Heidi Klum to pop out Baby No. 4

April 16th, 2009 // 73 Comments

- Heidi Klum has confirmed she’s pregnant with her fourth child. If this one grows up to look exactly like Heidi, I call dibs. I’ll look hot in 18 years. Don’t worry. [PopSugar]

- Candy Spelling blames Tori for Aaron Spelling’s death. Wow. Jesus. And here I thought Dina Lohan was the worst mother ever. — Okay, I still do. But, wow. [Jezebel]

- John Madden is retiring and apparently once drew a penis on the telestrator. Talk about the stuff of legends. [Best Week Ever]

- Billy Corgan reduced to making tracks for TNA Wrestling. That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week. And I read this site! Hahaha! I love me. [Vulture]

- Britney Spears’ fans in Vancouver are demanding a refund after she walked off-stage for 30 minutes due to “poor ventilation.” You paid money to see Britney Spears and are complaining she had to pause the show for safety issues? Just be thankful you didn’t get a vagina in the eye. Man, some people. [Allie is Wired]

- Drew Barrymore shows David Letterman her tongue ring which is a far cry from the time she flashed him in 1995. I’d sue. That’s just me. [Videogum]

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  1. b

    Great, another ugly skank popping out a half monkey baby. These people need to die.

  2. Hmm...

    I didn’t know she’s a fake blond: her skin has aged as fast as most real ones.

  3. Sea World

    Heidi Klum really has a lot of crow’s feet, which one usually does not see with all the airbrushing done to her photos. I used to think that she could have done better than Seal, but after seeing these pictures, she’s one lucky woman to have him.

  4. Anon-E-Mouse

    Jeez! It’s like she’s competing with Angelina!

  5. Anon-E-Mouse

    Jeez! It’s like she’s competing with Angelina!

  6. Mr. Smooth

    Hi there, I’m Steve. And your name? Oh, it’s Heidi. Pleasure to meet you. Would you like a drink? No? Oh, you’re pregnant? Congratulations! I’ll get you a soda water with lime. *leaves*

    *returns* There we go. Cheers! *tink* Now then…

    How about allowing me to shove my engorged, erect penis in and out of your tight, lubricated vagina until it ejaculates a significant amount of semen from my testicles?

  7. So Soooo Me

    @5 – Claudi Schiffer had the same thing.

    What is it about blonde German models & their eyes!?!?!?

  8. This is noo secret any longer.
    After a third one there comes mostly a FOURTH, folks!!

  9. liz4sale

    i never understood why people give a shit about her. shes tall yes and can look attractive but shes not beautiful by any means in my opinion. she’s decent at best…

  10. Fati

    I have no problem with black, yellow, red, brown, purple, or blue people, but I kind of have a problem with white women giving birth to babies that will, no doubt, belong to another race. We all know there is no such thing as “half-black”. And it the idea of having a black baby freaks the crap our of me. Again, I’ve got no problem with different races, I just think that people should stick to their own when it come to marriage and reproduction.

    @15 – Cavy, why don’t you go and tell that to the Chinese, Indians and most of the Muslim world? They are the ones overpopulating the planet, not the white race. The few Western women that want to have more than one child should be encouraged to do so. Otherwise pretty soon we are gonna die out like dinosaurs as a race, if we continue on the same birth-rate as now. This doesn’t concern Heidi, though, for appearant reasons. Huh…

  11. Fati

    @ 15 – And, Cavy, BTW I think you are a child hater now. I remember your postings on parents not being able to control their kids and how kids need discipline. Then I thought you were just a rational person who doesn’t like to take crap from idiots and I identified with you, but now I see that you really are just a child hater. How can you ask if it’s really that important to make “DNA replicas”? Do the world a favour and don’t have a DNA replica (I have a feeling you are not planning to), because that would be one unhappy kid that would grow up to be a serial killer, because his mommy hated his guts.

  12. MCab

    Tom K – That whole rant, all because you have a small johnson and feel insecure about it. So sad.

    And Faiti – There is only one race, and that’s the human race.

  13. FlamingDuck

    Faiti you’re an idiot.

  14. kt

    Dude… how has no one mentioned the fact that her dress is made of hair?

  15. Didn’t photoshop Heidi’s eyes.

    Britney probably had to fart. Those ungrateful fools that paid to be in the same building with her should count their blessings.

    @21, 22 – Today Angelina, tomorrow…OCTOBEAST!

    @ 15, 27, 28 – I don’t want my DNA diluted with anyone else. How can anyone improve upon absolute divine perfection? It’s madness.

    Looks like Heidi’s DNA bleached most of the Seal of those kids anyway.

    The Eastern Hemisphere could use some spaying and neutering. “We have no hope, no future, no ambition and no food…let’s have 30 kids!” Like a continent of Octo-beasts (TM).

    @ 29 – No, it’s the Death Race. Death Race 2000!

  16. Madmia

    Heidi rules, but she needs to stop fucking out babies like they’re just the little turds she gets after eating her ceaser salad to stay skinny.”KEEP THE LOVE AROUND, HEIDI!!!”

  17. “…OUT of those kids anyway”. There. Absolute divine perfection.

  18. Darth


  19. Tom K

    People hate the truth but my rants actually have some factually basis, stick to the topic and make sense.

    Perfect example of my point is black NFL player “Amani Toomer” that married some polish bitch who flat out refused to have his kids and had “four” abortions because she said quote, ” I don’t want to have black kids” So wait he was good enough to marry (obviously for the money) but not to have kids with?! LOL GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!

    I guess Heidi is a little better because has no problem having his kids, since she had a bastard one previously with some rich guy old enough to be her grandfather!

    Interracial marriages for the most part are a joke and these white women are just using the black guys. If they had any brains they would realize that. Same with Heidi Klum she married Seal because she already had some bastard child and she was damaged goods and Seal has a shitload more money than she does so she saw dollar signs and looked past his ugly burnt toast face and married him (his bank account).

  20. Pinky

    Fati you are an idiot and no doubt a loser that no one would want to “replicate” with. BTW there is not such thing as purple or blue people. If you do decide to replicate yourself just do us all a favor and keep them confined to the pen at the trailer park and do not home school.

  21. #37 – I disagree. Without homeschooled inbreds, who would my kids laugh and point at?

    RichPort’s Ghost’s Kid: Hey Dad, who’s that replicated douchbag who keeps counting to eleventy-seven on his 13 fingers?

    Me: That’s Cletus, son. He’s here to remind us how much fun it is to be normal.

    RichPort’s Ghost’s Kid: Which one of his eyes is looking at us?

    Me: His third one, son. The one right under his hairline.

    RichPort’s Ghost’s Kid: Is that evolution at work dad? Did I fall asleep and wake up in Galapagos?

    Me: Two year olds should never say Galapagos to a retard… you have no idea what’ll set them off…

  22. The rest of the world

    The problem is European women think black men are exotic. I mean could she pick an uglier fucking guy? You can even take the black out of the equation, which is creepy enough, and you still have a fucking ugly dude. There is something mentally wrong with this woman.

  23. kablamo

    Seal has ugly burnt toast face.

  24. Objection sustained

    I was wondering how on Earth that racist douchebag would find a way to fuck up this thread. Dude, we all know you’re the same dickhead, you could at least post under the same name. Don’t you ever have ANYTHING else to say other than bla bla bla BLACKS bla bla bla DESTROYING AMERICA bla bla bla HALF BAKED CONSPIRACY THEORY bla bla bla? Seriously, nobody gives a shit.

  25. Tom K

    I could not agree more #39. lol exactly!!!

  26. Frank N Stein

    With me, Heidi told me she was more into anal. I guess she didn’t want to bear my children *tears up*.

  27. StressedSilas


  28. Amy

    Tom K: You are obviously a bitter female. I highly doubt you are a male. I can’t believe you just said that Heidi Klum is with Seal for the money! Seriously? You, sir, are a fucking moron. Seal had one hit back in like 1995–Kiss by a Rose on the Grave–from the fucking Batman soundtrack. Heidi is one of the highest paid models and has her own television show. Read or something…damn! Other than that, I have no idea why she is with him…must have the biggest dick in all of the land.

  29. Amy

    …in addition to the biggest dick in all the land, Seal must have the personality of Susan Boyle.

  30. LeChels

    Is anyone else really freaked out by most of the comments above?

    Can’t anyone imagine that Heidi and Seal are in love and wanted to make babies together like a zillion other couples on this earth–whether they are of the same or mixed races! We’re all gonna be a shade of brown eventually. Get over it.

  31. smarg

    #2, right on, brother.

  32. Kitty

    Haw haw, you people make me excited to see the end of the white race, even if that does include myself. :)

  33. justifiable

    #13/36 God, you’re an unbelievable moron. “Gold digging”? Heidi Klum is successful in her own right and has her own money, she wasn’t left destitute when Fabio Briatore (BTW, the “old dude” co-owns Formula One – that’s the social circle she runs in) didn’t want to stick around, “Damaged goods”? That’s the sort of idiotic label ignorant assholes like you might apply to her, but no one else did – did you use that “logic” on Selma Hayak or Elizabeth Hurley when they had kids on their own, or does it only apply to white women who marry black men? She obviously wanted Seal and the feeling was mutual – looks like they have a strong marriage and a happy family. If it “kills” you, please die and spare us.
    The only “pathetic” and “disgusting” thing in your posts is – you.

  34. Tom K

    Please God (I know you’re white because my picture of Jesus has blue eyes), is there any way you could make Seal and Heidi Klum Jewish? I need to rant about them being filthy moneygrubbers and race defilers on one post because my ass is being kicked and I need something more here. I’m in danger of looking pathetic and teenypeenied again and I just can’t stand any more failure in my loser life right now. The boss peed on my shoes and pant leg in the men’s room today but I can’t quit or haul off and hit him. Because he’s my dad.

  35. Josh hamilton


  36. Gentilhomme

    Goodness, people are so stupid. For those of you who are goodhearted humans, never fear. These “people”‘s ideas are at their day’s end. The reason why we see so extremely harsh racial slurs is because the general population is starting to realize what Physical Anthropology has proved to us, that race doesn’t exist. Furthermore, I’ve learned (from my girlfriend, who is white) that the only people who are racist are ignorant and poor people. Go figure, right?

    I’ve also learned from University that the majority of white people who are racist are racist because they were raised that way. Some of these confident people learn from life, and accept what is reality. On the other hand, you have the morally inferior people who have absolutely no self-confidence. These people cannot handle the fact that in order to become an adult, one must accept a personal identity. These type of people can’t execute. Therefore, they take the lazy way out. They just submit to what their ignorant, poor peers do. They are incapable taking advantage of GOD’s greatest gift to man…CHOICE. This is what makes us human. All because they don’t have enough courage to say: I don’t think that’s right.

    As stated above. The day is near. You think that the evolution of man has come this far for some dumb shit like inequality to prosper? Come on, read a book, one that might teach you something.


  37. Tom K

    LOL!!! The truth hurts don’t be mad

    to #.45 (Amy )

    Amy you retarded whore!!!!
    Seal has more money then Heidi Klum he’s big in Europe and has sold alot of albums since his first in 1991 and has had many albums that were a success. I know your ignorant and seem to think America is the only country in the world and if an artist isn’t making hits in America they aren’t rich, hate to burst your bubble but thats not the case.

    Heidi Klum was married to Flavio Briatore, who was 23 years her senior. Klum was still pregnant with Briatore’s child when she began dating Seal in 2004. She is a gold digging whore it’s a fact. Also what is your obession with black dick?! I know your probably some ugly girl that isn’t wanted by both black and white men. Kill yourself and get off my dick!

    to #51. I’m sorry I upset you with my comment, you don’t have to read them but I know you love to. I’m glad I made such an impact in your life. Try to be funnier next time if your going to rip on me.You failed! It’s better to ignore me.

    Also I didn’t mention anything about Jews but you must be that same jew that was mad when I said something about them a few posts back. Get over it! Jews are the only people in the world that are simultaneously hated by both the extreme Left and the extreme Right

  38. Dan Montana

    Acne face nigger bitch

  39. Dan Montana

    Acne face nigger bitch …he probably has a dick that looks like an OH Henry!

  40. Fati

    # 30 – I may not agree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it. Hahaha :))))))

    # 37 – Oh really? There is no purple or blue people? What would I do, if it weren’t for geniuses like you to point out things like that to me? Haaaaahahaha, you poor pathetic moron.

    You may not like what I say, I don’t give it, but that’s not gonna change anything.

  41. Fati

    # 39 – And I am truly sorry to dissapoint you, but there was a line up of men wanting to replicate with me ;) I already have two replicas, and they are beautiful and smart kids. Suck that, bitch ;)

    By the way, you stole my “do us all a favor” thing. What a limited loser, think of something yourself for a change. You put a sympathetic smile on my face, dumbass :)

  42. Tom K

    All I’m saying is that I have a small penis. That’s all I’m trying to say. So for all you who are going to talk crap to me, Just remember that my penis is small – so I hope you feel good about that.

    I think I’ve made my point. I’m going to go masterbate and cry into my pillow now.

  43. Seal seems pretty talented. Probably has much better character than that fucking Flabio Briatore barrel of walrus shit. It wouldn’t take much character to outdo Flabio.

  44. Lala

    Holy crap, i was going to buy her In and Instant wrinkle stuff…is that what that shit does to your face???

  45. Dutch

    Monkey Fukker

  46. Tom K is a littledick retard

    #54 Douche-for-brains aka Tom K, Heidi Klum was NOT married to Briatore. She’s only been married to Ric Pipino and Seal. So much for gold-digging. But since you’re wrong about everything else all of the time, not too surprising. Guess you have to make shit up to prove whatever point it is you’re trying to make!

  47. Name Required

    What the f*ck’s wrong with her face… with that huge wrinkle above her lip and below her nose? Does she go to the same doctor as Michael Jackson? It looks like her nose is pasted on!

  48. Vera from Bucharest

    Tom K is perfectly right. Who in HELL would marry such a monster???!!! Isn’t she afraid to watch him in bed at night? Or they make it with the lights turned off?!

    Jesus Christ!

    I feel DEFINITELY happy to work my butt off on a computer for 10 hours a day till my shoulder hurts because of the damn mouse, than to have Klummy’s sore fate. She is more than pathetic. She is outrageous!

    I am NOT racist.

    If she had married Alexander Nestor Haddaway from that famous Haddaway band, who was a beauty indeed, or Michael Jackson, or any normal-looking black man, that would’ve been all right, but Seal does look like a monster! I do LOVE his music, but Klummy didn’t marry him to listen him singing in bed, I suppose!

    And perpetuating the abomination of that guy by giving birth to his children one by another is an act of gross disrespect for this Planet!

    As about Seal, he has no character at all. If he had any common sense, he wouldn’t have even dared to talk to that beautiful woman. He is a bastard who bought a blonde. Big deal. He is a whore as well. A male whore.

    The famous couple makes me vomit everytime I see them.

  49. Short dick Non-Nigger loser

    Too bad she’s Nigger property now

  50. eee

    She’s a prostitute.

    She was never a supermodel.

    That’s what whores do. It’s all about going from rich guy to rich guy.

    Heidi klum is a dog. Boycott her products and TV shows!

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