Heidi Klum is out of her mind

November 21st, 2007 // 103 Comments

In preparation for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi Klum made this video which, um, I don’t even know. Is this supposed to make me want to buy lingerie? Because it doesn’t. It makes me want to club Heidi Klum over the head and run for my life. She seems like a pretty enough girl, but I’d rather listen to the sound of a gun going off in my face than to her speak for twenty minutes.


  1. veggi

    FRIST! you klum gobblers

  2. Texas Tranny

    Very strange

  3. Rossco

    Holy scheizer, they’re not going to actually put that on tv, are they?
    Knew there must be *some* reason she ended up marrying a freak like Seal…. (sure sure, I’m sure he has a great soul…)

  4. Because I am a black man with one breast this bra would not do me any good. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my freinds a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    At my house we only serve dark meat. No whites at my black ass table.

  5. Yea

    pretty sure these are outtakes. you’d have to be a complete moron to think this a commercial.

  6. tif

    she sounds absolutely insane.

  7. wow that bitch is fucking retarded. great knockers, but fuckin retarded

  8. m

    LOL she’s crazy. she must be on something.

  9. Me

    First – maybe not!!!

  10. EuroNeckPain

    I agree. Bits of videos put together… and voice added on top. She cannot be that stupid. I bet she will sue.

  11. p0nk

    i’m pretty sure i saw Katie Morgan do the same routine on HBO recently sans bra. I didn’t understand it then either, but little p0nk didn’t complain.

  12. Pilatunes

    What a fucking nut. It explains Seal though. The pitfalls of marrying for looks.

  13. dfafar

    Omg. She is hot. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like millionairefriends.com where Charlie Sheen found his new love there. But don’t know if it is her.

  14. veggi

    @1 beautiful! classic! just down right knee-slappin shit right there….. or completely retarded..

  15. Loomit

    She is so dumb, every time when i see her, i want to kick her into the face.

  16. Shallo Val

    I dont EVEN want to look…..

  17. Herner Wartzhog

    At the end I like how she is mocking us for watching 40 seconds of this incoherent babble. What’s that ? Great knockers and something about cold. Ok i’ll buy whats she’s having mr advertising man.

  18. Superevil

    I’m thinking a DDoS is sounding great on millionairefriends.com right about now

  19. twimmy420

    what a weird video…

  20. veggi

    ok, I watched 10 seconds of it without sound. I still want to find my teleportation device..

  21. RENEE...

    I always thought she was strange and a bit insane. I really don’t think she’s on drugs or anything; she’s just a good ol’ organic nut job. And GOOD GOD is she annoying! More so than ever in that video!

  22. What? I always pretend I have machine guns for boobs when its cold (especially at Walgreens–they love that shit–the cashier almost lost an eye)!

  23. heidi’s alright but she is downright insane in that little clip. seal must be one PATIENT man.

  24. I love it when hot chicks are totally annoying. Makes me feel better about my hand.

    Unlike Frist. She makes my hand jealous…

  25. Her milkshake brings all the boys to yard!
    24—Yes, I bet Seal is a PATIENT man. Very patient…….I’m sorry–where am I?

  26. Her machine-gun boobs are no match for Seal’s howitzer.

  27. Indian with single tear

    smallpox trojan-horsin’ muthafuckas

  28. The whole 9 yards, #27, the whole nine yards.

  29. That bitch is on PCP………

  30. michelle

    she’s like a 6 year old with the body of a goddess… maybe, she has spent too much time entertaining the kids.

  31. veggi's mom

    HEY! Let’s not go overboard with the Frist-love. Remember, there are other people here too. For example, veggi. He deserves love too.

    p.s. oops “She”

  32. adeliza

    This is retarded, just fucking retarded.

  33. veggi

    32- I’d love to kick you in your kidney :)

  34. Twinkie

    At least she isn’t wearing flip flops, like that fat whore Kim Kardashian.

  35. veggi

    twinkie!!! don’t mention that gravity trickster!!!

  36. yawn

    wow… just wow.

  37. crazybitch

    what a dumbass. does anyone fine that cute. its disgusting. I know shes foreign but damn.

  38. gotmilk?

    11, a voice over? that’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

  39. bollacks

    no. 6 was absolutely correct
    this is obviously a series of short clips-
    does it make her seem nuts? sure- but only a retard would not realize
    this isnt one continuous loop

  40. yayme

    “at my black ass table”

    other than that, i have no comment on this post since my computer won’t play the videos on this site. f-in government workstations

  41. i’m in between fucking scared and fucking worried. what a psycho bitch.

  42. D. Richards (Anus.)

    I’d enjoy scraping her clitoris off with a jagged campbell’s soup can lid, then nullifying her nipples. Then defecating in to her hair. Then melting her child’s face off with a hairspray torch.

  43. WaWa Market

    What a dumb cunt. Isn’t that what we’re all basically trying to say here?

  44. Shelly



  45. dan

    she said something? sorry, i was too busy staring at her tits.

  46. PunkA

    She is hawt. I’d love to poke her is the vajayjay. Again and again.

  47. Maybe she’s old, maybe she’s skinny, but she have very very nice boobs!

  48. PunkA

    she seems really fun. just a goofy sense of humor. I so dig that. I don’t want some too serious messed in the head uber-bitch. I want fun and hawt and sexy and she is all that. Plus, she loves her boobs and so do i.

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