Heidi Klum gets knocked up by Seal again

June 20th, 2006 // 113 Comments

Somebody find Heidi Klum something to do other than having sex. Us Weekly reports she and Seal are expecting their second child together, which makes it the third total for Heidi.


  1. VivianneO

    Seal is nasty!

  2. pinky_nip

    Aren’t Seals supposed to be smooth?

  3. SuperSpence

    Worst. Dress. Ever.

    Take that dress off, Heidi. For me, not for Seal. He’s had enough.

  4. Caroline

    Jesus, how many mole rats does she want to give birth to?

  5. jane's eyre

    Wow, I never saw the picture of their other baby. That sho is a scary rodent. Mm-hmm.

  6. cruzin333

    What is it with all these celebs getting knocked up??? It’s like “Year of the Celeb Baby Boom”

  7. jane's eyre

    I thought that bi-racial kids were generally really pretty. It’s nice to know that that isn’t necessarily true.

  8. superstar26

    I’m happy for them. Both are very gifted people who found eachother to love.

    Besides-most marriages end during the second childs development. She’ll probably dump him 5 months in.

  9. jane's eyre

    I saw on the cover of a magazine that supposedly Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon were pregnant? I don’t remember what magazine it was, but it wasn’t Star. It’s breedin’ season in Hollywood!

  10. waterranger

    I LOVE Seal and Heidi, they seem SO cute and happy together. And lots of babies are ugly and they turn out just fine. Any baby of Hiedi Kum’s will be gorgeous, and Seal is not that bad looking.

    But yeah, that dress is pretty hideous. What are you thinking Heidi??? What???

  11. BigJim

    My wife’s name is Heidi, and our children are beautiful.

    Except when they piss me off.

  12. cruzin333

    #9 I saw that too!!

    Let’s just hope some of the kids popping out this year get some “normal” names. No more fruit and veggies.

  13. gammanormids

    ugly dress, yet, better than whatever Britney uses…

  14. Vas Deferens

    She is a Yummy Mummy.

  15. hendero

    wow, that first baby Seal is so ugly it needs clubbing. Calm down, calm down, I don’t mean it needs to be hit in the head, it needs to start going to night clubs, where everyone’s so out of it on coke and E they wouldn’t notice mole boy in the corner.

  16. waterranger

    haha i wrote kum.

    i meant klum.

  17. Fugurself

    15, Is it legal to club baby seals? Any expert advice from the lawyers?

  18. RichPort


    That was pretty freakin’ funny. Good thing they don’t live in Canada. Even Paul McCartney couldn’t justify not clubbing the next one if it looks anything like the first.

  19. pf

    BigJim!!! Wassup man?

    Waterranger what are you thinking about? Heidi Klum looks good, but Seal??? You remember when he first came out and started singing, i was wondering was that a person or a costume he was singing in! He could only wish he looked like a damn seal!

  20. jane's eyre

    Arf! Arf!

  21. bigponie


  22. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Children used to be a good investment but then they passed those pesky child labor laws. Now they are just useless leeches.

    “Nobody else got hit? I’m the only one?”

  23. Sibbella

    Normally I just sit back and enjoy the comments, but I wasn’t sure if anyone saw what the kid looks like now?


    Hope that works.. if it doesn’t sorry!

  24. xavierh

    It’s not surprising that she’s preggo again. What’s surprising is that Seal ever leaves the house to stop having sex with her. He was probably having sex with her on the way to the hospital and while she was delivering Leni (the aforementioned mole creature). That much sex, you’re bound to get pregnant. Twice, apparently.

  25. xavierh

    Er, Henry, sorry. Whatever.

  26. jane's eyre


    Oof. That baby looks like the shadow of the ‘tard is laying upon him.

  27. Jacq

    I’m a chick and I would get her preggers if I could. She’s hot. They’re a WAY better blended family than… oh I forget their names. Has anyone ever heard her talk? She sspeaks REALLY fast. I’m sure she’s not saying anything intelligent, but if you can’t understand it who cares?

  28. Fugurself

    I am jealous Seal has a nice cumdumpster!

  29. HollyJ

    Holy shit that was fast.

    When they pulled mole baby out of her vagina, did Seal say ‘Hey, let me go ahead and drop a load in there and start the next one’ and mount her like a deerhead right there in the stirrups?

    Musta been hard to get any vaginal friction going right after she birth. Not to mention he was probably pounding into a nice beefy chunk of not-yet-dispelled afterbirth.

    (I hope all of you were eating when you read that.)

  30. spanglish

    That baby is pretty ugly and still looks weird at nine months – if he were going to be cute, he’d be cute by now.

    I don’t think Seal is that bad looking, he’s got all that scarring on his cheeks, but guys can get away with disfigurations like that and still be attractive. However, Seal and Heidi’s features do not seem to mix well together.

    Brad and Angelina’s work because (“that boy’s got a pretty mouth”) he’s almost pretty.

  31. spanglish

    The only explaination for the dress is that she is pregnant and trying unsuccessfully to hide a belly. It would look ten times better if it just draped straight down from her boobs, with no weird layering involved – like an empire waist.

  32. Italian Stallion

    I can’t believe P.E.T.A hasn’t stopped this shit from going on……….

  33. PapaHotNuts

    A little laser surgery can remove an unsightly mole with little or no pain. Hiedi should look into that.

  34. mangelina

    I really hope the next one is better looking. As I recall though, her daughter isn’t that cute either and that baby isn’t bi-racial. Maybe she just has really weak genes or she was a genetic fluke in her own family.

  35. spanglish

    Jeez, for awhile there everyone was adopting or hiring a surrogate mother because they didn’t want to mess up their bodies and now they’re shooting them out just as fast as humanly possible. It’s sort of alarming. Celebrity kids usually end up screwed up anyway. At least these two are married. What the hell is Seal’s last name anyway. What last name does Henry have?

  36. spanglish

    She just mates with ugly guys.

  37. PapaHotNuts

    I wonder if Seal would let the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans repopulate the mole exhibit destroyed by Hurricane Katrina with his kid? That would be generous of him, and the kid could finally be part of a team.

  38. Italian Stallion

    These poor halfricans aren’t gonna no if they should drink their Crystal in a glass or straight out of the bottle………

  39. Chicagoboy


    Speaking as a lawyer, clubbing seals is only illegal if you get caught.

  40. jFp

    that negro is one ugly motherfucker.

    either his slong is 20 inches or she is stupid-blind. german chicks really dig tabboo crap for some reason..guilt over hitler or something.

    what is up with those scars anyway?
    did he pick his zits with a spear?

  41. Italian Stallion

    aren’t gonna know*

  42. PapaHotNuts

    I dressed up as Seal’s baby for Halloween, but I was immediately arrested for indecent exposure.

  43. TrannyGranny

    29 HJ

    That was fucking awesome!!!

    Although, to be perfectly accurate here is what happened: Immediately after the birth, she sent Seal out to buy some baby booties and Begged me to give her a sympathy fuck. She was “Tranny, for the love of god, I can’t have another quasi-human, I just can’t” Well, I have to admit, all that blood and the chunky-liver thing really turned me on, so I did some charity work. Plus, she gave me a piece of pizza and 3 dollars. Took a while, imagine cutting a watermelon in half, placing the halves 10 inches apart, then trying to get off be wacking your penis from side to side. I prevailed, and now her child will be half Tranny….er, wait…..

  44. Fugurself

    Looking at her pic somehow reminded me of this:


    Now I have to go to the bathroom….

  45. cruzin333


    LMAO great comment

  46. rori

    That is one expensive lampshade Mama Seal is wearing.

  47. Judging by her exes, Heidi is probably not used to being with a “relatively” young man. Her first husband was some 50 year old Italian hairdresser named Pipino, and the guy after him was an even older Italian who owns race cars or something. How she went from elderly Italian men to Seal is beyond me. I always though she had a daddy fetish, turns out she’s a mudshark. She keeps getting knocked up because she’s unaccustomed to screwing more than once a week and without the aid of Viagra.

  48. herbiefrog

    isn’t it great how
    all these “celebrities”
    message :)

    lol guys
    babes [or babies]
    are what it’s all about

    enjoy :)

  49. ESQ

    Why GOD, why? Please do not let her body go to shit after this one pops out.

  50. ms0pinion8ed

    38 – You comment is just ignorant. And what the hell is a halfrican?? Stop making up words.

    And for everyone else: their son really isnt that cute (thats sad) but, Heidi and Seal do have strong features.. their genes were probably tired of fighting with one another and tried to give the baby everything. Maybe they’ll have better luck this time.

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