Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt go to Mexico

January 10th, 2008 // 445 Comments

While it’s a documented fact I hate The Hills like a red-headed step-child, there’s no way I could pass on these pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in Mexico. I guess I’m a sucker for two people in the throes of love. I’m a hopeless romantic. You know, the kind that gets drunk and throws dollar bills at his computer monitor until he realizes he’s gone through a grand and Heidi can’t really see him. Sort of like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic, but way more sensitive to chick stuff.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Transparency!

    Could this bitch be posing any harder for the photogs???

  2. Brittany

    Man, if I had a penny for every girl I’ve seen sunbathing doggy style…

  3. RAT


  4. Bubbles, dammit!

    Ugh that bitch is just one huge enormous bag of nothing.

  5. The Office Whore

    who? this is not britney!!!

    but this is:

    American TV station Fox News say that a 30-minute video of the singer was posted on the web yesterday.

    The raunchy footage is said to show a shaven-headed Britney performing sex acts on two women and a male companion.

    During the video, the Toxic star is said to look dazed and consumes alcohol and “what appears to be cocaine and marijuana”.

    That’s fun news. This is not.

  6. kate

    mm she looks so natural… her boobs… her nose… her liposuction… her poses.

  7. Judas Iscariot

    A) Her legs are short and stumpy.

    B) Clearly this guy is gay. She rubbing oil all over herself and he lays there reading Fortune magazine? Fuck! In reality that was the current issue of Twinks with a fake Fortune cover.

  8. Doomhammer

    That shit looks staged and posed. Next.

  9. Hum….did they run into Britney?

  10. laura

    There is no way that this is “pap” pictures… looks like they hired someone to take pictures of them and they “whored” themselves out again.

  11. jay

    did she get more plastic surgery. she looks like an adult film star, and shallow pratt wouldnt like her if she weighted the same as a normal person

  12. needle-dicked nate

    her vagina looks too big

  13. Nice rack. At least the day is looking up. This is far better that the crap we have been getting..

  14. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hmmm, is this Tori Spelling’s long lost sister or did they both just go to the same fucked up plastic surgeon.

  15. SuckIt

    ummm OK is it just me or are belly peircings totally OUT?!
    what is with these “celebrities” these douchebags arent even worth writing about!!! and yet I am?!!! What’s wrong here!!!
    Fake tits are totally OUT too.

  16. p0nk

    she looks almost lifelike. i’d hit that so hard it would pop.

  17. Hey Office Whore! Where did you get that info? And can we see the video?

    I hate this Heidi boobjob toothpick, and maybe only because I’m jealous of her intelligence..

  18. Allison

    I have never seen 2 bigger idiots! I mean does she seriously think we think she is innocently preening on the beach, while Spencer reads “Fortune”. Do you think their publicist is given direction from nearby lounge chair? What utter fools!

  19. Pretty bikini

  20. I think it’s funny that dude can read.

  21. Grace

    These pictures look so staged and so forced, it’s uncomfortable to look at them. It’s ridiculous. Why doesn’t MTV just wake up and realize no one really gives a shit about spoiled rich kids and their fake problems? And her fake tits look painful.

  22. Em

    Hey Superficial Writer – I hope you’re proud of yourself. With all the attention you give this little blonde plastic piece of shit, I’m pretty sure she’s your No. 1 Fan! Aren’t you proud?! *clap* *clap* *clap* She’s bound to dedicate a song to you one of these days. Kudos.

    (Yes I’m a woman. Yes I know that she looks really hot in a very well paid-for/butterface kinda way. And yes I would do the same – well, just to my tits – if I had the cash. But it ain’t breaking my heart.)

  23. Champ

    Have you ever seen someone try SO HARD to look like they don’t know cameras are watching? Sad. She will be pregnant and irrelevant by next Christmas.

  24. jrz

    So what’s more fake……….her tits or this relationship?

  25. T

    She’s an asshole. He’s a fag.

  26. Chauncey Gardner

    That first shot looks like computer-generated porn. Fuckin’ A!

  27. Fluffy Butt

    damn! somone deflate those bitches before she floats back to the US. Mexico can keep ‘em …


  28. Are we suppose to beleive that this is how she normally lays around the beach and that all of the photos are not staged??

  29. TT

    He must be a faggot, she’s rubbing oil on her tits and he doesn’t even get a erection.
    I’m fucking hard just looking at the pic.

  30. That’s how I normally lay around at the beach Jimbo. Doesn’t everybody? Course no one’s lining up to take my picture, but WHATEVER..

  31. kevin

    good god this girl has an amazing body

  32. #13, and #29. I love it when my anal dwelling butt monkey troll talks to its self.

  33. Jen

    And this loser says Lauren Conrad got wrapped up in hollywood. This girl is about an hour away from working the corners in Beverly Hills. Her parents must be real proud. There isn’t one real thing about this idiot.

  34. masterless

    Ah crap…I cant stand these morons but my penis has changed its mind and wants more pics of that slut bending over. Preferably sucking a lollipop…my lollipop.

  35. JD

    Nobody will miss these 2 “posers” when their plane crashes into the Pacific. It’s hard to find no-talents with an overdose of pride and self-importance that can top these two. Just die already!

  36. PunkA

    Willing to bet the paps paid for this trip for hte posing. Maybe some extra cash too. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    Plus, they both suck ass and are not even remotely interesting. Spencer can pretend to read Fortune Magazine all he wants. We still know he is a dimwit.

  37. Jess


    Man, she must’ve paid the photographers to follow her. “Here, lemme just crawl over you and put my butt in the air.”

    Not that I’m not into her. jeez. she’s hot.

  38. #31, FRIST I would take your picture any day, especially if you sun bathe doggy style.

  39. kdollarsign

    first comment said it all. thrust those breasts! suck in that stomach! not like she needs to.

  40. minniememe

    is she giving him a hand job in pic #11?

    what a creepy display of exhibitionism.

  41. darkman629

    with those natural flippers for feet and over-inflated tits, i bet she can swim like a goddamn dolphin

  42. @31 FRIST, I bet if you asked my troll to take some pictures of you on the beach it would. It is always perving over your MySpace pics. WHo else has perved over you and Veggi in the past? Maybe that is who the anal dwelling butt monkey troll is or adbm for short..

  43. #31, FRIST I would take your picture any day, especially if you sun bathe doggy style.

  44. raichu

    oomg, this girl needs help..

  45. Jimbo, it already offered.. you have mail.

    Is there a new post yet? What’s going on with Britney? I heard she shaved her head. Is that true?

  46. iseikoopsi

    her breasts look so fake ughh

  47. #43, Troll shut the fuck up already. Give it a rest. Don’t you have anything else to do with your life?

  48. iseikoopsi

    her breasts look so fake ughh

  49. Alexandra

    eww…her feet are gross looking…

    Among other things already mentioned…

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