Heidi Klum will totally ruin your curtains

November 1st, 2007 // 86 Comments

Heidi Klum threw her 8th Annual Halloween Party at The Green Door last night. She dressed up like a cat. A very lifelike giant walking cat. With human breasts. Some might call this a blight against God and nature, but I see a trend happening in housecats with implants. At least at my house anyway. C’mere, Lady Whiskerston of Purry-cat Lane. How’d you like Admiral Fluffytoes to pay attention to you more? Aw, yeah, you’d like that. ‘Cause you’re a good kitty, yes, you are.

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  1. it’s written on the collar : “IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO SEAL”

    very cute, heidi.

  2. ssdd

    55- Totally agree.

  3. blah, blah, blah

    Best adult costume award goes to…Heidi Klume…Your In!

  4. Just wrong

    55 – Also agree
    48 – very funny

    I was almost sick to my stomach when she was on Oprah describing how when she first saw Seal she said she saw the complete “package” because he was wearting tight biking spandex pants.

    Her parents must wake up in a cold sweat at night when they dream of their daughter being raped by a black man.. only it is real life.. ouch. Her families genetic code has forever been corrupted.

  5. jskdlhjsdaj van straussen

    cat … how original ..
    plus she does look like a rat…

    btw this is like the first time
    th person who gets to post
    the first comment
    doesn’t reduce it to..
    FIERST !! YEAH!…

  6. life is a shithole

    You racist assholes are fucking disgusting. Heidi’s parents love seal. Fuck you you are the filth of the earth you sick freaks. You make me ashamed to be white, I hate sick racist bigotted fucking losers like you. Why were you even watching Oprah if you are such sick racists. Obviously you are uneducated white trash who have never travelled anywhere or ever opened your little pea brains to learn about the world around you.

  7. It is nice to see how “the little kid” inide a person, is coming to life when HALLOWEEN arrives!!

  8. carsten5577

    Where’s her pock-marked man-ape hybrid husband “Seal”? He doesn’t need a costume, he’s naturally scary looking…arguably the ugliest face on the planet.

  9. carsten5577

    59-If “size” is all that matters to this obvious low I.Q. idiot, she should’ve married a horse or elephant, instead of taking her progeny down a few branches on the Darwinian tree by procreating with that hideous monkey. There are sick people in every society. That’s why you need laws against this sort of thing. Who was that faggot from Germany who ate the penis of his boyfriend? That would be another.

  10. That’s not a cat! It’s a rat! How the hell can you say it’s a cat(woman)?

  11. Rebecca

    Looks more like a mouse :/

  12. funkycrime

    Its a walk off…the WGA is on strike

  13. God damn! You racist shitheads make me so mad! I’m white and I’m so ashamed of you! Please, please go to my site and get educated; you so need to respect black people! Please, you racist idiots, please!

    The blue link is not a troll link, I promise. Leave a message at my site after you get educated. You so need to be happier better human beings.

  14. Iman

    My dear,
    Heidi time to grow up.
    Begin with your childish name you are an adult yes?
    You are no longer in your 20s
    You are a mother! for the love of Jah.
    And the costume attire is immature you look like a slutty rat.
    Iman & D.Bowie

  15. ZEN

    I hate these Old slutty models…. ‘i’m cute & sweet

    She’s a mom?

    that camel shot is disgusting .

  16. Me

    Hilary Duff called! She wants her veneers back!!

  17. Keith

    Hilary Duff called! She wants her veneers back!!

  18. IKnow

    Beth aka’dwayn’s wife ‘ IS HOTTER than this stupid drowned rat

  19. Tess


    Hahah, that’s very funny.

  20. hey

    She looks horrid, no joke.
    71….and well, 72…..that was funny.
    But anyway, grandma could pull off a better cat than that.

  21. hey

    She looks horrid, no joke.
    71….and well, 72…..that was funny.
    But anyway, grandma could pull off a better cat than that.

  22. What Else Can Go Wrong

    I think Heidi isn’t bad looking. But this costume is just terrible for her:
    NOT original, NOT sexy, NOT cute, NOT memorable, and her waist is just not that defined anymore to get away with this kind of outfit.

    Oh wait, I guess the camel toe is somewhat memorable.

  23. Guest

    #25, she has FAKE teeth on. If you actually had eyes and saw that there is a line about half way down her teeth and below the line is YELLOW. Some people are so stupid.

  24. sup

    Her tag on her collar is cute “if found please return to seal”

  25. selina

    she is cute in this cat style, i heard that she is very popular on a dating site called sugarcupid.com. maybe because she has many tyles there.

  26. EmeraldTri420

    I can not believe this bitch (that Auf’s ppl all the time for their bad clothing creations) actually wore this. In PUBLIC! I know its a halloween costume and all, but for someone that talks so much with Michael Kors about “classic looks” and what is considered ‘tasteful”, this could not have been more lame. Just goes to show that even “supermodels” make some seriously bad clothing choices. Personally, I think she looks like a deranged mouse.

  27. winnie

    It may seem racist, but I must admit I don’t like them as a couple either, Heidi and Seal, I mean. Okay, so the OJ trial debacle was what got me thinking about it, but it was everything AFTER that that convinced me. ‘RACISM’ is really ‘TRIBALISM’ anyhow, and it is as old as man.
    Black gals DON’T want to be ‘kicked to the curb’ for the supposedly ‘superiour’ white chicks, and it really destroys the black community by taking the ‘best’ men and their money and gifts, out.

  28. Karisha

    I dont know about a cat, she looks more like a rat from hell! No Micky! Nooooo!

  29. Karisha

    Auditioning for the Braodway production of CATS are we?

  30. Brittany

    Those stupid Bitches from Victoria Secrets are garbage including that Karolina,and Audrina girls they don’t who Justin Timberlake is what stupid Bitches.Heidi Klum stop acting like Garbage and just model and keep being a mother to your kids and a wife to Seal. GROW UP BITCHES

  31. Tom

    I love her cameltoe in pic #6. I just want to chew a hole through that costume and lick her sweet pussy really good…mmmmm, sooo yummy…

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