Heidi Montag and her giant new breasts do yoga

January 25th, 2010 // 217 Comments

Despite the fact that yoga is the Devil’s aerobics, Heidi Montag spent the weekend testing the limberness of her new body that she can’t afford because exactly five people bought her album. Which is why I’m pretty sure this is a porn audition. But if it’s not, wow, what a fucking idiot. This is like hitting a home run into space in front of the president of baseball only to turn down a major league contract to pursue whatever the hell it is Heidi does. Human guinea pig for vapid people? I don’t even care.

Photos/Video: Pacific Coast News

  1. asdasd


  2. woowoo

    fourteeth! to all you first faggots. eat a dick

  3. john

    I still see the Crimson Chin when I look at her new face

  4. bobby

    omg her boobs are grody to the max

  5. dude

    i’d hit it..

  6. she is so self absorbed and plastic



  7. Chicken Fillet

    Brainless trash bag. Good for nothing but depositing a load on.

  8. Justin

    im not gonna lie, she looks insanely hot

  9. Jenny

    Yuck. Aren’t boobs supposed to touch? It’s called cleavage.

  10. Punky

    She’s not even doing the moves properly.

  11. cath

    Holy cow, her face — if you dye her hair brown — looks Kardashian.

    Someone tell Picard, Sisko and Worf!! This must be stopped!

  12. Dr.

    I’m with #7 on this. SHE LOOKS AWESOME.

    I’d hit it as hard as I could. People slag being fake looking – so what? Get over it.

  13. udunome

    heres the thing, she does look good, but 5 years from now shes gonna be all saggy and ugly, plastic surgery will do that too you, so i prefer her the best before any of her plastic surgerys wen she was just a normal girl

  14. Julez

    Am I the only one that sees Anna Nicole Smith when they look at Heidi?

  15. Randal

    Heidi, you’ve certainly have a flare for looking good and taking care of yourself. Yoga does wonder for the body and it shows! Your skin has a natural glow and shine that many women try to find in a bottle. Amazing!


  16. fat guy in a little shirt....

    dumb as a rock, but, she’s beautiful to look at. A real Barbie doll.

  17. AnnaDraconida

    She has to be careful with those yoga moves, or the silicone balloons might pop out. I wonder if her nose will fall off in a few years.

  18. princesspink

    I actually think she looks really pretty. She has gorgeous skin!

  19. linda

    She kinda looks like that Shane Lamas girl on the E network.
    She looks high as hell and yeah, does look a little on the porn side.

  20. wonderwhy

    With all the plastic surgery Wacko Jack underwent, I doubt that she’s getting anywhere near to going overboard if the “overboard” line is what that freak did.

  21. valerie

    she looks dead in the eyes. go away already.she’s so desperate for attention it’s sick . she thought she was too big for her mtv show and look at her now. jersey shore idiots, pay attention and sign that contract fast or you’ll be just like this one.

  22. Rach

    Her face looks significantly better than it did when she first revealed it. I hate to say so, but she actually looks damn good. That bought-and-paid-for ass makes me really jealous.

  23. Retard Randal

    “Your skin has a natural glow”
    Really Retard Randal? I thought she just had 10 fucking plastic surgeries?
    (other than me) Randal is the most disingenuous poster on this site.

  24. glace neuf

    i’d hit it. i’d hate myself the next day, but it wouldn’t stop me.

  25. Puddin' Taine

    The refund gap on her +2′s aren’t as bad as Audrina Patridge, but I’d still give a nice white frosting to em (as well as Audrina)

  26. Hmm

    What’s interesting is that she looks great in all the pics since her surgery, but when she did that interview about a week ago, she didn’t look right. Her nose looked too small for her face and she just looked fake, whereas in the new video, she looks very pretty. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s the lighting or angle.

  27. Nameless

    She and her husband are both a couple douchebags but I gotta admit I hit hard and in several different positions.

    Hell I might even let her make me breakfast the morning after but she’ll have to be out before 10AM and find her own freakin’ way home.

  28. scoff

    Um, what’s with the tons of beaded bracelets?

    Um, also, Retard Randal? I think (original) Randal’s theme is irony dude.

  29. sure

    She’s trying way to hard, Look at my boobs LOOOOK at them!!

  30. drew carey

    upside down, she looks like megan fox

  31. Anon

    Upside down they all look like Megan Fox. LOL

  32. Anon

    Eh. She looks less like Boris Karloff in these pictures.

  33. She's a skank

    Twin cow udders! Look out, coming at you in 3D!

  34. Guy Incognito

    “To stop those monsters 1-2-3,
    Here’s a fresh new way that’s trouble-free,
    It’s got Paul Anka’s guarantee…
    Guarantee void in Tennessee.

    Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
    Just don’t look! Just don’t look!
    Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”

  35. Spencer Pratt

    Hopefully this worthless assclown keeps getting surgery until she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein. The only point to this plastic surgery bullshit is to get her face in the press again; until she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein or she does a porno where she is getting fucked in the ass with the rough end of a pineapple, please stop writing about this rancid cunt.

  36. sandra

    I used to envy her, just because she had something like personal beauty, a cute body… now i just feel pity. I miss her face and original body shape. :(

  37. superstar

    #15, you dumb retard. Don’t you read news? She’s all plastic.
    The only thing she can do with her face now is smile. Nothing else moves! And the only reason she has such a slim figure is liposuction!

  38. Mizz_Arabian_Queen

    ohkayy she just wants to me famousss

    i dont hink this should be the wayy to do itt

    [UGHHH she trys so hardd}}

  39. Pal

    Reading the comments, if this set of picture is a means to win people over after the negative response she’s received for her cosmetic surgery, she’s already halfway there.

  40. Beth

    First of all, that’s the worst freaking yoga I’ve ever seen. She’s not even close to doing anything properly.
    Second of all, the only poses being shown are the ones that either A) show off her huge fake tits, or B) can be considered sexual looking. Somehow I don’t think that’s an accident.

    This chick is a big fake moron, and big fake morons are ugly. Yuck.

  41. Baloon Boy

    Maybe she did it for the show

  42. satnswombat


    Her eyes are completely dead.

    That must be the result when your soul is too far gone to even scream any more.

  43. Lindsey Snort-han

    Yep because when you do Yoga, you MUST have your hair done first and make SURE you have plenty of jewlery on as well. Oh and looking somewhat stylish is key to a sucessful workout!
    Doest matter, she’s still a wart hog and extremely homley!!
    She should be bulldozed into a hole along with those Hatian people killed…

  44. dancy

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  45. Alejandro

    I would also hit that as hard as I could but I’d probably break it and she’ll charge me for all the money she owes lol. But in all seriousness that doctor is a man sent by God. Heidi looks fantastic she should get into porn, if she can make me hard by looking at her, just imagine the possibilities!

  46. jenn

    she looks different now because her faced has healed more–supposedly the surgeon was aghast that she went public last week because her face was still somewhat swollen and not representative of what she would eventually look like. her face is a lot more human looking now, and it’s pretty in a generic plastic way. however, she should not have gotten the boob job because only porn stars have boobs that big.

  47. rien

    1) ok, she does look good. but her immobile face is creepy.

    2) There’s no way that was a real yoga instructor. She was doing everything completely wrong. If she actually tried to get completely into any of the poses with that idiot coaching her she’d break something. Ooh! Maybe this will become a regular thing and we’ll get to watch her pull a groin!

  48. tony gabone

    Don’t see anything wrong with that video or the pictures……….as long as they dont show Spencer, it’s all good to me

  49. Trent

    I have to say, she looks 1000% better than she did before.

  50. FishMan

    Fish admit it that you are getting some sponsorship deal from selling her on your site…..at least man up and admit it! We know times are hard so every $$$ counts unless the rewards are in person……..

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