Heidi Klum is a handsome fellow

January 30th, 2007 // 126 Comments

It’s like a no makeup freak show this week or something. Heidi Klum was spotted shopping without her makeup on looking like a damn monster. Didn’t she used to be a supermodel? I don’t know what having kids and being married to Seal is doing to her, but now she looks like Hannibal Lecter. I’m 95% sure she’s eyeing up some guy’s liver in this shot, planning which wine would go best with it over dinner.


  1. JandalOfDoom

    Perhaps she IS seal – has anyone ever seem then in the same room together.

  2. mztry



  3. caljenna

    EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to her????

  4. llllllllll

    I dare someone to say this is just bad lighting…damn you. I change my mind, she and Seal do make a great couple.

  5. llllllllll

    I dare someone to say this is just bad lighting…damn you. I change my mind, she and Seal do make a great couple.

  6. JandalOfDoom

    Oh – 1ST BTW!!!!!!

  7. Jacquelantern

    This picture makes me feel so much better in general!! SHE IS NORMAL!! Shit… I look better than that without make-up!! Makes me wonderful how f*ing awesome I could look if I could get her make-up and stylist people to get ahold of me?!?!

  8. SaraLuppino

    SICK… she went downhill

  9. llllllllll

    No makeup is her incognito..pretty sad huh

  10. BigJim

    This is why men with money decide to trade their 40 year-old wife in for two 20 year olds.

    I know that’s what I’m planning to do.

    • MarnieEdgar

      There are many, many 20 somethings who look worse than Heidi Klum ever will…. at any age…. with or without make-up. Youth doesn’t mean beauty by default. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      Anyone can take a bad picture. She really is gorgeous.

      Now, lets drag up some pictures of some of the sagging, bald headed 40 something men out there, and rip them apart because of the way they look….

  11. jesseeca

    she still looks better without make up than eva longoria does with it.

    yes it’s not what we’re used to, but she’s not completely hideous, just old looking.

  12. allgravybaby

    # 10 HILARIOUS!!!!!

  13. misanthrope

    She looks like that serial killer chick that Charlize Theron played.

  14. llllllllll

    Her aging skin looks like it has the same feel as Moon Sand

  15. llllllllll

    It’s so weird because for some odd reason her nose doesn’t look deformed when she’s not wearing makeup yet the rest of her face looks horrid. But when she does wear makeup her nose looks weird yet the rest of her face looks good.

  16. Me


  17. The dif between Heidi and a mere mortal is that, on the close up in #5, her skin has no corner eye wrinkles, very few other wrinkles, and no acne, blackheads, or texture issues, which is quite the feat if she is indeed not wearing any makeup.

  18. Do Freebird

    What’s up with the puca bead necklace with the skull dangling off the end?

    oh, and #10 – I told my wife when she hit 40 that I was going to trade her in for 2 20s. SHe told me my wireing would never be able to take 220.

    just a little electrician joke there.

  19. llllllllll

    Rosie Odonell has none of those either.

  20. Joshingya31

    Whos looking at faces? Whos saying hey look at Heidi she has some nice face over there.

  21. DecorativePoncho

    she still looks better than me.

  22. llllllllll

    #20 what?

  23. danielle at work ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  24. Do Freebird

    Jeez, I just noticed that she has a deaths head purse to match the skull. I’m guessing that Seal’s got her in some African, Satanic cult.

  25. HollyJ

    Her husband and mole-child are so hideous that they’ve become a beauty vacuum, into which all attractiveness near them is sucked and ultimately compressed into nothingness. (I will resist the temptation to use the ‘black hole’ double entendre.)

  26. Lowlands

    I know there’re outta there some black dudes which marry white women for a reason.It’s a statussymbol for them as well.But still i think even Seal is wondering some times what brought him to make this choice.

  27. She’s looking for a nice Chianti and some fava beans.

  28. Me

    I refuse to believe this is Heidi Klum. It must be some imposter.

  29. Binky

    The real mistake is wearing a crappy necklace made of Certs.
    And the death skulls on the purse is a bit questionable as well.
    HK: “Isn’t this a cute purse hun ?”
    Seal : zzzzzzz…. Yes Dear…. zzzzzz

  30. llllllllll

    #26 I hate to be the one to break this to you but I have a hunch Heidi is the best Seal will ever get Moonsand or not.

  31. TOASTERontheloose

    to number 15…


    and I love Heidi, but she looks like an iguana here.

  32. Binky

    (Humm… gotta be fast to get your jokes in in time at this place)

  33. misanthrope

    The hair is really bothering me.

  34. Me

    #25 and 26…….What-The-Hell are you two even talking about. Are you both dropping acid right now?

  35. 4DPants

    #7: My thoughts exactly. I am hhhhhhhot!

  36. ^^^^^

    Italian Sausage…”Stallion” during mating season, which most likely is every single day.

  37. DrBob2607

    Gott in Himmel ! Now I know why the Germans invaded Poland in ’39 – it was either that or stay at home with Haus Fraus that looked like her…

  38. kate

    I don’t know anyone who looks much better than that without makeup. Expert makeup people do wonders. She’s not ugly or hideous, she’s just without her makeup. She looks fine.

  39. HollyJ

    No acid.

    But if i have to continue to see her Crisco hair every time I open Super, I might need some

    Please remit now.

    Thank you. =)

  40. llllllllll

    People who look like THAT without makeup usually do not plaster their fair up like THAT…hair down usually eases the pain in the eyes…it’s an unspoken rule.

  41. N@ughty

    No, no, no, i highly doubt she looks like Hannibal…more like she was his next victim or so, but no close resemblance to the actual one really. well, now Seal can really tell her “my power, my pleasure, my PAIN! (baby)”

  42. kamihi

    which ever way you look at it, she always gonna be better looking than that freakoid husband over hers – is there an uglier man out there! UGH!

  43. Italian Stallion

    @36 mine actually looks like you at work, but that dude you call master doesn’t look like me at all………

  44. Viola

    She actually looks pretty good for her age. No obvious wrinkles… Look at Jaime Pressly or Kate Winslet… and those two are 3-4 years younger…

  45. no one you know

    @38…I have to agree. But there’s no excuse for her hair. It looks like she pulled it pack after applying liberal amounts of paper mache paste. Or Seal’s jism.

  46. Sheva

    Man if I walk the street in NYC and that goes by, I don’t even notice. But hey, not bad for a German dude.

    Is this dude on the German World Cup team?

  47. James

    Now you know what happens to coal-burners, ugliness and knocked up with soon to be wild animals.

  48. Viola

    To #42:
    Her husband is not bad looking… I’d do him! :o)

  49. Lowlands

    Seal was probably searching in this Yahoo-profile archive.And then he found her…

  50. Lowlands

    From the first lousy cam-pic on,it was love on the first sight…

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