh god, they are such losers.

  9. Banana

    God damn she is really hot

  10. @109 Get the fuck out of here Amily2008.

  11. amily2008

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  12. G


  13. D. Richards (Master.)

    #101? Let me get this straight for you, okay?

    The only thing that you could possibly pose to all of the ‘women’ posting entries on the Superficial is a question. See, you’re questioning their attractiveness by typing that idiotic drivel. Assumption is question, you’re just answering the question for yourself.

    Do you see the ‘contradiction’? Ha!

    As for me, I wouldn’t fuck Montag even with my junky brother’s cock. And daddy doesn’t give his ‘nuts’ for any woman. Unless she likes ass-sex.. You enjoy sodomy, 101?

  14. Guy

    In most sets of photos you see one or two unflattering photos, here everyone is showing her a her best.


  15. CJ

    Looks like she got what she paid for and no one is mad at her. Sad she has to pretend she’s got the photogs on her heels, though. Obviously a publicity stunt to boost her ratings.

  16. Lindsay

    I’m 99.8% sure this is a ‘photo shoot’ not pap. No one fucking cares about her, so she has to do it herself. Gross, how posed out is she? Who lays doggy style like that? She sure is gorg (her body at least, except for those huge wide hips of hers maybe) and I can’t hate on her for having fake boobs and a nose job but shes so talentless. What is she DOING?

  17. Dr. Nappy

    Her breasts seem to large for her frame. Looks unnatural in my opinion.

    ‘Yay self-esteem issues.

  18. Mike

    #107, No FRIST, he doesn’t e-mail me anymore, or neither do you. So I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me.

  19. Nikky Raney

    i am so jealous of her body

  20. Someone’s been messing with the comment order again….either that or Jimbo is psychic!!!!!..

  21. @117 Hey Dumbshit Nappy, They are called implants. They are fake. not real.

  22. Mike

    #121, Jimbo you sure? I tend to agree with #117…………..lmao.

  23. #112, are you a fucking retard??? I mean seriously. Helmet, short bus, whole nine yards? Want a little tip? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  24. Nikky Raney

    if i was her i’d be posing for papparazzi too.
    why wouldn’t you want your pix to look good??

  25. Lauri

    Umm is it just me or does she look different/better than usual. I mean I know she got her nose and boobs done and after that she still didn’t look that great (horse) in some pics but in these she looks GOOD. Did she get more done? And as far as her saying that “LC went hollywood” she wasn’t the one that got a nose AND boob job.

  26. @124 Nikky, That is good to know. The next time I see you standing on the beach with your tits pushed out and your ass looking all perky, I will take your picture.

  27. homiegirl

    god, how slutty is she trying to be?

    i mean seriously, she is trying WAy TOOOOO HARD

  28. Anonymous

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  29. Nikky Raney

    It’s a free photo shoot!

  30. Her toes look creepy…like little aliens or something……..

  31. Nikky Raney

    i mean those pictures are better than the ones on america’s next top model. that photographer is good. are those even photo shopped?

  32. D. Richards (Stain.)

    If Montag continues to get operations, she’ll be a completely different person by summer; well, except for the fact that her brain will be the same vacuity filled piece-of mush.

    There’s something wrong with a person that has this much surgery to make themself look ‘prettier’. I’d imagine it’s the same problem that forces people to suicide.

    Heidi? Sweety, you can change your appearance, but you can’t fix that dysmorphic self-image as easily.

  33. #97 are you on acid? What is WRONG with you? Mind must be as vacant as hers..

  34. ya_rly

    do you think she likes it in the butt?

  35. granada

    Who the fuck wears makeup to the beach?

  36. Ript1&0

    Wait, Fish, you have an entire grand?? Wow, you are loaded man!! That IS almost enough for the midget to roll around in. Better get that in ones.

    And make SURE the midget gets the cash. This whore gets nothing. Not that I know who she is or anything, but god, I still fucking hate her.

  37. Ript1&0

    PS = Redheads rule all of you. Seriously.

  38. @135 Have you ever even been to the beach? I think it is time to get out of your double wide and see the world. Most women wear makeup to the beach. They are there to look good and get a sun tan, not swim laps with the dolphins.

  39. #134 most intelligent comment today/..

  40. Yup

    Office Whore, how can you fall for a cheap fake fox news webpage?


    You see? The actual domain of the website is ivdo.ws. So, no, there is no sexual video of Britney having sex making the rounds on the web (not yet).

  41. rongway

    SUPERFICIAL… you are cheap.. why no Large photos like you used to have?????????????????????
    these little photos are a waste of TIME.

  42. g.o.d.

    If she had achieved this beauty naturally, I would possibly consider her attractive…

  43. @140, So what you saying is you are just as stupid as Office Whore when you tried to see if the link was real? I bet you make you momma proud. I think it is time for you to put on your helmet, get on the small bus and go home.

  44. Harry

    Not good girlfriend or wife material, but def. great “let’s go to Vegas and screw until we faint” material. God, my standards are low.

  45. Mick

    141… Click on the photo to enlarge or you could take a minute and read under the photo.. it has a box that states ” Full Size +” you can also click that.

  46. colette

    127, amen to that

    i mean, really

    it’s like her boobs are gonna fall right off of her puny chest if she even bends over a little

  47. doop

    totally agreeing with 146

    her boobs look totally fake, but it could be the preggerness

    plus it makes it so much better with the cross on her shirt

  48. doop

    plus, am i the only guy here who feels bad for this poor man? having this slut on top of him, boobs falling off…

  49. hey now

    hey andrea 101 YOU SUCK AT LIFE you dont know what anyone looks like thats posts here so shove it up your ass ! hiedi trys way to hard. without the makeup and the fakness she wouldnt even be a second glancer she probably wouldnt even look good.. oh well

  50. hey now

    hey andrea 101 YOU SUCK AT LIFE you dont know what anyone looks like thats posts here so shove it up your ass ! hiedi trys way to hard. without the makeup and the fakness she wouldnt even be a second glancer she probably wouldnt even look good.. oh well

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