Heidi Klum is out of her mind

November 21st, 2007 // 103 Comments

In preparation for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi Klum made this video which, um, I don’t even know. Is this supposed to make me want to buy lingerie? Because it doesn’t. It makes me want to club Heidi Klum over the head and run for my life. She seems like a pretty enough girl, but I’d rather listen to the sound of a gun going off in my face than to her speak for twenty minutes.


  1. H

    What… the hell… was that?

  2. Badenjunge

    That’s the famous german humor.
    I totally got it and laughed my ass off.

  3. josh

    okay, first she’s annoying beyond belief. second, i want to be in her presence when her boobs are 20 years older and they’re scraping the floor. okay, i maybe i don’t wanna be there. but i wanna hear about it.

  4. Whitey

    The rest of you must be boring as fuck, she’s no comedian but it was an attempt at being funny, you bunch of borons must be frigging automatons.

  5. Katarina Rawlins

    Congratulations! U just swiped all the nutters away on Project Nutthouse and is the proud winner!!!

  6. Mr. Bright Idea

    i bet she doesn’t get to talk much at home. if i were an ogre like seal, i would keep her mouth stuffed with my giant black cock so often that our kids wouldn’t recognize her by voice alone.

  7. scot

    note to self: don’t read comments at thesuperficial. makes you more retardeder.

  8. steve

    cocaine’s a helluva drug.

    Vapid cunt.

  9. PatinNJ

    That wasn’t funny or cute, just dopey. Wow, she has to kiss that guy’s face?

  10. omg call 911 she needs to get some help because she is have a britney attack! totally insane!

  11. omg call 911 she needs to get some help because she is have a britney attack! totally insane!

  12. meee

    that was just really really irritating.

  13. hobie

    I think it’s cute.

  14. i think she and seal made the worst couple.cant she marry a white?im not racist.yeah i may be.anyway her video is cute!

  15. Walizalawongaai


  16. jacknasty

    um, am I the only one who noticed that her lips dont match the words half the time.

  17. jackaa

    She is really fun. I lover her sense of humoer, beauty, and nice boobs. Just last week, I found her photo ablums posted at the millionarie singles club millionairecupid.com. She also mentioned she is looking for a nice gengleman there. I tried to send her a message, but I didn’t got her response. Maybe she has ttoo many messages. I will go and check it again soon.

  18. Jonathan Hoare

    Her and Seal..why? Just how big is his dick/how great is his personality?

  19. makemepuke

    yeah its called PERSONALITY DISORDER

  20. Miguelito

    She’s so cute, I want to bounce her on my knee… Right off a cliff and face-first into the most jagged rocks available.

  21. tessa

    she’s adorable.

  22. linda

    what are you doing? I know you wander around the online site Sugarmommymeet,right? It’s a club for those rich women to find hot guys. Does this mean you want to be a sugarmommy?

  23. lieeeo


  24. scrappy

    classy. pure fucking class. jesus h.

  25. Kimberly

    Hey, you don’t know. Maybe the ad people drugged her, kidnapped her, locked her in a room wearing nothing but VS lingerie and told her to act like a dumb ass or else her blond daughter and two mulatto kids would die!

    “Oh yeah, and play with your boobs a lot!”

  26. Kimberly

    “Pretend they’re bazooka guns?? PERFECT! INGENIUS!”

  27. Unique

    All i have to say is what the hell was that, it was kind of scary and a whole lot of crazy.

  28. sillypanda!

    holy hell. that was insanely annoying.

    i mean, WTF! lucky she has a nice face; shed be screwed if she didnt.

  29. John

    German Accent == Not Sexy

  30. Bifi

    Did you know she named her boobs “Hans” and “Franz”? A German newspaper revealed that today…

  31. heidi

    I saw a video of her halloween party..just her personal halloween party and she is absolutely insane. Like the way she is in real life is the way she is in the video. Very loud, annoying, abrasive, and she has a really high pitched and whiny voice.

  32. Tim

    That’s real a wonderful post!!! Seems being a nudist it’s our final choice! It’s a good way to save money on clothing, I believe you will drive all the men on http://www.naturistspace.org crazy!

  33. sam

    She’s nice to look at but definitely not too bright. I can’t handle the voice and the accent. It’s like a combination of an 8 year old, retarded, and German – a very BAD combination.

  34. OMG those boobs are so hot!

  35. El Sueno

    #52: The invasion of Poland? Auschwitz? Drunken hijinks.

  36. Clementines

    on the qualudes or ADD meds to stay slim.. and feel all too sexy.

  37. Steve

    sigh… the Germans.

  38. rob zoomby

    She sure is f*cking annoying. If I was ever locked up in a room with someone like that for a day, only one of us would come out alive

  39. josselin

    emma, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club sugarmommymeet, by which you are seeking hot man to be your sugar baby.. am I right?

  40. Mike Motorcycle

    Duh, any white woman who marries a black man & has his babies is out of her mind. Talk about stating the obvious. Thousands of years of evolution, down the drain in one swoop. Definately out the fuck of her mind.

  41. Tchoupi

    Wow, she is beautiful! I heard she met her husband through a great dating website for the rich and famous called: millionnairesdontdatefatslobsandretardsthroughtheinternet.com

    Also check:

  42. I love Heidi and her boobs!

  43. SOY

    CLUB THIS STUPIDC*NT like a Seal

  44. Laura

    wtf, That is definitely not Heidi.

  45. Stefanie

    This is hilarious. I don’t understand why everyone is reading into it so much & criticising her to that extent. It’s MEANT to be goofy & stupid & silly. She’s the glamorous amazing Victoria’s secret model & this ad shows us the other side to those girls. I think it’s a credit to the Victoria’s Secret campaign & it’s made me like her even more.

    And she’s gorgeous, and whoever has said a word to the contrary, you’re just bitter that you’re not in her position living her life. Well done, Heidi.

  46. dra

    seriously, I hate her voice. It’s like an evil little german mouse. in love with herself much?

  47. Katiehope

    She’s obviously just having fun. That was never meant to be screened. She’s perfect and anyone who puts her down is just plain jealous.

  48. AD

    She is amazing. Greatest VS model ever. :)

    (stop hating on her voice, it’s neat.)

  49. Melissa

    This video makes me want to choke her until she turns blue, stop, and then choke her some more!!! What a tard! So, she’s a good model – who cares, she’s not funny and she has a truly annoying voice! I bet she feels stupid that this went out into the public to view! Poor thing! I actually feel sorry for the poor bastards who had to sit there and film it! Poor people!

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