Heidi Klum’s breasts are a shining beacon of capitalism

November 5th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Supermodel Heidi Klum does an insane amount of breast jiggling in this new commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour edition. Basically, she’s in nothing but a bra and panties* reenacting Tom Cruise’s dance scene from Risky Business. My sources tell me Tom found Heidi’s rendition to be “yucky” – then instructed Katie Holmes to grow a mustache. I should state for the record my source is a ham sandwich, but he looks reliable.

Thanks to Allison who makes Ms. Pac-Man look like a yellow gumball with a bow.

*This is the part where you should stop reading and press “Play.” (Hint: It’s the arrow.)


  1. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Way too spastic……. she looked like she was getting electrocuted on the couch……sex sells, but not this.

  2. yeah, spastic what i thought as well :) ridiculous

  3. sasha

    number 50 english bob i love you.

    also the video is fun fun fun. but i don’t really see the sex appeal. although that’s probably because i’m not a male

  4. sasha

    english bob (no. 50) i lurrve you

    ps the video was fun fun fun. but i don’t really see the sex appeal. probably because i’m not a male but nevertheless

  5. bkoz

    The shot of her dirty socks flailing at the end was really unappealing

  6. dancer

    She looks freaking awesome. damn.

  7. Meagain

    She is also being paid by Victoria’s Secret for this ad… She ‘s wearing their brand new Miracle Push Up bra.

    I think she looks cute… Cuter than the guys who did the same commercial. Which really had no sex appeal!

  8. hendero

    But Old Time Rock n Roll isn’t a guitar-based song. She should be promoting Piano Hero. That’s my favorite video game. I always get to be Billy Joel.

    Why don’t they move the stupid racist posts from the Fish. They’re not even funny, just troubling.

  9. michelle

    hmm, i actually think her boobs are terrible. but she did have a few kids so i guess if taken into account, they are decent. i don’t think she’s attractive at all, though.

  10. ubet

    she sure needs that miracle push up thing if you remeber her recent topless pics: http://nackte-stars.blogspot.com/2008/08/heidi-klum-nackt-germanys-next-topmodel.html
    anyway, if I look like that after 3 kids I think I’ll be quite happy..

  11. She dances like a we todd.

  12. Butnut

    So let me get this straight. This is a game marketed to teens, and she is shakin her mom jugs. Not that I am complaining but have some taste

  13. mmmmm

    ^^I’ll bet your butnut tastes good

  14. gotmilk?

    the commercial loses it’s effect when you have the same commercial but with different people in in. i guess they figured with some chick shaking her tits it would seem original? FAIL


    i think this one is better.

  15. bobo

    That was freakin’ sexy :)~

  16. Breshnev

    The KGB has won the cold war.

    The KGB attacked the USA back in the 60′s. They didn’t attack us with their military, they attacked our college campuses. They sent over thousands of agents to train and recruit college students and brainwash and indocrinate them into communism. The students were taught to hate America, God, Family, and their Free government. These students, called “Hippies”, then recruited their friends. They stayed in school for as long as they could, and then became teachers, & professors (like Bill Ayers) never leaving the college campuses. They would eventually carry on the work of the USSR and KGB long after it’s demise, and continue to Brainwash all the young, gullible, American students they came into contact with. Churning out millions of America hating brainwashed liberal marxists spewing programmed propoganda and seething with their contempt of America.

    Yesterday we heard their voice. As well as 100% of the most racist people on the planet (the porch monkeys) Monkey see, Monkey do, Monkey vote for Monkey.

    So for the good of the country, kill a liberal. If every real American pitches in, we’ll eventually be rid of them.

  17. “Socialism Doesn’t Scare the Millions Who Don’t Pay Taxes”

    I am entitled, where is my check?

  18. Lizzy

    I love how a post for boobs turns into a political debate.

    It’s over the top, it’s almost softcore porn, a little unnessary.

  19. Paul

    Heidi and her saggy old tits just need to go away now. Take that bra off and they’re hanging down to her belly. Five years ago (and before she had kids) she was a babe. Now she’s overexposed and annoying.

  20. Redneck' s gallore

    WTF is up with all the rednecks on this site. Don’t you guys have your own KKK gossip site? You know, where you talk about the latest guns and how your 15 year old son-in-law still hasn’t gotten a job yet. Geez.

    #24, 30, the rest of you Puritans
    Are you stupid? She’s a Victoria’s Secret model. That’s how she made her millions. Plus, she’s not doing porn nor is she sticking her ass in the camera and spreading her butt cheeks. She’s showing off her amazing body in a very goofy/non-slutty way. Now go back to eating your krispy kremes and soap operas. Stop hating on this woman because insecurity and jealousy just makes you even uglier than you already are.

  21. zuzuspetals

    #58 -
    I agree that the racist, hate-filled posts are deeply troubling. But it’s best if the posts remain. If one of these deeply deranged people (such as #66 Breshnev) ever does follow through and do and commit the hate crimes they are threatening, computer forensics can be employed and these comments will be used as evidence to nail them.

    You are deeply disturbed. Please get help.

  22. lulu

    those are seriously the worst commercials of all time.

  23. Katie

    My boyfriend makes moves on me every time this commercial comes on. Thanks Heidi Klum!

  24. snsnbs

    “WTF is up with all the rednecks on this site. Don’t you guys have your own KKK gossip site?”

    @ #70: Yeah we did, but lately the damn thing got so much traffic (6 x normal!!!) it had to shut out casual visitors and insist that people register just to read it. I couldn’t log in for hours. We had fuckin’ THOUSANDS of visitors and a HUGE increase in membership. We had to dump page features, name sorts on the front page, the whole works, just to streamline the processing enough to keep up with demand. We even had to put in several thousand more dollars worth of memory.

    Damn, even I think Obongo is TOTALLY THE SHIT*! If McCain had won everybody would still be asleep! RAHOWA!!! Onwards towards Civil War II !!!

    *At least as far as membership goes . . .

  25. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    pretty panties

  26. cal

    It is amazing how a hot piece of ass can spark a bunch of idiots to ramble on about race.Enjoy the ass you idiots.

  27. my comment

    Klum is too old for this.

    and , Obama is a creepy cultist.

  28. Balls McCoy

    Klum is still the hottest supermodel out there, even though she’s gettin’ tapped by Seal. (brrrrr)

    Oh and Obama is a socialist and you fucking liberals are going to be so fucking sorry.

  29. Sarah

    Superficial Writer: It is reasons like this I am in love with you. You just single-handedly provided me with evidence that I am indeed bisexual. Thank you.

  30. blue

    That’s funny, when i saw this commercial tonight on TV she kept the white shirt on the whole time. CENSORING BASTARDS!!

  31. “The KGB has won the cold war.”

    Is that why George Bush is tapping our phones?

  32. Ca Mike

    This coalburning whore is/has not been desirable by any non-nigger for years now. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

  33. alexas

    haha you didn’t have to tell me when to stop reading and start watching

  34. peepster

    She looks gross and unsexy completely. Her problem is she THINKS she can do anything and still look sexy, including spreading her whore legs in a horrible position like she’s giving birth (habit I guess). She’s a foul, shrieking, german fraulein pig

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