Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt go to Mexico

January 10th, 2008 // 445 Comments

While it’s a documented fact I hate The Hills like a red-headed step-child, there’s no way I could pass on these pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in Mexico. I guess I’m a sucker for two people in the throes of love. I’m a hopeless romantic. You know, the kind that gets drunk and throws dollar bills at his computer monitor until he realizes he’s gone through a grand and Heidi can’t really see him. Sort of like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic, but way more sensitive to chick stuff.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Iowa Girl

    good f’n god. None of these are “natural” she is just constantly posing. this cracks me up!!!!!

  2. kirsten

    These two are as phoney as her tits and nose! They truly are a perfect match though.

  3. ATX

    Ok, so she is an attention whore? You would be too if you pulled away from the computer and looked this good in a bikini! I am convinced that all the haters on this site are either gay or jealous bitches. Wait, all you haters are gay, jealous bitches! That works. Now get your fat assed, flat chested, no talent wannabe asses back to the computer monitors to jerk off. Heidi is gorgeous. So she ruins it by knowing she is hot, whatever. She is confident. And confidence is very sex. Don’t you think? More power to ya Heidi, you sexy bitch!

  4. Starchasm

    You know what’s funny? These are clearly and painfully staged, and the guy STILL can’t help but look like a totally retarded douchebag. They’re supposed to be looking the best they can (and god bless her, that little blow-up doll is trying her darndest) and he STILL looks like he’s trying to figure out what that bright glowing ball in the sky is.

  5. FRIST,

    I don’t see anything about Britney shaving her head again. Kind of scary, no Britney news today. .

    Are you taking the troll up on taking you picture??

  6. Sauron

    Looks like they are in Spain to me (:

  7. Ted from LA

    I’m with Iowa Girl. Fake tits are a joke. It’s like corking your bat in baseball. 95% of them look ridiculous. The other 5% make you wonder, “are they real?” Note to all women: Don’t cork your bat.

  8. emmyem

    What a couple of zeros. Nothings. Waste of energy and time and space.
    Idiot retards who do NOTHING for ANYONE. They are sickening, even more than Amy Winehouse. At least Amy can sing. Um, when she remembers the lyrics…but still, these two? The horror…….the horror………………….

  9. 1MILF Hunter

    Posed – yes. Nice rack – yes again.

  10. Hey, ATX. YOU are an attention whore!!! Now GO AWAY, this is what we do..

  11. hdl

    She looked hotter in the Baywatch pics! But still I couldn’t stop fucking her. Everything seems to be perfect and she really seems to be feeling great with her new breasts… some fish really got all the luck

  12. No way Jimbo. I’m in the witness protection program.

    Plus I’m still working out trying to lose the holiday weight gain….stupid chocolate covered magic mushrooms..

  13. emmyem

    I wish I had written that. Straight (HA HA HA) and to the point, like on the top of her HEAD.
    SEETHING, I am. But why? WHY? Mr. Superfish, please stop this. I’m begging, PLEASE……………………..

  14. ATX

    FRIST!!! (obviously gay), she is still hot and you still wish you were her. So bite me.

  15. FRIST,

    Why don’t you just have a lot of sex and you can lose those Holiday pounds really quick?

    Wait I shouldn’t have said that, I bet the troll will have a come back for that now.

  16. emmyem

    Oh help me.I looked at the photos of Heidi and Spencer “sleeping”. Oh MY GOD they are so QUEER. Just so very stupidly queer. In one photo, it’s just Heidi, “taking a little nap” And while she’s DOZING, she’s POZING. And no, I am not Mr. T, nor do I look like him. Or Johnnie Cochran. Oh wait, he’s dead.
    WHO do they think they are kidding. And he DOES look like a big fag.

  17. You still look hot. Do you have any more of those shrooms??

    @53 What old cliché book did you dig up?? “confidence is very sex”, “More power to ya Heidi, you sexy bitch!” You sound like some old 80′s disco rag.

  18. 10pound

    Check out that camel toe!

  19. #64, why don’t you read my comment #17 where I clearly state that I am JEALOUS???

    And I will bite you if you insist..but you better taste good..

  20. Sorry Jimbo, I was kidding about the shrooms. It was more like chocolate covered chocolate. Actually I’m kidding about that too. I rarely eat sweets unless it’s a chocolate martini..

  21. Anne

    Chris Crocker got a new body.

  22. FRIST,

    I always taste good. Come try me.

  23. Bigheadmike

    Hot Hot Hot!!

  24. Sandy

    @72 Hey Jimbo You sound hot.

  25. Sandy

    Can I taste you?

  26. Jimbo sorry, I’m on a low-salt diet.

  27. FRIST you could always taste my ass, while I break the wind of love.

  28. haroof

    Gotta love all the fat pig bitter bitches on here totally jealous of how insanely hot this chick is.

    If any guys are complaining….well then it’s quite obvious what your dilemma is.

  29. combustion8

    did she get a chin reduction?

    she may be dumber than shit but I’d still tongue her pooter hole… while at the same time stabbing him in the face with a meat thermometer.

  30. Jimbo that right there was poetry.

  31. GoKickRocks

    Did she just get clear braces or were her lips injected?

    Why do I care?

  32. Chris

    Ugly chick, great fake boobies.

  33. Iowa Girl

    haha damn this comment section got nasty FAST!

  34. asew

    Is it just me or does this not look like Heidi at all? It looks like some random model.

  35. carly

    ugh, what an ugly, un-classy slut.

  36. Auntie Kryst

    Ok I’m an asshole, I think this chick looks really hot. I know she’s plastic stupid cumbucket, but I sort of like this wee bit of over ripeness. Thank god there is the pic of her boyfriend reading Fortune Magazine, I have something mean to say. He is the new official King O’er All Douchebags! Whew, I feel better.

  37. Joe Fonebone

    These are less candid photos than they are carefully staged PR shots. Waste of webspace – get a grip.

  38. Ally

    It would be cool if her fake tits ruptured like on http://www.siliconeholocaust.org. With her boobs tragically disfigured, she would have nowhere to go but obscurity. Actually, I only said that because I’m jealous that she’s in Mexico and I’m sitting at a fucking desk waiting for my 8 hours to be over.

  39. Emily

    omg they (especially her) are SO staged and posed it makes me throw up in my mouth. What a couple of spotlight whores.

  40. @88 Thanks for the link Ally. Those were some nice pics..

  41. Alli

    Even though I can’t stand these two I have to admit that they both have excellent bodies (minus the over-filled fake breasts).

  42. Mick

    without the fake breasts and that face she looks great. She also could stop possing….She’s not modeling anything except her ego.

  43. Wait?! I am confused, and I am serious when I say this not just trying to talk shit, but who are these two? Are they on TV or something?

    Oh wait, I just answered my own question by re-reading the comments by superficial (haha), they are on the hills, no wonder I don’t know them…what happened to MUSIC TV, now it’s REALITY TV…Sad! Should be called RTV LoL :( I miss when MTV was Music!

    And yes these are painfully staged. I am pretty sure tho that most of the newer “celebs” stage pap pics. And by that I mean the people who are not actors and actresses who are famous for Talent rather than Mommy and Daddy’s Money!

    But still this is funny as hell!

  44. Sister Sweetly

    she has a perfect body.

    i hate her.

  45. Mick


  46. Crystal Cline

    Heidi, when’s your sex tape coming? Get a life.

  47. Xavier

    She’s breathtaking! Quite possibly the most beautiful girl on the planet. And I love her personality – she’s so much more authentic than all the rest of the “celebrities.”

  48. Mike

    #90………Hey Jimbo remember me? How’s it going?

    #80……..FRIST how are you doing?

    Haven’t been able to get on here for a while, so haven’t been able to talk to you guys.

  49. Jeans

    I am totally shocked that no one has not mentioned the apparent lip injections she must have recently gotten. She has the Jenna Jameson Lip action going on!

  50. combustion8

    he looks like a shaved ewok on andro.

    anyonw else get the bad in bed vibe from heidi? I can hear her now “Ow that hurrrts!”, “I dont wanna do that position! it’s too hard” or maybe she just lays there and thinks up her next beach pose.

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