Heidi Montag and her giant new breasts do yoga

January 25th, 2010 // 217 Comments

Despite the fact that yoga is the Devil’s aerobics, Heidi Montag spent the weekend testing the limberness of her new body that she can’t afford because exactly five people bought her album. Which is why I’m pretty sure this is a porn audition. But if it’s not, wow, what a fucking idiot. This is like hitting a home run into space in front of the president of baseball only to turn down a major league contract to pursue whatever the hell it is Heidi does. Human guinea pig for vapid people? I don’t even care.

Photos/Video: Pacific Coast News



  2. Its ridiculous how obvious she chosse all the poses which awake naughty thoughs in men.

    This girl can be read like a book…

  3. everything about her is fake

  4. smegan

    she doesnt know wtf shes doing
    she does nothing and makes it look bad
    to me, she resembles an unintelligent, coked out paris hilton…
    with too much money to invest on seeing her plastic titties on a big screen.

  5. Heidi Montag has now released this baffling video of the most lackluster yoga we’ve ever seen. It’s probably supposed to be sexy, but seeing her downward dog just makes us nervous that her forehead will fall off or something.

  6. After all this surgery the question is who is the real Heidi?

  7. I think by this way heidi is trying to show off her new body and face to the world,she got after plastic surgery. But for getting all these fame Heidi has
    lost her actual identity and now she has became like artificial doll in which everything is perfect and that’s what she is not suppose to do.

  8. she doesn’t even do table top position properly. not impressed!
    as for her face

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  13. frieda groper

    She’s still pretty damn good looking- those fake boobs are what they are- fake- but if she offered them out for the squeezing, etc. most guys and a lot of gals would take her up on the offer.

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