Heidi Klum sparks religious uproar, confused erections

November 4th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Looks like Project Runway can expect a sharp drop among its Hindu viewership. Yahoo! reports:

Heidi Klum, who dressed up as Hindu goddess Kali, who symbolizes death and destruction, for her Halloween bash, has left the Hindu community in America fuming.
The German supermodel dressed up as Kali for the Halloween party at her place on Oct 31, and was even awarded for the best costume of the night.
And now upset Hindus have asked Klum to make a public apology for posing as a sacred figure.
“Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects,” Contactmusic quoted Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed as saying.
He added: “Hindus welcome Hollywood and other entertainment industries to immerse themselves in Hinduism, but they should take it seriously and respectfully, and not just use the religion for decoration or to advance their selfish agenda.”
Other than Zed, various Hindu leaders, including Jawahar L. Khurana of the Hindu Alliance of India, and Bhavna Shinde of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, have condemned Klum for posing as Goddess Kali.
They went to the extent of calling Klum’s act as “denigrating.”

Weird, but I would think that, when one of the world’s hottest women chooses to emulate one of your deities, it would be a positive thing. Especially if it’s a goddess who symbolizes death and destruction. If anything, maybe having a goddess who symbolizes death and destruction in the first place is the problem. Isn’t that a little…negative, like having a goddess who symbolizes venereal warts and paper cuts? No wonder these guys are so cranky.

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    I am not stupid enough to believe in ANY GOD. So you go FUCK yourself… that is if it is ok with your God!

  2. nikki

    Heidi’s costume is awesome.

    Why can’t Hindus just sit back and laugh at themselves once in a while?

  3. crackerjack

    Anyone seen that priest costume that has a little blow up boys face at the crotch?? Funny shit.

  4. Gaurav

    I’m a Hindu and I don’t care what she dressed up as. My faith doesn’t get “insulted” by this kind of stuff. Its insulted when some guy who goes by the unlikely name of Rajan Zed presumes to speak for me. She’s hot and that costume is truly kick ass for the attention to detail. More power to her.

  5. 24 Karma: The “miracle” of the statue that gives milk isn’t some legend from 2000 years ago but something that happens every year at the Hindu centre in Mississauga near Toronto. Of course, non-believers aren’t allowed to get close.

  6. Vadju

    wow… As a Christian, I have to say it. That’s one bad ass goddess. However, if there was a religion where Heidi Klum was the goddess, then I’d probably be a part of that.

  7. Libracadabra

    The Hindus are rather selective (without apparent logic and so I assume there is none) about who they protest. Homer Simpson did a fairly amusing Ganesh, no reaction. Millions of America sit down to dinner to eat the Sacred Cow, *crickets*. Yet Heidi paints herself blue and that is an intolerable affront? Methinks the odds were just better.

  8. Tink82

    I think the costume was well designed. Of course, any time someone dresses up as another religion, someone is going to get upset. Had she dressed up as Jesus (which I’m sure many people have done before), would there be offended people? Probably. People dress up as Egyptian and Greek deities, but is it ok because they aren’t currently in practice? I apologize if any sub-cultures still pray to these religions… People are so sensitive these days….

  9. dork

    Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, OH YEAH!!!

    Jees, Heidi, that was the best hand job, EVER!!!

    No, no, you can’t have my head. AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH, blub, blub, blub.

  10. Kristen

    Admittedly, it’s a really cool costume but it’s in poor taste.
    But I’d like to remind everyone that a few years ago Heidi dressed up as the infamous serpent and Seal dressed up as Eve. Not nearly as offensive as dressing up as Jesus, but still a little sacrilegious. I don’t remember anyone truly getting upset about it.

  11. Karma

    Urbanspaceman: By some random coincedence, I am a HINDU FROM MISSISSAUGA…weird eh? But anyway, i’ve never heard of it…must be small thing…I’ve lived there forever, been to a bunch of temples…and anyway, as I said no more crazy than people believe Virgin Mary crying blood (South America…Brazil I think)

  12. Minerva

    I know many Hindu people and although I know they wouldn’t be offended by it, Heidi should understand that it’s a deity of someones religion and that it might offend someone, it’s only common sense.
    And what the hell is up with people here lately? If someone insults their ideas or beliefs then the world fucking ends but if somebody else gets offended they are whinny fucks.

  13. dabdb

    Klum is a coal-burning white whore who commits bestiality with a dirty shit-skinned groid and shits out stupid ugly little shit-skinned niglets.

    If you don’t like this comment then fuck you in the ass, you stupid shit-eating TURD!!!

  14. Sarah Palin

    G0ds will must be done. Pray for that. Pray for our servicemen being sent to fight wars, they are being sent to do g0ds will. Pray for them as they do g0ds work.

    And most of all, pray that I am elected Vice President! Oh yea, pray that John McCain is elected President!

  15. Sydney

    Maybe Christians don’t mind being poked fun at in the media constantly. Whatever, that’s your choice if you don’t want to protest against it. I’m not going to complain about it if the religion isn’t mine. BUT as it has been pointed out, by the same freedom of speech and rights, Hindus who find her costume distasteful have the right to protest.

    I think the costume is horrendous, some people are ignorant, I officially hate Heidi Klum (not that I liked her in the first place), and life will go on.

    My opinion.

  16. Nancy

    After spending time in India, I would have to say that Heidi was dressing as Kali, the man eater, as she is also known as to a more distant crowd. I am sure she was not intending to insult anyone or realize that she was hitting any nerves on this choice of a costume. Everyone needs to think about that. Let it be an education but don’t roast the poor woman.

  17. Anirbas

    Didnt diddy dress up as the pope…As a catholic I would like an apology also please…

  18. Rick Cain

    Hindus just need to lighten up. Hollywood has worked hard to prove that Hindu gods are “real”. In Xena Warrior Princess, an episode where she squared off against Indrajit, showed that she was powerless against them because they were real, so she had to ask for help from Krishna.
    She was transformed into Kali and killed Indrajit.

    In all the other episodes Xena has always managed to fight and even kill gods successfully, except in that one episode.

    Hindus, lighten up. At least your religion is getting some cool exposure.

  19. …………………………….She had a bad hair-cut?

  20. Psssshhhh, my name is Kali and I am totally offended by her.

  21. m.munroe

    hindus are clearly WACK! i mean, its halloween! heidi loves halloween and always goes over the top with her costumes. why even be offended?? you hindu people should be happy she even knows anything about your bullshit religion! haha

  22. m.munroe

    hindus are clearly WACK! i mean, its halloween! heidi loves halloween and always goes over the top with her costumes. why even be offended?? you hindu people should be happy she even knows anything about your bullshit religion! haha

  23. m.munroe

    hindus are clearly WACK! i mean, its halloween! heidi loves halloween and always goes over the top with her costumes. why even be offended?? you hindu people should be happy she even knows anything about your bullshit religion! haha

  24. chstrig

    The goddess of death and destruction as death and destruction is a required part of life. If there is an afterlife then death and destruction is certainly necessary here. For Hindus, that which is necessary is worthy of praising and therefore deified. This particular goddess symbolises the death and destruction of evil spirits. Heidi Klum didn’t do anything wrong by dressing up as her nor by going to goto the club dressed like that. Atleast not against the religion but she might’ve hurt the sentiments of hindus. To talk of the religion being the “pantheon of idiocy” is to take a very complicated thing, simplifying it and then claiming it makes no sense.

  25. wrecks

    i bet she left blue hand prints everywhere. like on arrested development.

  26. Kali’s skin is black, not blue


  28. Sara

    well Im half indian (my dad’s indian and my mom’s white). I was raised hindu. Her costume doesnt offend me, however I do know for a fact that lots of christians have shit a break when people dressed as Jesus for Halloween. People think twice before donning a Jesus costume. So I can see why the hindus are offended, although I would let it go. She meant no offense or harm.

  29. mithil

    being a hindu ..iam not at all offended by the costume…& iam sure nonone is.
    1)Might b the way she acted[i saw a photo where she tries to smooch sumone] dat sparks off the contorversy.
    2)or might b dat sum bunch of freaks tries to gather cheap publicity.


  30. biteme

    She should have armed herself with one billy club per hand, visit her local voting station and smash the white devils upside their pointy cracker heads.

  31. aher

    This is America….you can do what you want. If she came to your country dressed like this then you have a point. Can anybody do ANYTHING in this country anymore without someone getting pissed off?

  32. gotmilk?

    you shouldn’t win a costume contest at your own party, especially if you hired professional make up artists. frankly, other people at the party should be pissed.

  33. gas the jigs

    @ #69: I’ll cut off your head and mail it to your mom, you mindless piece of shit groid.

  34. Denise

    I’m not a hindu but I think the comments here really offensive. It’s so ironic that you Americans are patting yourselves on the back for being so liberal and forward thinking by having an African American persident but you can’t even accept that there are millions of people out there that believe in things that you do not have the capacity to try to understand or respect.

  35. michael

    India has it’s own share of idiots that would say a bunch of dumb shit like this. The idiot or group of idiots that were upset by this would be the equivalent of our Al Sharpton or the equivalent of some whacked out hyper religious group.

    People have been dressing up like Kali for Centuries in India for dramatic effect. Again, just like the United States, India has it’s own group of idiots that it has to tolerate.

  36. kitty

    SUck it thats what is say people get offended no matter what.

  37. I’m with #71. You can’t win for best costume at your own party. That’s just in poor taste.

  38. Coolest costume I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t hear anybody complain when I see people dress up as Jesus or the Pope. I prefer her costume over slutty cops and nurses anyway. Viva Project Runway!

  39. stormybroad

    So if i dressed as a medium rare fillet mignon for halloween this would offend the Hindus as well?

  40. Mike O'Reilly

    I like dressing like Jesus for Halloween and laying my hands on young fisherman. Is that blasphemy?

  41. R3V3NG3

    Why does everyone keep lumping all Hindus in one group….saying stuff like ” Hindus should lighten up” and this and that….

    Im sure there are tons of Hindus who don’t care that she dressed up as one of their gods…I showed this pic to a couple of my friends who are Hindu, and they laughed their asses off.

    The people who do care are the ones that are super conservative…and those kinds of people exist as a part of every religion, not just Hinduism. Christian nut jobs, Scientologist nut jobs, etc….etc…

  42. BerkeleyGirl

    totally agree with #80. sure some hindus are upset but it’s like how some christians are upset over harry potter…most hindus i’m sure couldn’t care either way.

  43. LEB

    Hindus do realize that people dress up as Jesus and Moses and Dumbledor for Halloween too, right?

  44. kiratki

    I’m Hindu. I don’t care about the costume. In fact, I admire it…it’s a pretty elaborate one. I think in every religion there are going to be people with no sense of humour. The only thing we know now is that 4 people thought it was tasteless. Oooooooh. Wake me up when someone does something that matters.

  45. steph

    Really, I’d think the depictions of Kali and her cult in Indiana Jones was more grr-worthy than Heidi Klum in a bodysuit. Stupidity.

  46. Mokosh

    I think she looks stunning and that it is a wonderful depiction of the goddess.
    I am not Hindu, but I would think this would be regarded as a high compliment.
    Isn’t the act of dressing like a deity almost an act of reverence and hommage, when it is done so beautifully? I’m not offended when I see someone dressed as Jesus, Satan, or other figures in the Christian religion.

  47. Blades

    Ummmmm ok so people can dress up as Jesus on Halloween and nobody cares or demands apologizes. But the minute that someone dresses like Kali or Muhammad then everyone demands apologies. Sorry folks, you in America now. Get over it…..


  48. Mahindra Kadir

    Superficial blog-writer:

    “If anything, maybe having a goddess who symbolizes death and destruction in the first place is the problem. Isn’t that a little…negative, like having a goddess who symbolizes venereal warts and paper cuts? No wonder these guys are so cranky.”

    Do you know anything about the Goddess? Have you ever done any readings on Her? Have you ever spoken to a Hindu about Her? Goddess Kali symbolizes more than death and destruction. She symbolizes destruction of pride, anger, the ego, and all other forms of ignorance. If you’ve done any research on Her, you would know the meaning behind Her depiction. So tell me, what’s negative about that? Maybe before you pass judgement, you should get your ignorant ass to a library and do some research.

  49. nicho

    dude.. wtf..

    I am a hindu who has lived in europe and australia for the last 6 years. Not only am I not offended by heidi dressing as maa kaali, but Im surprised that the normally peace loving hindus have nothing better to do than to complain about something like this. seriously people, don’t you have better things to do? such as better your life? Live and let live has always been the hindu way.

    To all the hindus protesting this, fucking learn about hinduism and you will realise that if you are a true hindu, this shouldnt affect you. at all.

    Being agnostic myself, prove that there is a god in the first place. Then you can fight about it.

    To all the racist fucks out here, go fuck yo mammas assholes.

    peace out.

  50. nicho

    To all hindus offended by heidi klum,

    America is predominantly a christian country. that’s a different religion and they follow different rules if you haven’t realised it yet.

    If you want to be offended by heidi klum, watch her ad for some gaming console where she runs around jiggling her tits in her underwear. What happened hindus (only the ones offended)? How come you are not protesting this? Cause this certainly is offensive to hindus..

    wtf dudes.. let go and live your lives

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