Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad want to be famous

June 6th, 2007 // 117 Comments

heidi_montag_bikini_pool_09-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_10-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_11-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_12-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_13-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_14-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_16-thumb.jpg heidi_montag_bikini_pool_17-thumb.jpg


  1. leelee


  2. btreese

    hmmm…I wonder if she needs her spleen given a tongue bath…

  3. leelee

    isn’t this suppose to be a reality show? why do they have shoots?

  4. copyofblueboy


    Why do these chicks think anyone cares?

  5. Stoned Bored

    5th! or 6th!

    I’d put it right in the poop-shoot!

  6. Shooter

    Slow news day?

  7. i’m pretty sure the shit i took this morning is bigger news than this.

  8. Attention whores will do what they gotta do! lol That’s what Hollywierd is all about baby!



    Did someone fart in the last pic? Sure are a lot of bubbles.

  10. aldsfjka

    Ive acutally watched the hills quite a few times, and its acutally not that bad, both lauren and heidi are very pretty girls

  11. aimee

    i don’t think these pics are that old… especially since she’s shown here with her big (oops i mean little) fake boobies. i still dont understand why people who go under the knife for the sake of boobies do not end up looking like jordan. what the hell is wrong with these people? I am a DDD+ and I STILL want to get implants!

  12. Blowhan going into Me-Hab and Smearis Helton doing the striped pajama game means F list fleshy covered skels on the Hollywood beat.

    Lynwood and promises open your gates and let our people goooooooooooo….

  13. DahliaRose

    I would like to know where to buy her bathing suit. If anyone knows, please post. It looks good on her, but it would look even better on me.

  14. Doomhammer

    You can buy that bathing suit at “Granny’s Sofa Cover World”

    The only shoot those chicks need to go to is my throat yogurt shoot. On the set NOW bitches!!!

  15. lambman

    I think Lauren is an exceedingly attractive and likable young lady, never watched The Hills but Lauren (LC) was the only kid on Laguna Beach I didn’t want to ax murder.

    Heide just looks to be another dime a dozen hollywood wannabe

  16. WTF? Who is she?!

  17. Victor

    Instant FUCKIN hard on. That bitch is fuckin hot. I would love to drink her douche water, and possibly even toss her salad. Put some dressing on that salad too.

  18. Who? Wha? *shakes head in confusion and clicks to the next story*

  19. satan's hoohaa

    Does your wife know what a dirty boy you are Victor?

  20. Jumpin

    Victor, take your Ritalin. She obviously a self centered (can’t use those words here) who wouldn’t give you the time of day unless you were somebody she could sponge off of. Now get out of the basement, it’s a beautiful day outside!

  21. I

  22. Cynthia

    I think she got her boobs done way too big, but then again I didn’t think she needed to get them enhanced. Kate Hudson sets an excellent example of how to work with the body you have, instead of having nasty saline bags inserted into your chest. Her double-douchebag bf probably egged her on into getting the surgery.

    And her bikini is hideous. Every time I see these two together, it always looks totally staged.

  23. Ryan

    In picture 7 she is reaching climax. Look at the way she throws her head back, her mouth is so wide you could fit a whole box of double cream oreos in there.

  24. Jimbo ∞

    So who’s this fat white girl?

  25. I just choked on the douchebaggery of those last several pictures …

  26. I am pretty sure I could drive to that hotel, park my car, find the pool, get naked, get rid of him, and then dissapoint her (twice) – all in under 3 minutes.

    Good to have goals.

  27. WowJustWow

    Staged and boring.

    Bowlegged and blah…

  28. Donkey

    At least she’s somewhat sexy.


    She is the definition of “butter-face”, however, I’ll bet she looks great bent over a couch.

  30. Jimbo

    @24 Thank troll for your 2 cents worth.

  31. satan's hoohaa

    @26 You are so damn cute!

  32. SaveMe

    I’m no expert but this chick looks like she has Down’s Syndrome or something… wait, yes I am an expert and she definitely is retarded

  33. Zeuz

    Just who the fuck is she ???? !!

  34. nomorerealitystars

    I’m pretty sure she got her boobs done to take the attention off her tragic face. The girl looks like her desperate housewife of a mother took a trip to Tijuana and nine months after having sex with a horse-Heidi popped out.

    DahliaRose-You can find her swimsuit at Diane’s in Manhattan Beach.

  35. wedgeone

    She’s not bad as a fuck-her-to-shut-her-up type. But sometimes they try to talk afterwards, and it’s such a pain to wrestle the plastic bags completely over their heads.

  36. satan's hoohaa

    @34 She’s prettier than Tori Spelling, who actually does look like she’s half horse.

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    Aren’t these all pictures of one slut? Is the left tit ‘Heidi Montag’ and the right tit ‘Lauren Conrad’, or is it the other way around?

  38. T Mac

    holy shit, i forgot how hot young girls are!

  39. TheGreatOne

    Ok, her nose kills me every time I see pics of her “just splashing around” –aka posing– with said douchebag.

    If you’re going to pay to have someone re-arrange your face for you, do we have to end up looking up your damn nostrils? I’m no Dr. Indian-Nose-Job-Guy, but boogers are OUT.

  40. Superevil

    Ya know I’m all for bringing back Celebrity Deathmatch only this time it should be live action.

  41. Does anyone remember back when you had to have talent to be famous? Those were the days!

  42. Jimbo ∞

    She might be steamer-worthy.

  43. WowJustWow

    Her face says nothing and she has the chin of a linebacker.

  44. Sara

    what? WHO doesn’t know who these two are? you better be sarcastic.


    Sooooo basically she KNEW the paparazzi were around??? Cuz I know when I’m getting ready to jump into a pool I’m not gracefully falling breasts first.

  46. bungoone

    they’re engaged? I thought she was going to college to get her MRS degree but apparently you can still get it even after dropping out. She is so SO SOO dumb & worthless. I doubt these 2 will ever make it to the altar. If they do, the marriage will last 6 months tops.

  47. They should put out a sex tape. Together.

    That should help with the whole “fame” thing.

  48. Furry Laddie

    Heidi only wears bikinis in public. Guess she wants to show off the new twins. She did pay A LOT to be “happy” and “pretty.” Oh wait… didn’t Spencer pay?

  49. KC

    Just let me know when her sex tape comes out.

  50. p0nk

    I’d fuck her.

    But only if I could hurt her.

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